Sidor som bilder



Galileo, and his Discoveries, 71.

Garden," “ I am come into my, 270.

Gate, The Strait, 367.

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Bible, 23.

German Institutions for Reclaiming Youth-

ful Offenders, 455.
Gipsy Reformation. By the Editor, 216.

Proposed Plan of. By
the Rev. John Baird, 231.
Glory to God, On Living to the. A Dis.
course, by the Rev. John Forbes, D.D.,

On the Manifestation of the Divine.
By the Rev. David Brown, 177.

to God in the Highest, 477.
God ? Do you love to Think of, 440.

Glory and Goodness of, 549.

is Love, 588.

is the same in his Decrees, Purposes,

and Designs, 460.

on your Side ? Is, 686.

The Authority and Sovereignty of, 652.

The House of, 393

The Love of, 382.

God's Presence Promised to His People. A

Discourse, by the Rev. Nathaniel Pater-

son, D.D., 121.

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M.D. By the Editor, 87, 107.

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The, 256, 668.

The, a Resting-Place, 15.
The, a Trial of Men's Spirits, 78.
The Genial Influence of the, 747.
of Christ, The Believer not Ashamed
of the. A Discourse, by the Rev. Henry
Moncreiff, A.B., 665, 681.

On the Invitations of the. By the

Rev. James Watt, 549.

the Power of God, The, 399.

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Jane. By the Editor, 470, 487.

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to God, The Duty of, 622.

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course, by the Rev. Nathaniel Paterson,

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Howison, Biographical Sketch of the Rer:

James B., 78.

Human Nature, Restitution of. By the Rev.

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Hurricane, The late, 188.

Hymn to the Holy Spirit, 261.


Immortality, The Heirs of, 39.

Impicty rebuked, 424.
India, Female Education in, 329.
Infidel reclaimed, The; or the Conversion

and Death of Count Struensee. By the

Editor, 645, 669, 683.
Infidel's Death-bed, The. By the Rev.

David Arnot, 132.

Infidelity, Seek to repress, 702.

Iniquities of the Fathers, visited upon the

Children, 77.

Inquisition, The, 655, 743.

Insect Creation, The Wisdom, Power, and

Kindness of God displayed in the. Ву

the Rev. William Grant, 253.

Insects, The Wisdom, Power, and Kindness

of God shown in the Respiratory Organs

of. By the Rev. William Grant, 503.

The Wisdom of God displayed in

the Production, or Birth of. By the

Rev. William Grant, 419.

Instincts of Insects, The Wisdom, Power,

and Kindness of God shown in the. By

the Rev. William Grant, 612.

the Lower Orders of Creation,

The Wisdom, Power, and Kindness of
God shown in the. By the Rev. Wil.

liam Grant, 567.
Ireland an Uncultivated Garden, 228.
Isaiah lii. 7, 8, An Illustration of. By the

Rev. Robert Buchanan, 695.
Islander, Anecdote of a Blind South Sea, 93.
Israel, The Hope of. By the Rev. W. M.

Hetherington, A.M., $3.

Israelite, Happy Death of a Christian, 701.

Hymn of a Christian, 455.


James Sixth, and the Presbyterian Minis.
ters. By the Rev. Thomas MCrie, 225.

of Scotland and his Bishops.

By the Rev. Thomas M.Crie, 305.

Jerusalem, 452.

and Calvary. By the Rev. George

Garioch, A.M., 152.

'The Heavenly, 504.

Jesus, Looking unto, 207.

The Burial of. A Discourse, by the

Rev. John M.Naughtan, A.M., 473.

the Source of all Spiritual Blessings.

By the Rev. William W. Duncan, 280.
Jew, The, 808.
Jews, A Thought on the State of the, 309.

On the Rejection of the. By the Rev.
David Fleming, A.M., 129, 145.

Sketches of the History of the. By the
Rev. George Muirhead, D.D., 156 205,
388, 582, 686, 806, 820.

The Christian's Obligations to labour

in the Cause of the, 798.

The Conversion of, on tne Continent

of Europe, 335.

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Judas Iscariot, The Character and Doom of.

A Discourse, by the Rev. John Hunter,

A.M., 264,

Justification and Sanctification, 541.

Justified, The Believer is. A Discourse, by

the late Rev. Andrew Hunter, D.D.,

Kilsyth, A brief account of the Revival of

Religion at. By the Rev. W. M. Hether-
ington, A.M., 657.

Account of the Communion at. By
the Rev. William Burns, 689.

Revival at. By the Rev. William
Burns, 676.

Knox, John, and Queen Mary. By the Rev.

Thomas M.Crie, 189.

Death of, and Arrival of An-

drew Melville. By the Rev. Thomas

M'Crie, 209.

Knowledge and Ignorance, 183.

League, The Solemn, and the Westminster

Assembly. By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie,


Lebanon, Mount, 222.

The Cedars of, 6.

Life, The Fountain of, 165.

? What is your great object in, 588

Light, Address to. By Alexander Letham,


Lines, 118.

London supplied with the Scriptures, 335.

“Look unto me, and be ye saved," 686.

Lord. "The Curse of the, in the House of

the Wicked." By John Pringle, Esq.,


.?" " Who is among you that feareth the

509, 523.

Lord's Day, Address on the Observance of

the, 367.

On the Desecration of the, by

the Running of the Royal Mail, 53.

Lord's Supper, On the Time when it should

be observed, 303.

The true notion of the, 495,

516, 543.

Loving-kindness of God, Praise for the, 820.

Luther. A Fragment. By the late D. T.

M'Cheyne, Esq., 357.


Madagascar, Recent Persecution in, 189.

The Manners and Customs of

the Inhabitants of, 15.

Maelstrom, 140.

Magi, The Song of the. By David edder,


Malagasy Idol, Description of a Renowned,


Man Excuses himself for Sin, 829.

The Chief Happiness of, only to he

Found in the Enjoyment of God. By

the Rev. Ale:


Marshman, Biographical Sketch of the late

Rev. Dr, 182.

Martyr, The, 581.

Martyrs, The Early, of the Reformation in

Scotland. By the Rev. Thomas M. Crie,


The First, of the Covenant. By

the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, 772.

The Last, of the Reformation in

Scotland. By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie,


Master, where Dwellest Thou? 825.

Masters, On the Duties of, to Servants. A

Discourse, by the Rev. John G. Lorimer,


Maxims, Profitable, 111.

Meekness, Humility, and Deadness to the

World, 15.

Metrical Version of the Supernumerary, or

151st Psalm. By Professor Tenant, 797.

Minims of Nature. By the Rev. David

Landsborough, 468, 725.

Ministry, On the Importance of the, 31.

Missionary Hymn, A, 179.

Montrose and the Covenanters. By the Rev.

Thomas M'Crie, 605.

Morrow, Take Therefore no Thought for

the, 604.

Moses, The Faith of. A Discourse, by the

Rev. James Begg, A.M., 313.
Moslem Funeral in Syria, 30.
Motherless Children, A Father to his, 741.
Mourner, The Blessedness of the. A Dis-

course, by the Rev. John Sym, 280.

Musical Instruments of the Jews, On the.

By the Rev. James Brodie, 662.

Habit, The Influence of, 381.
Hamilton, The Death of Patrick. By the

Rev. James Bryce, 65.
Happiness and Peace, We looked for. By

G. M. Bell, Esq., 616.

Hawkes, Mrs, Biographical Sketch of. By

the Editor, 4, 19, 46, 63.

Heaven, 709.

Henry, Biographical Sketch of the Rev.

l'hilip, 125, 132.

Hetherington, Biographical Sketch of Mrs

J. D. By the Editor, 251.

Hess, The Death-bed of c. Translated

from the German, 817.

Hill, Biographical Sketch of Sir Richard.

By the Editor, 516, 538, 557.
Hint, A good, 748.
Holiness, Aim at increasing, 604.

Christians bound to cultivate, in
Heart and Life. A Discourse, by the
Rev. Thomas Guthrie, 248.

The Beauty and Bliss of, 248.

The Necessity of, to peace on

earth and happiness in heaven. A Dis-


Obedience to the Will of Christ, 367.

The Duty of Persevering, 171.

Urged for the Redeemer's Sake.

A Discourse, by the Rev. John Bruce,

A.M., 25.

Old Age, Unbelievers in, 262.
Oratorios, Sacred, 495.
Oreb of the Sacred Writings, On the. By

the Rev. David Scot, M.D., 718.
“ O that I had Wings like a Dove," 424.
Oxford Memorial of Cranmer, Ridley, and

Latimer, 380.

[blocks in formation]


Resignation, 172.

Palm-Tree, The. By Andrew R. Bonar, 376. Resurrection, The, 111.
Park, Dirge for, 196.

and the Life, I am the, 798.

Parishioners, A Letter to his. By the Rev.

The Hope of the, 782.

Andrew A. Bonar, 74).

of Christ, Narrations of the,

Pastor's, The Young, Appeal to his people.

Harmonized. By the Rev. Andrew

By tbe Rer. John M Ewen, 593.

Hutchison, 273, 289.

Pastoral Letter from the Synod of Angus

Return Alone. The. 215.

and Mearns, to Masters and Servagts Revival, Enlargement, and Glory of the

within their Bounds, 801.

Church, Lines on the. By Maria Denoon

Passover. On Preparation for the Christian. Young, 771.

A Discourse, by the Rev. John Bruce,

in an Individual Soul, 382.

A.M., 713.

of Religion on the Continent of

Patronage, The Abolition of, and the Coro- Europe, 766.
nation of Charles the Second. By the

Revivals at Stewarton and Kirk of Shotts.

Rev. Thomas M'C:ie. 733.

By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, 414.

Paul and Josephus Fellow-Passengers to

of Religion in the Isle of Skye, 803,

Rome. By the Rev. Robert Jamieson,

Rich Man, The Parable of the. A Discourse,

Peace, False, 782.

by the Rev. Robert Gordon, D.D., 201.

Peace in Belicving, On. By the Rev. Thomas Righteousness, The Sun of, 702.
Chalmers, D.D., and LL.D., 1, 71.

Robinson, Rev. Thomas, A.M. Biographic
Penitent, The Confessions of a, 18.

cal Sketch of. By the Editor 510.
Persecution for Righteousness' Sake, 399.

Rock of Ages, 717.

Perth, The Five Articles of. By the Rev. Ross, Hugh, Biographical Sketch of. By the

Thomas M'Crie, 353.

late Rev. James Mitchell, 590.

Pharisee and the Publican, The Parable of Row, Mr John, Biographical Sketch of. By

the Editor, 599, 614.

the. A Discourse, by the Rev. James

Begg, A.M., 137, 152.

Ruth, the Type of a true Convert. By the

Piety, The Obligations to Early. A Dis-

Rey, David Arnot, 561.

course. By the late Re Andrew Hun-

ter, D.D, 761.


Pilgrim's Expostulation, The. By the Rev.

Sabbath. By Charles Moir, Esq., 500.

Henry Scott Riddel, 483.

Profanation, The great Duty of

Plenderleath, Robert, Esq. Memorial of, 222.

Christians in regard to, 639.

Prayer, 702.

Reflections. Written at Sea, 238.

By the Rev. John A. Wallace, 616.

School Union for Scotland, 278.

On, 718.

The, 692.

A Surrender of our Case to God, 830.

The Duties which Private Chris-
A Mother's. By Mrs Jane C. Simp- tians must perform on the, 495.

son, 231).

Travelling, 812.

On. Bv the Rev. George Burns, D.D.,

Unnecessary Sailing on the, 509.

Sacramental Meditation, A, 541.

On, as Essential to the Christian

Saint? What is it to be a, 349.

Character. By the Rev. William Pater- Salvation a Free Gift, 652.

son, 321.

--The Importance of, 622.

Apparently Rejected, yet Completely Sanctify the Lord God in your Hearts, 284.

Answered, 549.


Sanctification, 367.

is the Christian's Comfort, 428.

absolutely necessary, 604.

The Duty of Intercessory, 748.

Sanctuary, Balance of the, 367.

The Effect of, 366.

Scotland, The State of Religion in, before

Stanzas On. By David Vedder, 701.

the Reforination. By the Rev. Thomas
Written in Sickness. By J. G Hop- M'Crie, 97.

kirk, LL.B., 269.

Scott, Mrs Janet, Biographical Sketch of.

for the Dead in Sin. A Discourse, By the late Rev. James Mitchell, 167.
by the Rev. James Ilenderson, D.D., 233. The late Rev, John, D.D., Biographical
Praperless Mother, The, 269.

Sketch of. By the Rev. David Lands-

Preachers, Popular. By Mrs Jane C. Simp- borough, 421.

son, 361.

Scripture Interpretation, 524.

Presbyterians and English Sectaries. By the Scriptures, The Unsystematic Structure of

Rev. Thomas M. Crie, 609.

the. By the Rev. J. M. M'Culloch,

Prelacy. The Introduction of, into the Church

A.M., 369.

of Scotland. By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, Sea-Bird, The. By John Pringle, Esq., 604.

Seasons, The, as known to the Hebrews.

* Preserve my Soul for I am Holy," 589.

By the Rev. David Mitchell, 67, 435,

Prodigal Sun, The Parable of the. A Dis. Seed-Time. By ditto, 67.

course, by the Rev. J. Barr, D.D., 648. Self deceit, 524.

Promise, The First, 669.

Self-denial, 284.

Prophet The Deceived. A Discourse, by Self-enjoyment, 686.

the Rev. Alexander Turner, 409, 424. Self-examination, 15, 588.
Psalm, Analysis of the Forty-fifth. Abridg- Self-indulgence connected with Study, On
ed from Eishop Horsley, 85, 100, 173.

the Snare of, 765.
Psalra, Arrangement of the 119th. By the Self-knowledge, 125, 185.
Rev. Andrew A. Bonar, 180, 195.

Self-renunciation, 270.

Separation, 681.

Serpent-Charmers and Jugglers in Egypt, 31.
Rabbies. Three Inquiring, at Jerusalem, 755. Sharon, The Rose of, 317.
Rachel, The Death of. By G. M. Bell, Esq., Siberian Converts, The, 534.

Sin, Indwelling, 589.
Rafaravary, the Malagasy Martyr, 35.

must be mortified, 702.
Rainbow, The, 718.

The Nature and Effects of, 660.

Reason and Revelation. By the Editor, 49. The Attributes of, 782.

Record, The Sure, 622.

The Progress of, 446.

Reed. Miss Martha, Biographical Sketch of. Sins, Little, 303.

By the Editor, 358, 386, 402.

Secret, 541.

Reflections, The, of an Old Disciple, 766.

The Forgiveness of, 718.
Reformation in Germany, The Circumstan- Sinning against Light, 686.

ces wbich led to the. By the Rev. James Sinner and the Saint, A Contrast between
Bryce, 33.

the spiritual state of the. A Discourse,
in Scotland, Rise of the. By by the Rev. Andrew Gray, A.M., 536,

the Rev. James Bryce, 65.


The Commencement of the. Sisters, On receiving Memorials of departed,

By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, 157.


The Establishment of the. By Sketches, Home M ionary, 92, 140.

the Rev. Thomas M.Crie, 161.

Skye, The Young Inquirer in, 131.

Religion, Evangelical, 589.

Snow, Red, Hail and Rain. By the Editor, 13.

The Ways of, Pleasant, 574.

Socialism in England, 217.

The Whole of, 669.

Sonnet. By Mrs Jane C. Simpson, 409.

True, 702.

Sonnets. By Mrs Jane C. Simpson, 627.

Religious Affections Towards our Saviour, Sons, The Parable of the Two. A Dis.

Special Grounds for, 271.

course, by the Rev. James Lewis, 376,

Instruction in Early Childilood. By 393.

the Editor, 136.

South Sea Islander, Analogical Reasoning

Means of. By the Rev. of a, 709.
Duncan Macfarlan, 212, 278, 301, 596, 629 Spiritually-minded, To be, is life and peace,
652, 679.


Repeat, The Sinner's Unwillingness to, 31, Star, To the Evening, 364.

the Rev. Robert Jamieson, 641.

Trials, On, ill.

Past, to be Remembered, 46.
Truth, Some Men Displeased with, under

whatever Aspect Presented. A Dis
course, by the Rev. John Paul, 584, 601.

Uncharitableness, 460.
“ Understandest thou what thou Readest?"


Uuregenerate Man Degraded to a Level

with the Beasts. By the Author of " The

Pious Brothers," 671.

Unregenerate, The Spiritual State of an,

Contrasted with that of a Regenerate


A Discourse by the Rev. Robert

Burns, D.D., 793.


Vegetable World, The Wisdom of God in

the Creation of the. By the Rev. Wil-

liam Grant, 84.

Verses. By the late Mrs Wilson of Bom-

bay, 67.

Veteran, The Aged, 140.

Vine, “ I am the, and ye arc the branches,"



Waldo, The History of Peter, 70.
Walk warily, 429.
Warfare, Christian, 429.
War, The Evils of, 509.
Waugh, The late Rev. Alexander, D.D.,

Biographical Sketch of. By the Editor.

813, 823.
Whitefield, Biographical Sketch of the Rev.

George, A.M. By the Editor, 285, 294,

317, 323.

Widow, A Poor, 92.

Winter and Cold. By the Rev. David' Mit.

chell, 435.
Word a Lamp, The. By the Rev. Robert
M. M'Cheyne, 312.

of God, The only rule of Faith and

Practice. A Discourse, by the Rev.

William Cunningham, 361.

spoken in season, A, 343.

World, Love not the, 731.

The love and hatred of the, 509.

A False Estimate of the, 224.


Year, Lines on hearing the Bells Ring out

the Old, 36.

Young shown where to find Happiness, 94.

Youthful Offenders, Institutions in Germany

for Reclaiming, 769, 785.

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Barr, Rev. James, D.D., Minister of Port.

Glasgow, 618

Begg, Rev. James, A.M., Minister of Liber-

ton, Mid-Lothian, 137, 152, 313.
Bell, G. M., Esq., Author of "The Scottish

Martyrs," &c., 399, 646.
Bennie, Rev. Archibald, Minister of Lady

Yester's Parish, Edinburgh, 329.
Blackwood, Rev. William S., Minister of the

Scotch Church, Maryport, Cumberland,

Bonar, Rev. Andrew A., Assistant Minister

of Collace, Perthshire, 180, 195, 263, 741.
Brodie, Rev. James, Minister of Monimail,

Fifeshire, 276, 452, 662.
Brown, Rev. Charles John, Minister of the

New North Parish, Edinburgh, 345.
Brown, Rev. David, Minister of Roslin, Mid-

Lothian, 177.

Bruce, Rev. John, A.M., one of the Minis-

ters of St Andrew's Parish, Edinburgh,

25, 713.

Bryce, Rev. James, Minister of Gilcomston

Parish, Aberdeen, 33, 65.

Buchanan, Rev. Jaines, Minister of North

Leith, 464, 481.
Buchanan, Rev. Robert, Minister of Tron

Church Parish, Glasgow, 616.
Buchanan, Rev. Robert, Minister of the

Second Secession Congregation, Dal-

keith, 695.
Bullock, The late Rev. Andrew, A.M., Mi-

nister of Tulliallan, Clackmannanshire,


Burns, Rev. George, D.D., Minister of

Tweedsmuir, Peebles-shire, 81, 116, 243,

Burns, Rev. Robert, D.D., Minister of St

George's Church, Paisley, 520, 793.
Burns, Rev. William, Minister of Kilsyth,
676, 689.

Candlish, Rev. Robert S., A.M., Minister of

St George's Parish, Edinburgh, 169, 185,


Chalmers, Rev. Thomas, D.D., LL.D.,

Professor of Theology in the University

of Edinburgh, 1, 17.


Davidson, Rcv. David, Minister of Broughty-

Ferty, Forfarshire, 173.
Duncan, Rev. William Wallace, Minister of
Cleish, Kinross-shire, 280, 721.

Esdaile, Rev. James, D.D., Minister of the

East Church, Perth, 21, 61, 16), 203, 310,
343, 551, 575.

Forbes, Rev. John, D.D., Minister of St Moir, Charles, Esq., 8G, 500, 595.
Paul's Parish, Glasgow, 41, 632.

Moncreiff, Rev. Henry, A. B., Minister of

East Kilbride, 665, 681.

Muirhead, Rev. George, D.D., Minister of

Garioch, Rev. George, Minister of Meldrum, Cramond, Mid-Lothian, 130, 203, 355,

Aberdeenshire, 152.

582, 686, 806, 820.

Gordon, Rev. Robert, D.D., One of the

Muir, Rev. William, D.D., Minister of St

Ministers of the High Church Parish,

Stephen's Parish, Edinburgh, 9.

Edinburgh, 201, 777.

Grant, Rev. William, Logiealmond, Perth-


shire, 84, 253, 119, 503, 507, 612.

Paterson, Rev. Nathaniel, D.D., Minister of
Gray, Rev. Andrew, A.M., Minister of the St Andrew's Parish, Glasgow, 728, 745.
West Church Parish, Perth, 536, 552.

Paterson, Rev. William, Missionary Minister
Grey, Rev. Henry, A.M., Minister of St in Whiteness and Weesdale, Shetland,
Mary's Parish, Edinburgh, 532, 627.

Guthrie, Rev. Thomas, one of the Ministers Paul, Rev. John, one of the Ministers of st

of the Old Greyfriars' Parish, Edin- Cuthbert's Parish, Edinburgh, 56, 72,
burgh, 248.

584, 601.

Pringle, John, Esq., 595, 004.

Henderson, Rev. James, D.D., Minister of

St Enoch's Parish, Glasgow, 233.


Hetherington, Rev. W. M., A.M., Minister Ralph, Rev. Hugh, LL.D., Minister of the

of Torphichen, Linlithgowshire, 93, 657,

Scotch Church, Oldham Street, Liver-


pool, 433, 449.

Hopkirk, J. G., Esq., LL.B., 209.

Ridaell, Rev. Henry Scott, Minister of Caer.

Huie, Richard, Esq., M.D., 3, 776.

lanrig Chapel, Dumfries-shire, 453.

Hunter, Rev. John, A.M., one of the Mini-


sters of the Tron Church Parish, Edin-

burgh, 264, 385, 401, 417, 825.

Scot, the late Rev. David, M.D., Professor

of Oriental Languages in the University

Hunter, The late Rev. Andrew, D.D., one of St Andrews, 718.

of the Ministers of the Tron Church, and

Professor of Theology in the University

Simpson, Mrs Jane C., 230, 409, 564, 627, 637.

of Edinburgh, 297, 761.

Siinpson, Rev. Robert, A.M., Minister of

Hutchison, Rev. Andrew, Minister of the

Kintore, Aberdeenshire, 365, 332, 397,


Scotch Church, Warrenford, Northum-

berland, 273, 289.

Smyth, Rev. John, D.D., Minister of St

George's Parish, Glasgow, 89, 101.


Stuart, Rev. Alexander Moody, A.M., Mi.

Jamieson, Rev. Robert, Minister of Currie, nister of St Luke's Parish, Edinburgh,
2, 241, 641, 673.



Sym, Rev. John, one of the Ministers of the

Landsborough, Rev. David, Minister of Ste- Old Greyfriars' Parish, Edinburgh, 280.

venston, Ayrshire, 421, 468, 725.


Lewis, Rev. James, Minister of St. John's

Parish, Leith, 376, 393.

Tennant, William, Esq., Professor of Ori.

Lorimer, Rev. John G., Minister of St

ental Languages in the University of St

Andrews, 645, 797.

David's Parish, Glasgow, 7, 36, 102, 118,

217, 229, 244, 319, 390, 438, 463, 484.

Thomson, Rev. John, Minister of Dysart,

lifeshire, 55.


Tough, Mr Alexander, junior, one of the

Macfarlan, Rev. Duncan, Minister of Ren- Elders of the Middle Parish, Greenock,
frew, 212, 278, 301, 596, 629, 652, 679.

555, 731.

M'Cheyne, Rev. Robert M., Minister of St Turner, Rev. Alexander, Minister of Gor.

Peter's Church, Dundee, 342.

bals, Glasgow, 409, 424, 369.

M'Cheyne, The late D. T., Esq., 357.

M'Crie, Rev. Thomas, 97, 113, 141, 157, 16),


189, 209, 225, 257, 305, 353, 372, 414, 429, Vedder, David, Author of " Orcadian
477, 497, 24, 515, 577, 605, 609, 705, 733,

Sketches," &c., 276, G62, 701, 789.
737, 772.

M'Culloch, Rev. J. M., A.M., Minister of


Kelso, Roxburghshire, 369.

Wallace, Rey, John A., Minister of Hawick,
M'Ewen, Rev. John, Minister of the Parish Roxburghshire, 616, 753.

of Milton of Calgonie, Fifeshire, 593. Watt, Rev. James, Minister of Glenista, For.

M.Naughtan, Rev. John, A.M., Minister of farshire, 549.

the High Church, Paisley, 473.

Wood, Rev. James Julius, A. M., Minister

Milroy, Rev. Andrew, Minister of Crailing, of the New Greysriars' Parish, , Edin-

Roxburghshire, 808.

burgh, 456, 697.

Mitchell, Rev. David, of Pulteney Town,


Wick, 67, 435.

Mitchell, the late Rev. James, Minister of Young, Miss Maria Denoon, Authoress of

the Scotch Church, Wooler, Northum-

Reflections on Prayer and the Work

berland, 167, 590.

of the Lord," 771.


Fairlie, Rev. Walter, Minister of Gilmerton,

Mid-Lothian, 513, 529.

Fleming, Rev. David, A.M., Minister of

Carriden, Linlithgowshire, 129, 145.





France, Progress of Protestantism in, 104. Pamphlets on Church Extension, &c., 15.
Address, Preliminary, 1.
Fyfe, Rev. Mr, Case of, 61, 67.

Pilgrim Tax, Abolition of the, 31.
Africa, Missionary Operations in South, 105. Funerals, Sabbath, 119.

Plean, New Church at, 39. 66.
Annan, Proposal of a New Church at, 16.

Poor, Report on the Management of the, 50.
Antigua, Proposed New Church in, 39.

Popery and Infanticide in Spain and Portu-
Appointments, 16, 23, 32, 40, 48, 72, 80, 88, Gipsies, Proposed Schools for, in England, gal, 7.
96, 104, 112, 120.

and Puseyism, The Recent Progress
Assembly, General, of 1638, An Account of. Glasgow Missionary Society, Proceedings of, of, 17.
By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, 1.
30, 45, 105.

and Protestantism on the Continent
Seaman's Friend Society, 30.

of Europe, 29.
of the, 8.
Greece, Education in, 78.

Increase of, in the British Colonies,
for 1839, Proceedings of, Greenland Missions, 100.


in the South Pacific, 26.
Hall, Report on, 50, 68, 114.


in Malta, 37.
The Commission of, 60.
Helvetic Confession of Faith, Abolition of,

in Bavaria, Progress of, 44.
Associate Synod, Union of, with the Church 27.

in Otaheite, 47.
of Scotland, 15, 31, 62, 81, 87.
Hewley's, Lady, Charity, 31.

Report on, 62.
Auchterarder Case, 31, 39, 41, 49, 50, 52, 59, Home Mission, Proposal of a, 28.

in Spain, 71.
61, 66, 69, 80, 90, 95, 114.

of Synod of Ulster, 58.

in England, 72, 87.
Austria, State of Education in, 21.
Humbie, Case of, 50.

in Geneva, 77.

in America, 80.


in Austria, 87.
Belharen's Letter, Lord, 89.
Idolatry in India, British Countenance of, Presbyterial Prayer Meetings, 39.

The Spirit and Progress of, 13.
Berlin, Celebration of the Festival of the

19, 31, 86.
Revival of Religion in, 120.
India, Awakening in Northern, 72, 91.

Visitations, by the Presbytery

of Arbroath, 23.
Reformation in, 95,

Missions, 53, 104.

Presbyterianism in England, 27, 51, 112.
Inverness Case, 68.
Bible, inaccurate Editions of the, 68.
- Patent for Printing the, 47, 64, 72,

Presbyterian Soldiers, 31, 39, 64, 67.

Church in the Colonies. 57.

80. 82, 91.
Biblical Criticism, Professorships of, 62, 68.

of America, The, 66.
Jardine, Case of the Rev. Fergus, 50.

Prison Bill, The English, 35, 87.
Blackie, Case of Professor, 95.

Jesuits of Bavaria, 'The, 31.
Brechin Case, 71.

Probationers, Employment of, 67.
Jew, Conversion of a, 31

Prussia, The King of, and the Pope, 33, 71,
Jews, Emancipation of, in Denmark, 23.

83, 108.
in Jerusalem, State of the, 75.

Calls, 16, 23, 32, 40, 48, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104, 112, Report of Committee on, 63.

Railway Travelling and Steam Navigation,

The Present State and Future Pros.

Calls, Regulations on, 68.

pects of the, 11.

Rationalism in Switzerland, 35, 104.
Cambusnethan Case, The, 65.


Religious Disturbance at Cleves in Belgium,
Campbelton Case, 71.

Canada, State of Churches in, 62.
Kilsyth, Recent Revival in, 93, 97, 110.

Instruction, Ninth Report of the
Kirkhill, Case of Schoolmaster of, 65.
Upper, Scottish College in, 77.

Commissioners of Inquiry into the Means
Knox, Miss Charlotte, Death of, 15.
Ceylon, State of Religion in, 92.

of, 31.
Church, Funds of the, 68.
Churches, Constitution of New, 50.


Roxburgh Church, Edinburgh, 66.
Collections for the Four Schemes, 63.
Laing, Mr Robert, Case of, 57.

Commission of the General Assembly, Pro- Leith, St Thomas's Church, Constitution of,
ceedings of, 68, 89, 113, 116.


Sabbath Observance, 11, 67.
Commissions, Disputed, 19.
Leswalt, Proposed New Church in the Pa-

Question, The Recent Progress of
Coromittee on Non-Intrusion, 80, 89.

rish of, 31.

the, 37, 47.
Crieff, New Church at, 72.

Lethendy Case, The, 22, 47, 59, 68, 69. Schools, The Assembly's, 9).
Library of the Church, The, 53.

Seat Rent Question, The, 47, 61, 80.
Logie Easter, Case of, 68.

Settlements, Contested, 22.
Dalkeith, New Church in, 40.

Lord's Day Society, Progress of, in Scot- Skye, State of Religion in, 62.
Deaths, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104, land, 25.

Slave Trade, The, 59.
112, 120.

Small Isles, Case of, 67.
Debt of Chapels, Liability for the, 109.


Socialism in England, 86, 103.
Diocesan Education in England, 22.
Mameluke, Baptism of a, 31.

Stewart, Rev. Andrew, M.D., Obituary of,
Duff, DI, Lectures by, 39.

Marnoch Case, The, 26, 68, 114, 116.
Dundee, Proposed New Church in, 23. Marriage, Degrees of, 69.

Stracbur Case, The, 64, 67.
Dunkeld, Appearance of the Presbytery of, Marriages, The Question of Mixed, 47, 71.

Strathfillan Case, The, 64, 91, 114, 117.
at the Bar of the Court of Session, 69. Maynooth College, Proposed Inquiry into,

Sunday School, First, in England, 23.
Dusselthal, The Institution at, 99.


Supplementary Fund, 23.
Minister's Widow's Fund, 60.
Morning and Evening Sacrifice," A Fama

Edderton Case, The, 88.

against the Author of, 50.

Tarbolton, Case of Schoolmaster in, 63, 85.
Edinburgh, Proposed New Church in West

Teinds and Quoad Sacra Parishes, 33.
Port, 23.


Crown, of Scotland, 85.
Education in Highlands and Islands, Report Ordinations, 16, 23, 32, 40, 48, 72, 80, 88, 96,
on, 62.
104, 112, J20.

Education, National, 39, 14, 71, 73, 90, 113. Orphan Fund, Supplementary, 60.

Wales, New South, Grants to, 80.
Elders, Representative, 68.
Oxford Puseyites, The, 6.

State of Presbyteriin
Estension, Church, Report on, GO.

Tracts, 39.

Church in, 91, 114, 116.

Wesleyan Centeary, 15, 31.


West Wemyss, New Church at, 23.
France, The Religious Press in, 73.

Palestine, The Deputation to, 26, 35, 114. Wilkie, Rey. Daniel, Obituary of, 1.


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