Sidor som bilder
[blocks in formation]


LONDON: Printed by Bradbary and Dent, Oxford Arms Passage,

Paternoster Row.


A BOOK without a preface, is liable to be looked upon as a stranger entering company without a bow. There is a propriety and decency in the custom of prefacing our public appearances with an explanation or apology, in which I should be pained to be thought deficient. Still I have little to say, by way of introducing this book, distinct from the book itself. To the public in general, I know not that I ought to attempt to say anything further, or in any way endeavour to influence their judgment, either concerning myself, or the eminent man, whose life and character I have endeavoured faithfully to describe. What I have done, as an Author, and as an Editor in preparing this volume, I bave done to the best of my ability; and though I cannot feel indifferent to the reception of the work, yet, as my chief anxiety has been to make it, my highest reward will be to find it, subservient to utility.

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