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ONE of my hearers has just been removed from earth to heaven. She was naturally timid and reserved. Long had she felt convinced of her lost state as a sinner, and long had she sought salvation at the hands of Christ. But something or other kept her from getting a clear and satisfactory view of the cross. She hoped, she prayed, she feared; but she had no strong confidence, until about a month before she died. Then the Lord broke in upon her soul, and filled her with joy and peace. Then she could joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, having received the atonement. She praised God with a loud voice, pleaded for all about her, and exhorted them to seek the Lord while he may be found. We thought the Lord was about to take her to himself at once ; but he spared her to bear testimony to his grace, love, and mercy. Conflicts she had often, but she had conquests too ; and when extremely weak, so that she could only speak in a feeble whisper, when I approached her bed one day, and, taking her death-stricken hand, said, “How is it with you now P” She looked up, smiled, and replied, “I AM SAFE

HAPPY.” It was all she could say, but it was enough, quite enough. Safe in Jesus happy in his love. Let us meditate for a few minutes upon her dying words.

“I AM SAFE.” She felt this; she enjoyed it. There were no dreary doubts resting upon her spirit now-she enjoyed strong confidence. She was safe, for she was in Christ, and her prayers were answered. O, how long, how earnestly had she prayed for mercy, and often had she feared that that mercy would not come! But God was faithful. She proved the words of Jesus to be true. She obtained the mercy that she sought; she felt it; it produced a most striking change in her; she could say with Paul, He loved me, and gave himself for me." The answer to her prayers was clear, striking, and satisfactory. She was safe, for her sins were pardoned. This was the great object of her prayers—this was the desire of her soul. Nor could she rest satisfied with. out it. She knew that the Lord's people enjoyed the pardon of sin, and she longed to enjoy it too. Often did she fear that this blessing would never be conferred on her; often did she try to exercise faith in Jesus in order to realize forgiveness, but she fail. ed. At length the Lord spoke pardon to her soul; then she felt that she was safe, for then she knew that there was no condemnation. O, the blessedness of a pardoned state! O, the privilege of standing guiltless before God! She was safe, for all her fears were dispersed. She no longer dreaded the wrath of an angry God. She no longer trembled before the justice of God. She no

longer feared death. Why should she fear, if God had pardoned her sins, and showed mercy to her soul? What should she fear now P She could love God, because he had heard her voice and her supplication, and perfect love casts out fear. True, her fears would return, and gloomy doubts would arise; but looking to Jesus always dispersed them. She was safe ; for peace, the peace of God, was imparted to her soul. Being justified by faith, she had peace. Casting all her cares on the Lord, the peace of God took possession of her heart and mind. She felt that holy calm within the breast which is a foretaste of the rest that remaineth for the people of God. Sadness and sorrow had now fled away, and she could sing, “O Lord, I will praise thee, though thou wast angry with me; for thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortest me.” Christ and her soul were united, he was her Saviour-she was his dependent child, looking to him, and trusting in him, as all her salvation and all her desire. She was

“HAPPY.” Happy, though full of disease. Happy, though dropping into the grave. Happy, though leaving her children motherless and her husband a widower. She was happy, for she had now given up the world. Everything was now resigned, and Jesus only had her heart. Long had she clung to the world for the sake of her family, but now the bonds were loosed, and everything on

earth was given up. The mother, the wife, was lost in the Christian. There was but one desire for them left, which was, that they might know the Saviour, and meet her in heaven when their days on earth were ended. She was happy, for she had a good hope of heaven. She believed there was a glorious heaven. She was persuaded that the Lord's people were admitted to it when they died. Long had she desired a place there ardently had she sought an interest in its joys. But painful doubts and gloomy fears distressed her soul. Now, she saw that Jesus was her Saviour, that he had paid her debts, obtained her discharge, and procured for her a title to that city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God. Her hope originated in grace-it rested on the finished work of Jesus, and was sustained by the faithfulness of God. The God of hope now filled her with joy and peace in believing, and she abounded in hope, by the power of the Holy Ghost. She was happy, for God was with her. She felt his presence. She realized that she was reconciled to him by the death of his Son. His love was shed abroad in her heart by the Holy Spirit. Her God not only supported her but he comforted her. His sweet soothing promises flowed into her mind. The comforting assurances of his holy words were present with her spirit. She only desired to depart and be with Christ, which is far bet

ter. The presence of God removed all dread of death, all fear of hell, all anxious desire for life ; and she could lay on the bosom of his love, whispering with her dying breath, “ Father, thy will be done." She was happy, for Jesus was precious to her. He was preeious; but who shall say how precions ! We must be in her circumstances to tell. Precious, as food is to the hungry man, or liberty to the captive, or health to the sick, or life to those who long to escape from death. Jesus was more precious than all these. His blood, as cleansing her from all sin, how precious! His righteousness, as justifying her guilty soul before God, how precious! His person, as her Saviour, and as the brightness of glory, O how precious! In a word, Jesus comprised all she needed, all she desired, and that Jesus had given himself to her. She felt that he was hers, and that she was his, and this filled her with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Reader, are you safe? Have you sought mercy and found it? Are your sins pardon. ed through faith in Jesus P Has the grace of God dispersed all your gloomy fears ! Have you, do you now, enjoy peace with God! My departed friend did, and you may. She had no more reason to expect these blessings than you have. She had no more encouragement to seek them than you have. They are gifts, and God bestows them freely-he bestows them on every one

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