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and thou didst arise from the dead, to testify that the atonement was made!

A right view of the number and nature of my sins, will urge me to seek, and if possible obtain an immediate pardon. Only through a pardon, can I escape eternal woe ; and only through the death of Jesus, can a pardon be obtained. But, blessed be God, he accepted the sacrifice of Jesus, he found satisfaction in the death of his Son; and now he is "ready to forgive." There are no legal impediments in the way. On the ground of what Jesus has done and suffered, God can be just, and yet justify every one that believeth on Jesus. Oh, my soul, dost thou believe on Jesus P Hast thou faith in his blood P Canst thou trust his obedient life, and meritorious death, to justify thee before God? Art thou forgiven P Sast thou the evidence of it in thy heart ? God's Holy Word says, “He that believeth hath the witness in himself.” If any one is convinced of sin, repairs to God's mercy-seat, confesses sin, fully and frankly, and exercises faith in Jesus, he is pardoned ; and being pardoned, as testified in God's Word, his guilty fears depart, his sorrow and sadness are removed, and he has peace with God. He sees that Jesus has put away his sins, by the sacrifice of himself; and that by his one offering, he hath perfected for ever them that are ganctified, or set apart for God. Now love to God springs up in his heart. He feels

Jesus to be precious. He esteems him as the chief among ten thousand, and the alto gether lovely. Yea, he joys in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom he has now received the atonement. Faith in the blood of Jesus conquers all his fears, and reliance on the word of God's testimony gives him boldness before his foes. Oh, how precious those words are to his soul, “The blood of Jesus Christ his Son, cleanseth us from all

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“How many are mine iniquities P" However many they may be, the mercies of God are more. “How great is my sin P” However great it may be, the merit of Christ is greater. Let a sense of my sinfulness humble and lay me low, very low in the dust before God. But never, never let the sense of my sinfulness lead me to despond, for this were to add sin to sin. Let a view of the greatness of my sins urge me to flee to Jesus, and cast myself on him. He bids me come. He will undertake my cause. He will answer for me. He will prove himself to be Jesus, in my case, the almighty Sayiour ; who is able to save unto the uttermost, ali that come unto God by him. Oh, my soul, seek certainty, the full assurance of hope ! Never rest satisfied until thou canst say, He loved me, and gave himself for me." If thine heart is set on this, if thou wilt be satisfied with nothing less, God will not allow thee to be put off with less. Let us then

give diligence, to make our calling and election sure; and when we have done this, we shall be able to rejoice in Christ Jesus, while we have no confidence in the flesh. Great sinners may enjoy great peace, and rejoice with great joy. Indeed, it is neither the number, nor enormity of our sins that makes us miserable, but the weakness of our faith. If we had a strong faith in God's testimony concerning his Son, if we were steadily relying on the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, if we understood and believed the Gospel, we must be happy, we must rejoice. Spirit of Jesus, humble us under a sense of the greatness of our sins, give us strong faith in the perfect work of Jesus, fire us with zeal for the Lord's glory, fill us with love to our adorable Redeemer, and teach us in his name to rejoice all the day long, and in his righteousness may we be exalted !

Blessed be God, for Jesus Christ. Now, now our sins may be pardoned, our persons purified, our souls justified, and a title to overlasting life procured. Blessed be God, for Jesus Christ!


Neh. iv. 14. NOTHING affects us more than our thoughts, therefore we ought to direct our attention to them. The intellect should be under control, as well as the heart and life. In. deed we cannot keep the heart, or regulate the life aright, except we attend to the intellect. Therefore God often directs atten. tion to the thoughts in his most Holy Word. The Jews were now in deep trial; they had much to do, little strength to do it, and many hindrances in their way. Not only so, but their enemies taunted them, and sneered at them; and their taunts and sneers deeply wounded them. Nehemiah offered prayer for them ; pleaded with God against their enemies; and did all he could to en. courage them. “Be not afraid of them," said he: “remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your bre. thren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Better advice cannot be given us. We are apt to remember what is calculated to discourage us, cast us down, or produce improper feelings within us. Let us now seek grace, that we may

“ REMEMBER THE LORD," for three pur. poses.

First, as a stimulus to exertion. We often need a stimulus, for we are apt to get weary in well-doing. Many of us were more industrious in the ways of sin when we had Satan for a master, than we are in the ways of God now we call Jesus, Lord. But this should not be. How much there is to be done in this world of ours, and how few are heartily engaged in doing it. How much there is to be done in the church, and yet many of the wise virgins slumber and sleep. How frequently we get disheartened, and are ready to throw up our commission. But this ought not to be. Let us remember the Lord ;-he can use the meanest instruments,—he can bless the feeblest efforts. He often has done so. Joshua's rams' horns brought down the walls of Jericho; and Gideon's pitchers and lamps discomfited the host of the Midianites. The simple preaching of Peter at the Pentecost brought three thousand to Christ; and the plain, unadorned preaching of Paul transformed the appearance of the Roman world. · The blood of the martyrs was the seed of the church; and the prayers of the poor shook the kingdom of Satan to its founda- tion. It is nothing for the Lord to save, whether by many or by them that have no might. His wisdom is infinite ; and he displays it by overturning the counsels of.

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