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ing pardon to man for his guilt and the Godhead of Christ ?

Is there any sin—and truth, as contradistinguished Socinian in this congregation ?

How from the ceremonial law, fulfilling can I wish you a happy Christmas ? Ah, all the types;

for the law had my poor fellow-sinner, how can I wish only a shadow of good things to come, you a happy Christmas ? You talk in but Jesus was the substance, and in Hirn your blind, infidel notions of this divine all the types and shadows were fulfilled; person and divine being, and this beauso that text will explain to you my in- tiful moral character,—and you are going terpretation of this,—the truth that ap- to meet,—what? A God before whom peared in the character of the Lord you are 'an ungodly sinner, the God of Jesus Christ was a truth fulfilling all the salvation whose salvation you have cast promises and prophecies of God, and away! What will yo do when you come fulfilling all the types and shadows of the to stand before Jesus, Jehovah, “God ceremonial law,-“we beheld his glory, manifest in the flesh ?" Oh, poor fellowthe glory as of the only begotten of the sinner, turn away from your refuges of Father, full of grace and truth.” So, lies--indeed you have no refuge at all-all the testimonies of Jehovah are fulfilled you have not even a refuge of lies to turn in Christ—that truth that denounced to; turn to Christ, that blessed God; judgment again sin—that truth that pro- read the 1st chapter of St. John, I beg claimed mercy to the sinner-that truth that you will, and then look to Christ, which none could understand till Jesus and then you may find, perhaps, that came,-in whom, as we had in that beau- there is, yea, if you do look to him, you tiful psalm read to-day—“mercy and truth will surely find that there is happiness and are met together, righteousness and peace peace in coming to Christ to save your have kissed each other,” all the truth of poor soul. eternal justice, manifested in the suffer- Then again, believer, look at the life ings of Jesus, and all the truth of eternal and manifested glory of the Lord Jesus mercy flowing to the chief of sinners, Christ-are you looking to that ?-are through the precious blood poured from you looking to Christ as your refuge and the wounded side of Jesus.

salvation ? Whoever you be, if you are, Now, I said this verse contains the only I wish you a happy Christmas, in knowing elements of solid happiness.

Let us go that “ the Word was made flesh, and back for a moment and consider. Oh, dwelt among us." believer, are you looking to the Lord My dear little children, I wish you a Jesus Christ as the refuge of your souls ? happy Christmas ;–Jesus was a child : I Is Christ indeed your hope? Well, I wish you a happy Christmas in knowing wish you a happy Christmas,—why? that the Lord Jesus Christ was a little God is your salvation. “ Behold, God is child.

Your parents sometimes mislead my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; you, I am afraid, by telling you you are for the Lord Jehovah is my strength good children—(you may be good in a and my song, he is also become my sal- comparative sense, when you do what vation, therefore with joy shall ye draw you are desired, )--but you are poor water out of the wells of salvation.” Oh guilty sinners before God; if you can then, " rejoice in the Lord alway, and understand me, and if your conscience again I say, rejoice.”

makes you afraid when you are sinful happy Christmas, happy in your Lord before your parents, if you turn away and Saviour. “God is our refuge and from your parents when you do wrong, strength, a very present help in trouble, you then know what sin is, and you are therefore will we not fear, though the sinning before God. I remember, when earth be removed, and though the moun- a little child, knowing the meaning of, I tains be carried into the midst of the sea, will go bail for you. suppose you though the waters thereof roar and be had such intercessors very often. Well, troubled, though the mountains shake now, just ask yourselves, who will go

bail with the swelling thereof,—there is a for you to God ? Oh, Jesus, your blesriver, the streams whereof shall make sed Saviour has done so,-he was born glad the city of God, the holy place of and lived like a little child, that he might the tabernacle of the Most High.” be a righteous child, and a holy child,

Are there any of you here who deny and fit to be bail for children ; that he

I wish you a


might be fit to be surety for every sinner, many a Christmas, and are you just as and so for children. Oh look unto him, foolish as you were in the early part of and then you shall have a happy Christmas. your life? Are your Christmas festivities It is not toys, or vanities of that kind all you know about, and possess, to make that can make you truly happy,—you it a happy season? My poor fellow-sinhave often had toys, and been tired of ner,—perhaps it is the last Christmas we them, and thrown them away. So have may ever see.

Certainly, there is not a your fathers and mothers,—all the pur- question of it, that some of us who are in suits of men are only toys, the toys of this Church to-day shall never see another children, they get rid of them and throw Christmas. Oh, then, look to Christ, them away,

Y,-their houses, lands, equip- while it is called to-day, “to-day if you ages, and all these things, they are toys, will hear his voice harden not your poor foolish toys like your own, it is not hearts.” Oh, look unto him and then, in such things your happiness consists. let me wish you a happy Christmas, But oh, if you have looked to God as happy in Jesus, happy in peace with God, your Father, if you have peace with God, happy in being called, though it be at the then

you will be happy. Remember the eleventh hour, happy in being called to little child I told of on Snnday, that was the feet of your Redeemer. May the playing a few days ago around the knee Lord give you a happy Christmas. Then of its father, and last Sunday it was laid look at his great salvation. Oh, if you with its father in the same grave! My are looking to that, my dear friends, you dear little children, look unto Jesus, and have happiness. then— I wish you a happy Christmas, And now, poor believer, I may address happy in Jesus,-may the Lord make some of you whose hearts are tried and you happy.

weighed down with many cares.

How So, you who are beyond the age of often the cares of the world come on us, children, you young persons who have and oppress us, and make us sad, and grown up to a time when you are entering sigh, and be heavy,-troubles without, on the world oh, I wish you a happy and troubles still more within,_these vile Christmas,—but it is not in your vanities bodies of sin and death, these hearts, this and follies, and in your vain pursuits, it “ law in our members warring against the is not in them you can find happiness. law of our mind, and bringing us into subHave you found happiness in them? Are jection to the law of sin, which is in our you happy? No, you know you are not. members.” Oh, how often these things Oh, then, look to Christ—“Remember constrain us to cry out,

Oh, wretched thy Creator in the days of thy youth :" man that I am, who shall deliver me from then, dear young friends, I shall wish you the body of this death ?” Well, let us add, a happy Christmas. Come to Jesus, "I thank God, through Jesus Christ our there you will find peace, there you will Lord.” Oh, dear friends, there is rest, find rest, joy in believing Christ was as and peace, and joy in believing; lift up young as you; Christ passed through your heart, believer, though oppressed, the days of childhood and youth, that his and tried, and afflicted, remember Jesus righteousness might stand for you, that is “the same yesterday, to day, and for your guilt and sin, and folly and wicked- ever.” If it should be your last Christness might not cast you down to hell, but mas on earth, where will you spend your that you might have a righteous Saviour next? with the Lord Jesus Christ in to rest your soul upon.

May the Lord heaven! If cut off from this world, it give you a happy Christmas, looking unto is better to depart and be with Christ. Jesus, you cannot be happy in any Therefore, lift up your heads,

no matthing else, conscience tells you so, you ter what may happen to you in the world, know it.

remember he is the head of the church; Need I say to those more advanced in all things are working together for your life, that there is no happiness when your good,—They are all in the hand of infisins are yet unpardoned—when you are nite wisdom and love, aye, the hand that ignorant of your God.

was "wounded for your transgressions, Christmasses have you spent ?—the hand and bruised for your iniquity,”--thereof time is on many of you as well as on fore “lift up the hands that hang down, myself; we have passed over many and and the feeble knees," I wish you a

How many

happy Christmas, and however sad you , Christ fulfilled in Christ, in his first' are, you have a happy Christmas, you advent,- remember, that all the predichave a very happy Christmas. However tions of God shall be fulfilled in all that your heart may be sad, and oppressed with is to come. So surely as he came, at his many trials, because the end is secure, first advent, to die for our sins, so surely

no trial for the present seemeth joyous, shall he appear a second time without sin but grievous ; nevertheless, afterward it unto salvation,-so surely shall that vile yieldeth the peaceable fruits of righteous body be fashioned into his glorious body; ness to them that are exercised thereby," so surely, when he comes, and “when and it shall yield them for you; wherefore you see him, you shall be like him, for I say, lift up your head and lift up your you shall see him as he is,”—so surely hearts,—“ rejoice in the Lord always, you shall ever be with the Lord, sorrow and again I say, rejoice,”—and then, if and sighing shall flee away for evermore. you look to this truth, remember that Therefore, I wish you a happy Christmas, the fulfilment of all the promises of God and may the Lord enable you to rejoice in Christ, gives you a solid, sure security in the riches of your great salvation.for all, If you can look into this book, AMEN. and see all that has been promised of






(Rector of Santry.)


“Surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him."


This is the expression of one who was direct your attention to that part of the taught by God's Spirit, and had much verse before us, which speaks of God's experience of the ways of God in his dealings by the unconverted people of dealings by men. The wise man, when the world, in his forbearance towards meditating on God's providences, seems them, and his long-suffering mercy through faith to have had his mind clearly extended to them, but rather to confine made up on a subject which has proved a our observations for this day to the words stumbling block to many, grieving the contained in the text itself, in which we minds of God's people, and encouraging have this position laid down by the Spirit perhaps, the ungodly in their ways of of God, that whatever the Lord's outward worldliness and sin ,—viz, the prosperity providential dispensations by his of the people of the world, and the diffi- people may be, yet “surely it shall be culties and trials in this life to which the well with them"-" Surely” (it is here most devoted of the servants of God are said) “ it shall be well with them that frequently exposed-sense, in the case fear God, which fear before him.” of Solomon-sin, as with David in In speaking on this, then, we would Psalm 73 stumbled at this difficulty; but inquire, in the end, faith, imparted and strength- I. What the distinguishing character is ened by the Holy Ghost, prevailed as it of those concerning whom this statement did with David, and enabled him to make is made they are those who are described this statement upon the subject, not only as a people “ who fear God, who fear as expressive of his own convictions and before him.” feelings, but for the instruction and You will observe in reading the Scripconsolation of the Church of God in tures how frequently this point is spoken every age _"though a sinner do evil of as distinguishing the child and servant an hundred times, and his days be pro- of the Lord from every other man, viz, longed, yet surely I know that it shall be that he fears God for instance, Rom, well with them that fear God, which iii. 18, it is stated concerning the ungodfear before him."

ly, “there is no fear of God before their It is not my purpose, at present, to eyes,”-in Psalm cx. 10, it is said, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of and in Psalm ii. 11, “serve the Lord wisdom,”-in Proverbs xxiii. 17, the with fear and rejoice with trembling.servant of God is directed “to be in the My brethren, wherever divine grace exists fear of the Lord all the day long,”—and in the soul—wherever the Holy Spirit of it is said of the Church of Christ when in God has taken of the things of Christ and its most flourishing condition— Acts ix. shown them to the believer-however he 31, that the people of God "walked in may have convinced him of the sufficiency the fear of the Lord,as well as in the and the suitableness of his salvation, assucomfort of the Holy Ghost.”

red him of his own individual interest in it, What then is the nature of this fear of and enabled him to rejoice in the posGod which is peculiar to those who are his session of present privileges, and the expeople ?-1 would briefly describe it in pectation of future glory, it will never these few particulars :

produce orallow of, any unholy familiarity, Ist. It is not a natural fear of God, that but constrain himwho is under its influence dread of him, and of his everlasting judg- to worship and serve the Lord "with ment, which often crosses the mind, and reverence and with godly fear:" and were prevails to a considerable extent in those I asked what that state of mind and heart is who are living at a distance from him, which is most healthy and most acceptable engrossed in the cares, or pleasures, or in the sight of him with whom we have to sins, which possess the souls of the do, I should say that it consists in the unregenerate—such a fear of him as Cain conjunction of the two particulars just bad—as Pharoah hadas Belshazzar alluded to, viz.-joy and fear—Joy-refelt-or Felix, when he trembled before joicing in the participation of the present his messenger—or those of whom the blessings of Christ's salvation, and in the Lord speaks, Hosea vii. 14, saying, that anticipation of the future glory which he will not hear them, though in the time awaits us with him—and Fear—that holy, of their calamity they “ howl upon their reverential awe of his Glorious Majesty, beds,”—but it is a godly fear implanted which at the very mention of his name and formed in the soul by the operation would cause us, as it were, with Moses, to of the Spirit of God, even that which is take the shoes from off our feet, feeling spoken of Jer. xxxii. 40, wherein the the ground on which we stand to be holy Lord promises to those who have an ground. Thus it was with the Church interest in his everlasting covenant, that of old as before alluded to, when it he will “put his fear in their hearts,”-“walked in the fear of the Lord, and the evidently representing in this, that the comfort of the Holy Ghost,' all matters fear of God which is acceptable to him, went well with it. is not a natural fear but supernatural, the 3rd. It is a fear of God which constrains work of his own grace in the souls of his him who is under the influence of it, people.

habitually to abstain from all that God 2nd. It is a fear of God which produces forbids, and to give cheerful and unrein those who are possessed of it, holy, served obedience whatsoever he reverential feelings towards him, whether commands. in those things which relate to his worship, Thus Prov. viii. 13, It is said, “the or in any thing in which his name or his fear of the Lord is to hate evil,”—and cause is concerned.

again, Eccles. xii. 14, “let us hear the This is that which is alluded to, Heb. conclusion of the whole matter, fear God xii. 28, where the apostle says to the and keep his commandments, for this is Lord's yeople, “let us have grace the whole duty of man.” If you wil, whereby we may serve God acceptably, look closely to this latter passage you will with reverence and with godly fear,” – see that the word “duty” is in italics


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