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I heard a voice from heaven,.
Saying unto me,

Write, from henceforth blessed are the dead
Who die in the Lord.

Even so, saith the Spirit,

For they rest from their labours.

Reading of the Scriptures, by the Rev. Mr Lathrop; prayer, by the Rev. Dr Parkman.


Go to the grave in all thy glorious prime,
In full activity of zeal and power;

A Christian cannot die before his time;

The Lord's appointment is the servant's hour.

Go to the grave, for there thy Saviour lay,

In death's embraces, ere he rose on high:
And all the ransom'd, by that narrow way
Pass to eternal life beyond the sky.

Go to the grave! no, take thy seat above,
Be thy pure spirit present with the Lord;
Where thou for faith and hope, hast perfect love,
And open vision for the written word.

Address, by Rev. Mr Gannett; prayer, by Rev. Mr Young.


Calm on the bosom of thy God,

Dear spirit, rest thee now:

E'en while with us thy footsteps trod,
His seal was on thy brow.

Dust to its narrow house beneath,
Soul to its place on high,
They that have seen thy look in death
No more may fear to die.


It seemed wonderful to us, and we think it must have been equally so to all who listened to him, that Mr Gannett, under

the pressure of so heavy affliction upon himself, and with the knowledge that a word of life and power would be expected by all around him, could in so short a time have prepared his discourse. To flatter or extol such a service would be most unbecoming. All that we need to say of it is, that it met the full sympathies of the audience, and was received by them as a just delineation, not an eulogy, of the life and character of Dr Channing. As the discourse will soon appear in print, we shall not now present an analysis or even a sketch of it. Mr Gannett observed that he left the more extended labour of writing a biography of the deceased, and of delineating his high intellectual character to another. May we not hope that the work will be accomplished by an eminent jurist, a classmate, and through his whole life, the devoted friend of the deceased-Mr Justice Story?

It certainly is not for us to undertake here an analysis of that wonderful mind which Dr Channing consecrated to the ministry of Christian truth and of philanthropy. The civilized world has felt already the influence of his life, and the fruit of his labours will mingle with the many agencies of good which are to act upon coming generations."

We willingly insert the following


A star has left the sky of life,—
A spring has ceased to flow ;-
A fertile tree has blighted been
By Death's fell withering blow.
A soul of purity and worth
Has sought a higher sphere;
A mighty mind has burst the bonds
That held it darkling here.

Channing, the wise, the good, the great,
Our beacon and our guide,

The foe of error and of vice,
Truth's champion, and her pride,
Has fallen; yet nobly to the last,
True to his trust he was,
Brave battling to the closing scene
In Freedom's hallowed cause.

In him the sons of toil have lost
A sympathising friend,

Who sought with moral dignities
Life's humbler tasks to blend.

His thrilling words like showers of spring,
Clothing the fields with bloom,

[blocks in formation]


SIR, Your numerous readers will doubtless be gratified to hear, that the total number of subscribers to my Channing now amounts to 2800, and that the work is actually in the press.

I have entrusted its execution to those spirited publishers, Messrs Simms & M'Intyre of Belfast, who have come forth, in the most generous manner, to aid me in the realization of my project,

The Book itself will be struck from the same stereotype plates used by them for their beautiful 2 vol. edition, lately published. The size will be demy 8vo.-the type, long Primer, it will contain about 1128 pages, and will be supplied to subscribers at 3s. 9d. sewed in a printed wrapper; or in cloth boards, with gilt title, for 8d. additional. Should I decide on prefixing a memoir, 4d. more must be appended to the price, i. e. to those who take the memoir, to others the cost will be as I have stated.

The work will, I trust, be ready some time in January; so not a week is to be lost by those who still wish to subscribe. As before, I must decline all orders for less than ten copies. I am, Sir, your obedient servant.


Bridport 11th Nov. 1842.


Ar the close of another year of our Editorial labours, the sixteenth, we have sincere satisfaction in expressing our thanks to the numerous friends, correspondents, and subscribers, by whose sympathy and aid, our efforts have been encouraged and supported. We rejoice that since the "CHRISTIAN PIONEER" began its course, other and efficient agencies for the vindication and diffusion of the holy and benignant principles of Christian truth, freedom, and righteousness, have been called into action. We refer with pleasure and satisfaction to the "BIBLE CHRISTIAN," conducted by the Rev. J. Scott Porter, Belfast; the "CHRISTIAN TEACHER," by the Rev. J. H. Thom, Liverpool; and more recently "The Inquirer" newspaper, by the Rev. W. Hincks, London; a mode of publication we have long since been anxious to have brought into operation. In wishing increasing prosperity to those instruments for the diffusion of Christian knowledge, and including in our good wishes the "CHRISTIAN REFORMER,' which both in its old and present form, under the able superintendence of its excellent and indefatigable editor, the Rev. R. Aspland, has been singularly useful, we may be allowed to express the hope, that the past labours of the CHRISTIAN PIONEER may not be forgotten, nor its utility be superseded by these kindred labourers. There is ample room and verge enough for the efforts of all these publications, amidst the ignorance, bigotry, and superstition, the worldliness, cant, and indifference with which society is infested; and in the indulgence of the expectation that our friends, correspondents, and subscribers will still oblige us by their efficient aid, we gladly announce, that on the


1st of January 1843,

The First Number of the Seventeenth Volume of THE CHRISTIAN PIONEER, Will be published as usual by the Booksellers, whose names appear on the title page of our work.


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