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that seeks them. His own word is, “ Every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth !” My friend doubted—but this was her sin-she feared, but by so doing she dishononred the Lord, who at length showed her that there was no ground at all for any of her doubts or her fears. Nor is there the least ground for you to doubt, or the least reason for you to fear. There is safety in Jesus, and safety for you, if you seek it. He saves from sin, wrath, and all the penal consequences of sin, and he is both able and willing to save you. Are you happy? Yon may be—there is everything in Jesus to make you so; and if you renounce yourself, and learn to live by faith on him, you will, you must be happy. You will overcome the world—you will have a good hope of heaven -you will enjoy the gracious presence of God. Jesus will be precious to you, more precious than you can conceive at present. Safety and happiness are both to be found in Jesus, they are present blessings-blessings to be received and enjoyed in this world. Yes, amidst all the bustle of business, amidst all the cares of a family, amidst all the varied trials and temptations of our different callings, we may, by faith in Jesus, by fellowship with God, by setting our affections on things above, say, and say truthfully, as my friend did in the prospect of death, “I AN BAFE-HAPPY.”


A FEW years ago, two young men were walking out together, between the services, on the Lord's-day, when the younger said to the older, Have you begun to think about your soul?This inquiry impressed his mind-it sunk down into his heart-he could not get rid of it. He took it with him to bed, and lay thinking upon it. At length conviction of sin was felt-he saw that his soul was in danger-he fled to the LORD JESUS CHRIST-He obtained pardon-he enjoyed peace. That young man is now a Sabbath School Teacher, and a village preacher, seeking to present the inquiry to others, " Have you begun to think about your soul ?" A word spoken in season, how good is it!

READER,—Allow me affectionately to put the same question to you. You have an immortal soul-a soul that must either be saved or lost. The salvation of your soul should engage your first thoughts. Nothing can be of half so much importance. Have you begun to think about your soul ?" It is time you had. If you do not begin soon, you may have no opportnnity. To you, even to you, it may be said, “This night thy soul is required of thee." If it should be required. in what state would it be found ? Is it quickened by the Holy Spirit ? Is it washed in the blood of JESUS ? Is it pardoned and justified by God? If it is not, it is in a most dangerous state. Your condition is truly alarming. At any moment, you may be summoned into the presence of God, and there be required to give an account of the deeds done in the body. If you are found guilty, you must be condemned ; and if you are condemned, you will be banished from the presence of God, and be cast into hell into the fire that never can be quenched.

JESUS CHRIST came into the world on pur. pose to save souls. He saves all that come unto him. He is able and willing to save you. Go to him at once. Let nothing in, duce you to delay. Fall upon your knees before him and cry, "LORD JESUS, save my

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Come, guilty souls, and flee away

To Christ, and heal your wounds;
This is the welcome gospel-day,

Wherein free grace abounds.
God loved the world, and gave his son

To drink the cup of wrath:
And Jesus says he'll cast out none

That come to him by faith.


À DEATH-BED, and the immediate prospect of eternity, generally places things before us in a new light. We must not fancy, that the pleasures of sin, and the ways of the world, will appear on a death-bed as they do now. Many have fancied so, and have found out their mistake too late. I have just been reading of a poor thoughtless sinner, who had spent all his days in sin and folly ; who being laid on his death-bed, was filled with alarm and terror. All his false confidence forsook him. His sins stood in array against him ; Satan harassed him; conscience condemned him; and he knew not what to do, or which way to look. A friend pointed out the way of salvation, by the Lord Jesus Christ to him; this awakened a strong desire within him, and his cry was, “I WANT MERCY.” He felt his need of mercy now. He saw that mercy alone would meet his case. He perceived that God's mercy flowed to sinners through the person and work of Jesus. He confessed his sins; he deplored his sad condition; he cried to God, and said, “I WILL NOT CEASE TO PRAY UNTIL I FIND MERCY.” He sought it in good earnest, and he found it, and died in peace.

Reader, perhaps this poor man's words may set forth your state. You WANT MERCY; you have sinned against God; you have made yourself miserable; you have lost all strength to do good; you are under a sentence of death; and if you die in your sins you are undone for ever. There is no hope for you, but from God's mercy. God can only have mercy on sinners through Jesus. Nor has anyone a right to expect mercy, except he seek it in the name of Jesus. “ With the Lord there is mercy.”. This is a precious truth! “Return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy.” This is a glorious assurance. You want mercy to pardon your sins. They are many and great. Every one of them deserves and demands punishment at the hands of God; andifthings are allowed to take their natural course, you must be punished. Punished with what? With everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and the glory of His pow. er. Punished where? In a lake of fire and brimstone. Punished with whom? The devil and his angels. Punished for how long? The smoke of their torments ascend. eth up for ever and ever. There the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. If you are in danger of such a doom, you do indeed need mercy, and may well cry, “ God be merciful unto me a sinner." You must be pardoned or punished; and if you would be pardoned, reason dictates that you should

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