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Hand on his forehead, and cast his looks upward;

while thoughts high and holy Flew through the midst of his soul, and his eyes

glanced with wonderful brightness. “On the next Sunday, who knows ! perhaps I

shall rest in the grave-yard ! Some one perhaps of yourselves, a lily broken

untimely, Bow down his head to the earth ; why delay I?

the hour is accomplished. Warm is the heart ; — I will so ! for to-dây grows

the harvest of heaven. What I began accomplish I now; for what fail

ing therein is I, the old man, will answer to God and the rev

erend father. Say to me only, ye children, ye denizens new

come in heaven, Are ye ready this day to eat of the bread of

Atonement ?


What it denoteth, that know ye full well, I have

told it you often. Of the new covenant a symbol it is, of Atonement

a token, Stablished between earth and heaven. Man by

his sins and transgressions Far has wandered from God, from his essence.

'T was in the beginning Fast by the Tree of Knowledge he fell, and it

hangs its crown o'er the Fall to this day; in the Thought is the Fall; in

the Heart the Atonement. Infinite is the Fall, the Atonement infinite like

wise. See! behind me, as far as the old man remem

bers, and forward, Far as Hope in her flight can reach with her

wearied pinions, Sin and Atonement incessant go through the life

time of mortals.

Brought forth is sin full-grown; but Atonement

sleeps in our bosoms Still as the cradled babe ; and dreams of heaven

and of angels, Cannot awake to sensation; is like the tones in

the harp's strings, Spirits imprisoned, that wait evermore the deliv

erer's finger. Therefore, ye children beloved, descended the

Prince of Atonement, Woke the slumberer from sleep, and she stands

now with eyes all resplendent, Bright as the vault of the sky, and battles with

Sin and o’ercomes her. Downward to earth he came and transfigured,

thence reascended, Not from the heart in like wise, for there he still

lives in the Spirit, Loves and atones evermore. So long as Time

is, is Atonement.

Therefore with reverence receive this day her

visible token. Tokens are dead if the things do not live. The

light everlasting Unto the blind man is not, but is born of the eye

that has vision. Neither in bread nor in wine, but in the heart

that is hallowed Lieth forgiveness enshrined; the intention alone

of amendment Fruits of the earth ennobles to heavenly things,

and removes all Sin and the guerdon of sin. Only Love with

his arms wide extended, Penitence weeping and praying ; the Will that is

tried, and whose gold flows Purified forth from the flames; in a word, man

kind by Atonement Breaketh Atonement's bread, and drinketh Atone

ment's wine-cup.

But he who cometh up hither, unworthy, with

hate in his bosom, Scoffing at men and at God, is guilty of Christ's

blessed body, And the Redeemer's blood! To himself he

eateth and drinketh Death and doom ! And from this, preserve us,

thou heavenly Father! Are ye ready, ye children, to eat of the bread

of Atonement ?” Thus with emotion he asked, and together an

. swered the children Yes! with deep sobs interrupted. Then read

he the due supplications, Read the Form of Communion, and in chimed

the organ and anthem ; O! Holy Lamb of God, who takest away our

transgressions, Hear us! give us thy peace ! have mercy, have

mercy upon us !

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