Luther: his mental and spiritual history; with special reference to its earlier periods and the opening scenes of the Reformation

Religous Tract Society, 1799 - 422 sidor

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Sida 264 - Whosoever denieth me before men, him will I deny before my Father which is in heaven.
Sida 259 - If there were as many devils in Worms as there are tiles on the housetops I would go.
Sida 419 - SCOTT (Rev. Thomas) : A COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE; containing the Old and New Testaments according to the Authorised Version, with Practical Observations, copious Marginal References, Indices, &c. In 3 vols., royal 410. Cloth, 63/- New Edition. TIMES (John, FSA, Author of "Things not Generally Known," &c.) : THOUGHTS FOR TIMES & SEASONS.
Sida 419 - ... Natural History, etc. Edited by JOHN EADIE, DD, LL.D. Maps and Pictorial Illustrations. A New Edition, 8vo. 7s. 6d.
Sida 416 - ... first words he spoke when he awoke sent a shudder of apprehension through their hearts. He complained of cold, and asked them to pile up more fire. Alas! the chill was creeping over him which no effort of man could remove. Dr. Jonas asked him if he felt very weak. " Oh," he replied, "how I suffer! My dear Jonas, I think I shall die here, at Eisleben, where I was born and baptized.
Sida 35 - I have been a beggar of bread, and have prospered so far forth with the pen, that I would not exchange my art for all the wealth of the Turkish empire. Nay, I would not exchange it for all the wealth of the world many times over. And yet I should not have attained thereunto, had I not gone to school, and given myself to the business of writing. Therefore doubt not to put your boy to study; and if he must needs beg his bread, you nevertheless give unto God a noble piece of timber whereof he will carve...
Sida 416 - Coelius, for the solace of the many who had received the truth from his lips, spoke aloud, and said : " Venerable father, do you die trusting in Christ, and in the doctrine you have constantly preached ? " He answered by an audible and joyful "Yes.
Sida 186 - By what unlucky chance it is, that these particular propositions of mine, more than all others, should go forth into nearly all the earth, I am at a loss to know. They were set forth here for our use alone, and how they should come to everybody's knowledge is incredible to me. . . . But what shall I do? Recall them I cannot; and yet I see that their notoriety bringeth upon me great odium. In order, then, to soften my adversaries and to gratify many friends, I send forth these trifles [proofs, etc.]...
Sida 345 - I were to leave my office as preacher, 1 would next chose that of schoolmaster, or teacher of boys; for I know that, next to preaching, this is the greatest, best, and most useful vocation ; and I am not quite sure which of the two is the belter; for it is hard to reform old sinners, with whom the preacher has to do, while the young tree can be made to bend without breaking.
Sida 351 - ... quarrels. Singers are not gloomy, but joyful, and sing their cares away. There can be no doubt that in minds which are affected by music are the seeds of much that is good ; and those who are not affected by it I regard as stocks and stones. Music effecteth what theology alone can effect besides : It giveth peace and a joyful mind. Therefore, the prophets have employed no art as they have music, inasmuch as they have put their theology not into geometry, arithmetic or astronomy, but into music....

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