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and their seed, whether they were of on, and the children of Israel were in Israel: 60 the children of Dalæa, the their cities, and the people assembled children of Bua, the children of To- as one man at Jerusalem. 2 Then bias, the children of Necoda, six hun- stood up Jesus the son of Called Joshua dred and fifty-two. 61 And of the Josedec, and his brethren Hagg.& Zech. children of the priests, the children of the priests, and Zorobabel the son of Labeia, the children of Akkus, the Salathiel, and his brethren, and they children of Berzellai, who took a wife built the altar of the God of Israel, to of the daughter of Berzellai the Ga- offer upon it whole-burnt-offerings, laadite, and was called by their according to the things that were writname. 62 These sought their genealogy ten in the law of Moses the man of + Gr. oi pebw*as though they had been God. 3 And they set up the altar on

idente reckoned, but they were not its place, for there was a terror upon Hebrew. found; and they were * re- them because of the people of the lands:

er moved, as polluted, from and the whole-burnt-offering was offered ing of by ? àyzioteúw" has the priesthood. 63 And the up upon it to the Lord morning and

ich Athersastha told them that evening. And they kept the feast of confusion in they should not eat of the tabernacles, according to that which

* most holy things, until a was written, and offered whole-burntLit. holy of priest should arise with offerings daily in number according to + Heb. Urim & * Lights and Perfections. the ordinance, the exact daily rate. Thummim. 64 And all the congregation 5 And after this the perpetual wholetogether were about forty-two thousand burnt-offering, and offering for the three hundred and sixty. 65 Besides season of new moon, and for all the their men-servants and maid-servants, hallowed feasts to the Lord, and for and these were seven thousand three every one that offered a freewill-offerhundred and thirty-seven: and among ing to the Lord. 6 On the first day of these were two hundred singing men the seventh month they began to offer and singing women. 66 Their horses whole-burnt-offerings to the Lord: but were seven hundred and thirty-six, the foundation of the house of the Lord their mules, two hundred and forty- was not laid. And they gave money five. 67 Their camels, four hundred to the stone-hewers and carpenters, and thirty-five; their asses, six thou- and * meat, and drink, and +Gr. meats sand seven hundred and twenty. 68And oil, to the Sidonians and and drinks. some of the chiefs of families, when Tyrians, to bring cedar trees from they went into the house of the Lord Libanus to the sea of Joppa, according that was in Jerusalem, offered will- to the grant of Cyrus king of the ingly for the house of God, to estab- Persians to them. 8 And in the second lish it on its prepared place. 69+ Ac- year of their coming to the house of

sural nom.. cording to their power they | God in Jerusalem, in the second month, matical. gave into the treasury of began Zorobabel the son of Salathiel, the work pure gold sixty-one thousand and Jesus the son of Josedec, and the + Gr. pounds, * pieces, and five thousand rest of their brethren the priests and Heb. drachms. pounds of silver, and one the Levites, and all who came from hundred priests' garments. 70 So the the captivity to Jerusalem, and they priests, and the Levites, and some of appointed the Levites, from twenty the people, and the singers, and the years old and upward, over the workporters, and the Nathinim, dwelt in men in the house of the Lord. 9 And their cities, and all Israel in their cities. Jesus and his sons and his brethren

stood, Cadmiel and his sons the sons 3. And the seventh month came of Juda, over them that wrought the

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wept wuted with joy not dis- rende nok

works in the house of God: the sons against them, plotting to frustrate their of Enadad, their sons and their bre-counsel, all the days of Cyrus king of thren the Levites. 10 And they laid a the Persians, and until the reign of foundation for building the house of Darius king of the Persians. “And in the Lord: and the priests in their robes the reign of Assuerus, even in the bestood with trumpets and the Levites ginning of his reign, they wrote a letthe sons of Asaph with cymbals, to ter against the inhabitants of Juda and praise the Lord, according to the order Jerusalem. ?And in the days of Arof David king of Israel. " And they thasastha Tabeel wrote peaceably to answered each other with praise and Mithradates and to the rest of his thanksgiving to the Lord, saying, For fellow-servants : the tribute-gatherer it is good, for his mercy to Israel en wrote to Arthasastha king of the Perdures for ever. And all the people sians a writing in the Syrian tongue, shouted with a loud voice to praise the and the same interpreted. 8 Reum the Lord at the laying the foundation of chancellor, and Sampsa the scribe wrote the house of the Lord. 12 But many an epistle against Jerusalem to king of the priests and the Levites, and the Arthasastha, saying, 9 Thus has judged elder men, heads of families, who had Reum the chancellor, and Sampsa the + These words seen the former house on scribe, and the rest of our fellow-serlong, at least its foundation, and who saw vants, the Dinæans, the Apharsathin the original, this house with their eyes, achæans, the Tarphalaans, the Apharclause. wept with a loud voice; but sæans, the Archyæans, the Babylonians, the multitude shouted with joy to raise the Susanachæans, Davæans, 10 and the a song. 3 And the people did not dis- rest of the nations whom the great tinguish the voice of the glad shout and noble Assenaphar removed, and + or because * from the voice of the weep-settled them in the cities of Somoron, of. ing of the people: for the and the rest of them be- tor. people shouted with a loud voice, and yond the river. 11 This is who now are. the voice was heard even from afar off. the purport of the letter, &

which they sent to him: Thy ing. 4. And they that afflicted Juda and servants the men beyond the river to Benjamin heard, that the children of king Arthasastha. 12 Be it known to the captivity were building a house to the king, that the Jews who came up the Lord God of Israel. 2 And they from thee to us have come to Jerudrew near to Zorobabel, and to the salem the rebellious and wicked city, heads of families, and said to them, which they are building, and its walls

+ Or, let us. We will build with you; are set in order, and they have * estabfor as ye do, we seek to serve our God, lished the foundations of +Gr. exalted. and we do sacrifice to him from the it. 13 Now then be it known to the days of Asaradan king of Assur, who king, that if that city be built up, and brought us hither. 3 Then Zorobabel, its walls completed, thou shalt have no and Jesus and the rest of the heads of tribute, neither will they pay anything, the families of Israel said to them, It and this injures kings. 14 And it is not is not for us and you to build a house lawful for us to see the dishonour of to our God, for we ourselves will build the king: therefore have we sent and together to the Lord our God, as made known the matter to the king; Cyrus the king of the Persians com- 15 that examination may be made manded us. And the people of the in thy fathers' book of record; and land weakened the hands of the peo- thou shalt find, and thou shalt know ple of Juda, and hindered them in that that city is rebellious, and does building, and continued hiring persons harm to kings and countries, and

Or, the rest,

+ Or,construction, or, fram

Cyrus the king And the people of the thou shalt find, a rebellious, and do

tions of slaves
take place in towny wiarco

bearer or cc lector.

#there are in the midst of it from very that was in Jerusalem: and with them + Or, deser- old time refuges for run- | were the prophets of God assisting

is away slaves: therefore this them. 3 At the same time came there it, &c. city has been made desolate. upon them Thanthanai, the governor 16 We therefore declare to the king, on this side the river, and Satharthat, if that city be built, and its walls buzanai, and their fellow-servants, and be set up, thou shalt not have peace. spoke thus to them, Who has ordained 17 Then the king sent to Reum the a decree for you to build this house, chancellor, and Sampsa the scribe, and to provide this preparation ? and the rest of their fellow-servants Then they spoke thus to them, What who dwelt in Samaria, and the rest are the names of the men that build beyond the river, saying, Peace, this city? 5 But the eyes of God were and he says, 18+ The tribute-gatherer upon the captivity of Juda, and they + Or, tribute- whom ye sent to us, has did not cause them to cease till the

or colbeen called before me. decree was brought to Darius, and 19 And a decree has been made by me, then was sent by the tribute-gatherer and we have examined, and found that concerning this the copy of a letter, that city of old time exalts itself against which Thanthanai, the governor of kings, and that rebellions and deser- the part on this side the river, and tions take place within it. 20 And there Satharbuzanai, and their fellow-serwere powerful kings in Jerusalem, and vants the Apharsachæans who were they ruled over all the country beyond on this side of the river, sent the river, and abundant revenues and to king Darius. ? They sent * an + Lit. part. #tribute were given to them. account to him, and thus it + Gr. with 21 Now therefore make a decree to stop was written in it: All peace words. . the work of those men, and that city to king Darius. Be it known to the shall no more be built. 22 See that king, that we went into the land of ye be careful of the decree, not to be Judea, to the house of the great God; remiss concerning this matter, lest at and it is building with choice stones, any time destruction should abound to and they are laying timbers in the the harm of kings. 23 Then the tri- walls, and that work is prospering, + Or, courier. bute-gatherer of king Ar- and goes on favourably in their hands. thasastha read the letter before Reum? Then we asked those elders, and thus the chancellor, and Sampsa the scribe, we said to them, Who gave you the and his fellow-servants: and they went order to build this house, and to in haste to Jerusalem and through provide this preparation? 10 And we Juda, and caused them to cease with asked them their names, in order to horses and an armed force. 24 Then declare them to thee, so as to write ceased the work of the house of God to thee the names of their leading in Jerusalem, and it was at a stand men. And they answered us thus, until the second year of the reign of saying, We are the servants of the Darius king of the Persians.

God of heaven and earth, and we are

building the house which had been 5. And Aggæus the prophet, and built many years before this, and a Zacharias the son of Addo, prophesied great king of Israel built it, and estaba prophecy to the Jews in Juda and lished it for them. 12 But after that Jerusalem in the name of the God of our fathers provoked the God of heaven,

To for, or, Israel even to them. ? Then he gave them into the hands of Nabuconcerning them. rose up Zorobabel the son of chodonosor the Chaldean, king of Salathiel, and Jesus the son of Josedec, Babylon, and he destroyed this house, and began to build the house of God and carried the people captive to


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house of Got from the house them into these

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Babylon. 13 And in the first year of king that is in Jerusalem, and put in the Cyrus, Cyrus the king made a decree place where they were set in the house that this house of God should be built. of God. Now, ye rulers beyond the 14 And the gold and silver vessels of the river, Satharbuzanai, and their fellowhouse of God, which Nabuchodonosor servants the Apharsachæans, who are brought out from the house that was on the other side of the river, 'give in Jerusalem, and carried them into these things, keeping far + the name the temple of the king, them did king from that place. Now zno rendered Cyrus bring out from the temple of let alone the work of the by dúoete. the king, and gave them to Sabanasar house of God: let the rulers of the the treasurer, who was over the trea- Jews and the elders of the Jews sure; 15 and said to him, Take all the build that house of God on its vessels, and go, put them in the house place. 8 Also a decree has been made that is in Jerusalem in their place. by me, * if haply ye may do + more lit. lest 16 Then that Sabanasar came, and laid somewhat in concert with anything. the foundations of the house of God the elders of the Jews for the building in Jerusalem: and from that time even of that house of God: to wit, out of until now it has been building, and the king's property, even the tributes has not been finished. 17 And now, if beyond the river, let there be money it seem good to the king, let search be to defray the expenses carefully granted made in the treasure-house of the to those men, so that they be not king at Babylon, that thou mayest hindered. And whatever + Or, made to know if it be that a decree was made need there may be, ye shall cease. by king Cyrus to build that house of give both the young of bulls and rams, God that was in Jerusalem, and let and lambs for whole-burnt-offerings to the king send to us when he has learnt the God of heaven, wheat, + Gr. wheats. concerning this matter.

salt, wine, oil:-let it be given them

according to the word of the priests 6. Then Darius the king made a that are in Jerusalem, day by day decree, and caused a search to be made whatsoever they shall ask. 0 That in the record-offices, where the treasure they may offer sweet savours to the is stored in Babylon. ?And there was God of heaven, and that they may found in the city, in the palace, a pray for the life of the king and his volume, and this was the record written sons. 11 And a decree has been made in it. 3 In the first year of king Cyrus, by me, that every man who shall alter Cyrus the king made a decree concern- this word, timber shall be pulled ing the holy house of God that was in down from his house, and let him be Jerusalem, saying, Let the house be lifted up and slain upon it, and his built, and the place where they sacri- house shall be confiscated. Gr. shall be fice the sacrifices. (Also he appointed | 12 And may the God whose ing to me. its elevation, in height sixty cubits; name dwells there, over- a its breadth was of sixty cubits.) 4 And throw every king and people from Chaldee. let there be three strong layers of stone, who shall stretch out his hand to alter and one layer of timber; and the ex- or destroy the house of God which is pense shall be paid out of the house of in Jerusalem. I Darius have made the king. 5 And the silver and the a decree; let it be diligently attended gold vessels of the house of God, which to. 13 Then Thanthanai the governor Nabuchodonosor carried off from the on this side beyond the river, Satharhouse that was in Jerusalem, and car- | buzanai, and his fellow-servants, acried to Babylon, let them even be cording to that which king Darius given, and be carried to the temple sent, so they did diligently. 14 And

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name of Tir. shatha and

the elders of the Jews and the Levites ( sians, came up Esdras the son of Saraias, built, at the prophecy of Aggæus the the son of Azarias, the son of Chelcias, prophet, and Zacharias the son of a the son of Selum, the son of Sadduc, Addo: and they built up, and finished the son of Achitob, 3 the son of Samati. e. the it, by the decree of the rias, the son of Esria, the son of

God of Israel, and by the Mareoth, 4 the son of Zaraia, the son decree of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artha-1 of Ozias, the son of Bokki, 5 the son + It would sastha, kings of the Persians. of Abisue, the son of Phinees, the son

of 15 And they finished this of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the first tion was, at- house by the third day of priest. This Esdras went up out of between the the month Adar, which is Babylon; and he was a ready scribe in Shatha and the sixth year of the reign the law of Moses, which the Lord God Artaxerxes. of Darius the king. 16 And of Israel gave: and the king gave him

* Gr. until the children of Israel, the leave, for the hand of the Lord his God priests, and the Levites, and the rest was upon him in all things which he of the children of the captivity, kept sought. ? And some of the children the dedication of the house of God of Israel went up, and some of the with gladness. 17 And they offered for priests, and of the Levites, and the the dedication of the house of God a singers, and the door-keepers, and the hundred calves, two hundred rams, Nathinim, to Jerusalem, in the seventh four hundred lambs, twelve kids of the year of Arthasastha the king. 8 And goats for a sin-offering for all Israel, they came to Jerusalem in the fifth according to the number of the tribes month, this was the seventh year of of Israel. 18 And they set the priests the king. For in the first day of the in their divisions, and the Levites in first month he began the going up their separate orders, for the services from Babylon, and in the first day of of God in Jerusalem, according to the the fifth month they came to Jerusawriting of the book of Moses. 19 And lem, * for the good hand of + lit. for the the children of the captivity kept the his God was upon him. passover on the fourteenth day of the 10 For Esdras had deter- upon him. first month. 20 For the priests and mined in his heart to seek the law, Levites were purified, all were clean and to do and teach the ordinances + Gr. éws els to a man, and they slew the and judgments in Israel. 11 And this passover for all the children of the is the copy of the order which Arthacaptivity, and for their brethren the sastha gave to Esdras the priest, the priests, and for themselves. 21 And scribe of the book of the words of the children of Israel ate the passover, the commandments of the Lord, and even they that were of the captivity, of his ordinances to Israel. 12 Arthaand every one who separated himself sastha, king of kings, to Esdras, the to them from the uncleanness of the scribe of the law of the Lord God of nations of the land, to seek the Lord heaven, * Let the order and for, let the God of Israel. 22 And they kept the theanswer be accomplished. formed and feast of unleavened bread seven days 13 A decree is made by me, turned. with gladness, because the Lord made that every one who is willing in my them glad, and he turned the heart kingdom of the people of Israel, and of the king of Assyria to them, to of the priests and Levites, to go to strengthen their hands in the works Jerusalem, be permitted to go with thee. of the house of the God of Israel. 14 One has been sent from the king and

the seven councillors, to visit Judea 7. Now after these things, in the and Jerusalem, according to the law reign of Arthasastha king of the Per- of their God that is in thine hand.

hand of his God was good

order be per

the answer re.

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