Sidor som bilder

Th’ old man, with trembling hand, and heavenly

pearls on his eyelids, Filled now the chalice and paten, and dealt round

the mystical symbols. O! then seemed it to me, as if God, with the

broad eye of mid-day, Clearer looked in at the windows, and all the

trees in the churchyard Bowed down their summits of green, and the

grass on the graves 'gan to shiver. But in the children, (I noted it well ; I knew it)

there ran a Tremor of holy rapture along through their icy

cold members. Decked like an altar before them, there stood

the green earth, and above it Heaven opened itself, as of old before Stephen ;

there saw they Radiant in glory the Father, and on his right

hand the Redeemer.

Under them hear they the clang of harpstrings,

and angels from gold clouds Beckon to them like brothers, and fan with their

pinions of purple.

Closed was the Teacher's task, and with heav

en in their hearts and their faces, Up rose the children all, and each bowed him,

weeping full sorely, Downward to kiss that reverend hand, but all of

them pressed he Moved to his bosom, and laid, with a prayer,

his hands full of blessings, Now on the holy breast, and now on the inno

cent tresses.


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