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Would respectfully call the attention of the Public to his Catalogue of Back Numbers of the following : REVIEWS AND MAGAZINES.

Which he offers at far less than Publishers’ Prices : Atlantic Monthly. American Almanac. American K nickerbocker Magazine. n Eclectic Medical Review. American Journal of Medical Science. American Monthly. American Ex I ondon Society. Ladies' Friend. Ladies' Repository. change Review. American Theological Review. Ladies' Wreath. London Lancet. London QuarAmerican Educational Monthly. American Quarterly terly. London Magazine. London News. London Review. American Quarterly Observér. American Law ! Punch. Lippincott's Magazine. Livingston's BioRegister. American Odd Fellow. American Journal of graphical Magazine. Littell's Living Age. Numismatics. American Journal of Horticulture.

Macmillan's Magazine. Mining Magazine. Mother's Arthur's Home Magazine. All the Year Round. M Magazine. Monthly Religious Magazine. Argosy.

Methodist Quarterly, Mother's Journal, Maryland and Rraithwaite's Retrospect. Biblical Repository. Virginia Medical Journal. Merry's Museum. Mrs. D Banker's Magazine. Beadle's Monthly. Brown Stephen's Monthly. Masonic Monthly. son's Quarterly Review. Belgravia. Ballou's Monthly. Broadway Magazine. British and Foreign Medico-Chir

National Magazine. New Englander. North British urgical Review. Blackwood's Magazine. Bibliotheca

Review. New Brunswick Review, New Jersey

Magazine. Natural History Review. New England Sacra.

Geneological Register. North American Review. Chambers' Journal. Chambers' Encyclopedia.

New York Quarterly. New York Monthly. New Christian Review, Christian Examiner. Contin York Journal of Medicine. New York Weekly ental Monthly. Contemporary Review. Church Re- | Magazine. New York Journal. New York Review. view. Churchman's Magazine. Cassell's Magazine. Church Monthly. Congregational Quarterly. Church

Once a week. Old Guard. Oliver Optic's Magaman's Monthly Magazine. Colburn's Monthly. Chris

zine. tian Work. Christian Parlor Magazine. Chess Monthly

Princeton Review. Peterson's Magazine. Protestant Magazine. Catholic World. Charleston Medical Jour


Episcopal Magazine. Putnam's Monthly Maganal. Cosmopolitan Art Journal. Congregational Review.

zine. Presbyterian Quarterly. Phrenological Journal. Dublin University Magazine. Demorest's Monthly | Plantation Quarterly. Popular Science Review, D Magazine. De Bow's Review. Democratic Re- | People's Magazine. Popular Educator view. Danville Review.

Quarterly Christian Spectator, Every Saturday. Emerson's Magazine. Eclectic

Magazine. Edinburgh Review. Evangelical Re Revue des Deux Mondes. Rebellion Record. view. English Woman's Domestic Magazine.

W Rankin's Abstract, Riverside Magazine. Radical Frank Leslie's Ladies' Magazine. Frank Leslie's

Magazine. Richmond Eclectic. Retrospective Review. T' Pleasant Hours. Frank Leslie's New Monthly

Repertory of Patent Inventions. Magazine. Fortnightly Review. Fraser's Magazine. Sunday Magazine. Sixpenny Magazine. Shilling Free Mason's Monthly, Family Treasury. Fine Arts Magazine. Sear's Quarterly Review. Silliman's Quarterly. Foreign Quarterly.

Journal. St. James. Southern Presbyterian Review, raham's Magazine. Godey's Lady's Book. Good

Southern Literary Messenger. Sunday at Home, Spare U Words. Galaxy. Great Republic. Geologist.

Hours. St. Paul's. Social Science Review. Sabbath at Geological Magazine. Gardener's Monthly.

Home. Scalpel, Sartain's Magazine. Southern Quarterly

Harper's Magazine. Hunt's Merchant's Magazine,
I Historical Magazine. Howitt's Journal. House-

Temple Bar. Tinsley's Magazine. Theological and hold Words. Herald of Health. Hall's Journal of

Literary Journal. Tribune Almanac. Health, Hours at Home. Horticulturalist. Harper's United Service Magazine. Universalist Quarterly. Shakespeare. Harper's History of England.

United States Magazine. International Magazine. Illustrated Magazine of

Ilustrated Magazine of W estminster Review. Whig Review.

New York Medi




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He has also on hand a large assortment of RARE AND VALUABLE BOOKS, which, together with an extensive collection of NEW AND SECOND-HAND BOOKS, are now offered at very low prices. Books and Magazines bought. Libraries purchased. Country Orders attended to with dispatch. Call and examine his stock. Remember the Book-Hive, No. 80 Nassuu Street, New York, between Fulton and John Streets (formely at 76 Nassau Street). P. S.Letters of inquiry must be accompanied by a Stamp.




Under this general title, it is proposed to publish a series of works relating to the Early History of the Valley watered by the Ohio River and its tributaries—including Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois--and embracing its aboriginal history, the French and English intrigues and wars for its possession, the travels and journals of early explorers and missionaries, its early settlement by the whites, their contests with the Indians, etc. This we hope to accomplish by the collection and publication of some, at least, of the large amount of materials for history now scattered among the various pioneer families, precariously preserved in the gatherings of collectors, or hidden away in State or county archives; and also by reprinting some of the early works of interest relating to the Western country, which have been long out of print and rare.

We would be pleased also to communicate with any person who possesses unpublished manuscripts in whatever form, which come within the scope of the series of publications. All old papers, such as letters, journals, autobiographies, biographical sketches, accounts of early settlements, plans, surveys, etc., are exceedingly useful to us for editorial reference. We would be glad to have the loan of such papers to copy. They will be carefully preserved and returned to their owners as soon as they can be copied.

We have now ready the first of the reprints, viz : Bouquet's Expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1764. By Dr. William

Smith. Published in 1765..

With a preface by Francis Parkman, author of "Conspiracy of Pontiac,” etc., and a translation of Dumas' Biographical Sketch of General Bouquet.

The map and plates are finely reproduced by the Phoco-Lithographic Process.

One volume, octavo, finely printed on tinted paper, neatly bound in English cloth, gilt top, and uncut edges, or entirely uncut. Price, .$3.00,

A few large paper copies have been printed on extra heavy tinted paper, bound in cloth, gilt top, and uncut edges, or entirely uncut. Price, $5.00.

Sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the price.


History of Athens County, Ohio, with an account of the Formation of the Ohio Land

Company, and their Proceedings; the Settlement of Marietta ; the Organization of Washington and Athens Counties; Reminiscences of Pioneers; Social, Political, and Personal Annals, etc. By Charles M. Walker. With map and portraits.

One large octavo volume, finely printed on tinted paper, neatly bound in cloth, gilt top, or entirely uncut Price, $6.00.

A few large paper copies on heavier paper, with proof impressions of the plates. Price, $10.00.


Dr. Daniel Drake's Reminiscential Letters to his Children. A faithful and

graphic Description of Pioneer Life. Edited, with a Memoir, by his son, Hon. Charles D. Drake, of St. Louis.

For prospectuses address,
ROBERT CLARKE & CO., Publishers,

65 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.




This beautiful volume is illustrated by two hundred and ten exquisite engravings, by

GIACOMELLI, Dore's collaborateur on his celebrated Bible.

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The Saturday Review. “ The French-as in other things, so in science--have a knack which we have not. Since Buffon's days they have contrived to write scientific books in a poetical fashion and with a certain bouquet, as it were, of sentiment, and a kind of glitter and sparkle, which is far from us. We feel this in looking at Michelet's 'The Bird,' which is graceful and airy in style, and is illustrated in quite the same spirit.”

The Art Journal. “ It is a charming book to read, and a most valuable volume to think over. It was a wise, and we cannot doubt it will be a profitable duty to publish it here, where it must take a place second only to that it occupies in the language in which it was written. The engravings on wood are of a very masterly character; they are all first-class, admirably drawn, and exquisitely engraved; they may be classed, indeed, with the best productions of the art that have been produced in our age."

The Art Journal (second notice). “ Certainly natural history has never, in our opinion, been more exquisitely illustrated by wood-engraving than the whole of these designs by M. Giacomelli, who has treated the subject with rare delicacy of pencil, and the most charming poetical feeling-a feeling perfectly in harmony with the written descriptions of M. Michelet himself.”

Illustrated London News. “One of the most charming books we have lately received-certainly a book worthy of perusal, and no less worthy of meditation." Extract from a Letter of M. Michelet to the Publishers.

“Paris, 10th January, 1868. "GENTLEMEN : I have hitherto had no faith in translations, but your excellent translator has reconciled me to them. As far as I can judge, his work is exceedingly well done.

“The illustrations are admirably printed, with a softness rarely shown in our French engravings.

“I am much flattered by the extreme care you have bestowed upon my book, and Madame Michelet is also delighted to see it so beautifully produced. Accept of our thanks and cordial greeting. To THOMAS Nelson & Sons."

“J. MICHELET. Copies mailed free on receipt of price. THOS. NELSON & SONS,

137 Grand Street, N. Y.




in a neat box, new editions o: the four following volumes. 12mo, illustrated. $6.00.
The Young Fur Traders.

Ungava; a Tale of Esquimaux Land.
The Coral Island; a Tale of the Pacific.

Martin Rattler ; a Boy's Adventures in Brazil.
THE CHILDREN'S BOOK-CASE. By Mrs. Hofland. Five volumes, 12mo, beauti-
fully illustrated. Gilt backs and sides. In box. $
The Merchant's Widow.

Integrity. A Tale.
Humility. A Tale.

Decision. A Talc.

Reflection. A Tale.
CRUSOE LIBRARY (THE). Three volumes. Ilustrations fy Gilbert. 1217.0, mus-
lin. in box. $4.50.
Robinson Crusoe.

T Swiss Family Robinson.

Sandford and Merton.
MY OWN LIBRARY. Comprising, in a neat box, the six soilowing volumes.. 12mo.
Illustrated, gilt backs. $4.50.
Things in the Forest.

Under the Microscope.
The Regular Service.

Frank Martin.
Truth is Always the Best.

The History of a Pin.
BOY'S OWN LIBRARY. Four volumes. 12mo, extra gilt. Profusely illustrated. Put
up in a neat colored box. $4.00.
The Boy Makes the Man.

Ruined Cities of the East.
Quadrupeds, what they are and where found. I The Valley of the Nile.
LYCEE BOY'S LIBRARY (THE). In a neat box, contain'ng the following eight vol-
umes. Ilustrated. Small 8vo. $4.00.
The Lycee Boys, or School Life in France.

Little Alfred; or, the Influence of Home Training.
Annot and her Pupil.

Mr. Leslie's Stories.
Tales of my Sunday Scholars.

The Goldsmith's Widow, and other Stories.
The Cousins Reconciled ; or, Prejudice Overcome. The Martyr Shepherd.
SELECT LIBRARY FOR THE YOUNG. Four volumes. Extra gilt. Elegantly
illustrated with splendid steel-plate engravings. Put up in a very neat box. $4.00.
The Play fellow.

Truths and Fancies from Fairy Land.
The Way of the World.

Scenes of the Olden Time.

Any of the above will be sent free of e:cpense to any part of the country on receipt of the
price, by the publishers,


137 Grand Street, New York.

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The Oxford University Press has just issued a variety of New Editions of the
Prayer Book, which are kept in all the plain and elegant Bindings suitable for

Christmas Gifts.

The beauty of execution, and all the other excellent qualities which have character-
ized the publications of the Oxford University Press, are conspicuous in these Prayer
Books, and they will amply repay an inspection.


The Sunday School Bible. Printed in d ex to the persons, places, and subjects occurring in

clear type and well bound in arabesque. 50 cts. I the Scriptures. Bound in Turkey morocco. $5.00
The Pew Bible, Printed in large type and

The Pulpit Bible. Beautifully printed in
bound in morocco, $2.00; Turkey morocco, $3.00.

very large, clear type, demy 4to. Bound in Turkey
The Teacher's Bible. Printed on fine pa-

morocco. $20.00,
per, in beautiful type, with References and Maps,
and an Index to the persons, places and subjects oc | The Family Bible. Beautifully printed in

curring in the Scriptures. Turkey mor. $4.00. large type, containing Family Record, with or with-
T'he Clergyman's Bible. Printed in large out References, Plates, and Maps, in every style of
clear type, with References and Maps, and an In binding, from $17.00 upwards,


137 Grand Street, New York,

Sole Agents in the U. S. for the Oxford University Press.

* Any of the above will be mailed free on receipt of price.

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