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to come to Him, and be saved by Him. He read the words, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” He saw that to believe was to feel persuaded that Christ could save him, and to trust to Him to do so. He therefore turned away from everything else to Jesus. He renounced all besides to trust in Christ alone. It was no longer his prayers, his tears, his heart-sorrow, or his amendment of life, but JESUS ONLY. The righteousness he needed, he found in the life of Jesus—the atonement required for his sins, he found in the death of Jesus --in one word, all that was necessary to procure for him pardon, peace, holiness and heaven, was to be found in Jesus. He therefore came as a poor sinner to Christcast his soul on the merits of Christ-placed his confidence alone in Christ, and obtained peace. He was now brought up out of the horrible pit, and from the miry clay ; his feet were placed on a rock; and a new song was put into his mouth. He felt as if he was in a new world. He could pray now. He could praise God. He could work cheerfully by day, and sleep comfortably at night. Be professed his faith in Christ, and put on Christ by baptism. He united him. self to the Lord's people, and began to tell to his friends and neighbours what great things God had done for him, and how he had had compassion upon him. For a considerable time he has walked humbly with

God; and, while enduring much suffering of body, finds his soul supported by the presence of his Saviour, and the promises of God. Now, though once a hopeless sinner, he can say, Ibless God I have a good hope, grounded on Jesus.

His hope is laid up in heaven. He has the hope of an inheritance which is incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away. He hopes soon to be delivered from a diseased and sickly body-from the law in his members, which he finds warring against the - law of his mind—from the craft and malice of Satan--and from all the miseries of this sinful world. He hopes to be like Jesusperfectly holy, and eternally happy; and to be with Jesus, where the wicked cease from troubling, and wearied ones rest for ever. He hopes to wear a white robe, to join in singing the new song, and to drink of the river of pleasure, which is at God's right hand. His hope is a good hope, for he not only hopes to receive and enjoy that which is good, but it is produced in his heart by the good Spirit of God, by means of the glorious gospel, and is sustained by the perfect obedience and blood shedding of the Lord Jesus. It is a hope that will never fail, be. ing based on the covenant-character, precious promises, solemn oath, and immutable faithfulness of God. It is a hope that maketh not ashamed, for its possessor will most certainly be put in possession of all that he hopes for. It is grounded on Jesus, on what Jesus is, what Jesus has done, and what Jesus has said. It rests not in whole or in part on any thing the creature has done, or can do, but on JESUS ONLY. This is its foundation, and this alone. How blessed to have such a hope, especially when .suffering from pain of body, which throws a gloom over everything that is earthly and temporal! Spirit of God, grant me a good hope, a lively hope, founded on Jesus, amidst all the dead and dying circumstances of this mortal life!

Reader, have you a good hope through grace? Have you had your false hopes torn up by the root, and felt obliged to fly, as a poor, lost, ruined sinner, to the Lord Jesus Christ for life and peace ? Has a sense of sin made you restless and unhappy? Did it ever keep you awake by night, and trouble you by day? We must be taught our misery before we shall prize God's mercy. We must realise that we are lost sinners before we shall seek an interest in Christ as a Saviour. We must be brought to despair of all help from ourselves before the Holy Spirit will generate a good hope in our souls. Many talk of hope, but comparatively few experience its comforting, purifying, and elevating power. Many say they hope to go to heaven, when they only wish that it may be the case. Happy, thrice happy, is the man who, while he realises the value of the

soul, and the solemnities of eternity-who, while he perceives the true nature of sin, and feels himself a great transgressor, yet has such a knowledge of the work of Christ, and such faith in the person of Christ, as will enable him to declare, “I can say be. fore God, that I have a good hope, groudned on Jesus.” Hopeless sinner, faith in Jesus will produce hope in thy cheerless soul! Tempted soul, right views of the blood and righteousness of Jesus will light the lamp of hope in thy dark spirit. Troubled Christian, look to Jesus, and under thy heaviest burdens, amidst thy sorest troubles, thou shalt rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Dying saint, bless God, bless God, that amidst the gloom of the valley of the shadow of death, thou hast "a good hope, grounded on Jesus.

We travel through a barren land,
With dangers thick on every hand,
But Jesus guides us through the vale,
The Christian's hope can never fail.
Sometimes we're tempted to despair
But Jesus makes us then his care:
Though num'rous foes our souls assail,
The Christian's hope shall never fail.
We trust upon the sacred word,
The oath and promise of the Lord;
And safely through each tempest sail,
The Christian's hope shall never fail.


THE work of the Lord Jesus Christ is great and glorious. He has done what no one else could. He still does what no one but him. self could effect. Indeed, the work of Jesus comprises the past, the present, the future. He undertook to save his people, and all that is requisite to secure their perfect safety and endless happiness he will perform. He knew all that was requiste before he engaged in the work ; and he will do all that is required, and so fulfil his engagement. He wins the name, JESUS, by saving; and he wears the name, JESUS, as his crown and glory. Nothing honours Jesus like saving souls. Nothing delights Jesus like seeing the souls he has saved glorifying his heavenly Father. Let us glance at the work of Jesus for his people. What does he do for them ?

HE REDEEMS THEM. They were the slaves of sin and Satan. They had sold themselves for nought, and Justice had great demands upon them. Deliver themselves they could not, nor could any of their fellows give unto God a ransom for them. Jesus undertook their cause. Unsolicited, of his own free love, he engaged to pay the

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