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in judgment, “ Sinner, thou hast destroyed thyself." The angels that drive thee from the presence of the Lord to the pit of quenchless fire, will say, “O SINNER, MISERABLE SINNER, THOU HAST DESTROYED THYSELF!" And the devils who will receive you at the gates of hell, and who will be your everlasting tormentors, will say when you shriek with agony, cry from the depths of torment, and howl from the horrors of despair, “YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOURSELF!" With this they will taunt your tortured spirit for ever; and from the deep dark vaults of hell, and from the gloomy chambers of thy guilty conscience too, the awful words will be echoed, “THOU HAST DESTOYED THYSELF!" O sinner, sinner, sinner, before it is too late, let me beseech you that you receive not the gospel of the grace of God in vain; but while there is “ABUNDANCE OF GRACE" to save you, seek and secure the salvation of your immortal soul!!!

Rich grace, free grace, most sweetly calls

Directly come who will,
Just as you are, for Christ receives

Poor helpless sinners stil.
'Tis grace each day that feeds our souls,

Grace keeps us inly poor!
And oh! that nothing else but grace

May rule for evermore.



A POOR Christian had been brought to the gates of death by disease of the heart, but, contrary to all expectation, he rallied, and was once more able to attend to his secular duties, and enjoy his religious privileges. Just at this time his wife was seized with rheumatic fever, and laid helpless on her bed. During his own illness he had enjoyed the presence of his God, and all was peace. But now his mind became dark and confused, his soul was troubled; he could not rest on the promises, or enjoy the pri. vilege of prayer. The sun was gone down, and gloom brooded over his soul. He cried, but there appeared to be none to help ; yea, to the Lord, but he answered him not. This continued for a season, until one night, in the room where his afflicted helpmeet lay, he felt that he must wrestle with God until he prevailed. He stood, he pleaded, he prayed. Time glided away, but there he was still pleading in the name of Jesus. At length, as if some angel of mercy had come into the room, and stood at his side, it seemed as if a sweet voice whispered these words into his ear, “ AN ALL-SUFFICIENT SAVIOUR." He recognised, not the voice of an angel, but the voice of the Holy Spirit ; and, in a

moment, darkness fled, gloom departed, trouble ceased, and joy, peace, love, and gratitude, filled his soul. One sweet thought after another rolled into his mind, he fed on the hidden manna, he sat down under his Saviour's shadow with delight, and his fruit was sweet unto his taste. How precious was Jesus now! How light was his affliction now! He could take up his cross and carry it, not only with quiet patience, but with songs of joy. “Ūnto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness." * The Lord still loveth the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners. He never said to the seed of wrestling Jacob, “ Seek ye my face in vain p" but he saith, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not P”

Is my reader one of the Lord's tried ones P Are you in affliction, or temptation, or under some dark cloud ? Despair not. Despair not. Look up. Plead with God. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently. . Hope in God, for thou shalt yet praise him. Remember this glorious truth, JESUS IS AN ALL-SUFFICIENT SAVIOUR. Thy faith may be weak, thy fears may be strong, thy troubles may be great, thy trials may be many, but Jesus is thy Saviour. He has all you need, and has it for you. He is all you can want, and he will glorify himself in you. Keep the eye fixed on him. Cry, cry, incessantly unto him. He loves hearty, im

portunate prayers. He will appear, for he has promised to do so. He must answer you, for his word is pledged. Blessed for ever be his dear name, he will be with us in trouble ; in six troubles will he deliver, and in seven he will not forsake us. The Lord Jesus is a refuge for the afflicted, a refuge in the times of trouble. His eye is upon his tried ones, and his ears are open unto their cry. The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth them, and saveth them out of all their troubles. To the sinner, who is for the first time seeking mercy; and to the beliver, who has proved his pity and his power a thousand times, he is alike AN ALL-SUFFICIENT SAVI: OUR. Holy Spirit, speak home those preci. ous words to our hearts, and unfold them to the eyes of our understanding, that we may be filled with all joy and peace in believing!

The blood of Jesus is an all-sufficient atonement for our sins. It pays the full penalty. It expiates for ever all our guilt. Through it, Göd looks down upon us in love, and is propitious to us. However great, however numerous our sins, if we receive the atone. ment which Jesus has made, if we rely on it alone for our acceptance with God, if we plead it at the throne of grace, our sins are all forgiven, and our iniquities are blotted out. This precious blood of Jesus, who is God's dear Son, cleanseth us from all sin.

The obedience of Jesus is an all-sufficient

righteousness. It goes to the end of the law. It meets all the requirements of God as the righteous law-giver. It is sufficient to justify any sinner, and every sinner, who receives it by faith, as it is presented in the everlasting gospel. We need nothing more to satisfy the requirements of divine justice, to silence the accusations of Satan, and to give us a title to everlasting life. The one obedience of Jesus makes many righteous. Faith in him justifies us from all things, and, being justified by faith, we have peace with God.

The grace of Jesus is all-sufficient to enable us to live a godly life. Without Jesus we can dothing; but we can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth us. His grace was sufficient for Paul, and it is sufficient for us. Through it he could endure afflictions with patience, suffer persecutions with joy, bear privations with contempt, triumph over the love of life, and meet death with courage and with comfort. So we, if we come boldly and daily to the throne of grace, shall find grace to help us in time of need :-Grace to sanctify our trials, and sustain us under every load :-Grace to con. quer our foes, and contentedly carry our cross, be it what it may :-Grace to make us useful in life, and peaceful and happy in death. The grace that is in Jesus, if received from Jesus through faith and prayer, will conform us to Jesus, even before we de

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