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[blocks in formation]

Lections, Exhortations, Forms of Examination, &c. 323-669

The Clergy are requested to correct with a pen the following Errata

Page 143, last line, for page 142, insert page 141.
Page 309, line 25, for S. John xix. 15, insert xiv. 15,

before they use this book.




As we are again called to the grateful task of preparing another edition of the Visitatio Infirmorum for the press, we avail ourselves of the opportunity of expressing our sincere gratification that the demand for the two editions which have already appeared, affords us grounds of hope and of thankfulness that the work has been assistant to the ministrations of our brethren, and to the comfort and consolation of the sick.

In compliance with the principles put forth in the Advertisement to the Second Edition, we have continued our endeavours to make such improvements as our own experience or the valued communications of our brethren suggested to us. The additions are principally a short Office in time of Pestilence, an Office to be said some time after the Communion of the Sick, and some prayers preparatory to administering it.

August, 1854.

W. H. C.

H. S.




IN putting forth a second edition of the following work it seems needful, after expressing all thanks and praise to Almighty GoD for His goodness in as far as He may have blessed our labours either to the comfort and strengthening of His sick or dying children, or to the help and ease of any of His Ministers in their ministration to them, and much thankfulness to our brethren for their reception and use of our Manual, and for the many kind and (we fear) undeserved opinions expressed concerning it, to state briefly in what particulars the present differs from the former edition.

Our first intention was to have reprinted it without other change than the correction of verbal inaccuracies; but as we had seemed in our Preface (and had indeed intended) to invite the candid expression of the opinion of the Clergy, it seemed uncourteous not to defer to the opinions thus called forth. Many important and valuable suggestions have been made. to us, and carefully considered by us; and we re

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