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in heaven as such. You may be saved, for the Lord Jesus Christ is both able and will. ing to save you-you can only be saved by faith in Christ, you must renounce your own righteousness, and rely solely on his finished work, if you are saved by Christ you will live to Christ, he will be your Lord as well as your Saviour ; your example as well as your priest. Faith is the root of holiness, and a holy life alone proves our faith to be genuine.

Here, Lord, my soul convicted stands
Of breaking all thy ten commands,
And on me justly mightst thou pour
Thy wrath in one eternal shower.
But thanks to God, its loud alarms
Have warn'd me of approaching harms:
And now, O Lord, my wants I see;
Lost and undone, I come to thee.
I see my fig-leaf righteousness
Can e'er thy broken law redress ;
Yet, in thy gospel plan I see
There's hope of pardon e'en for me.
Here I behold thy wonders, Lord! -
How Christ has to thy law restored
Those honours on th' atoning day,
Which guilty sinners took away.
Amazing wisdom, power, and love,
Display'a to rebels from above;
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase
To love and trust thy plan of grace.


Who asks this question P The sinner! In reference to what does he ask the question! Things spiritual? If so, it is time to attend to them. Full time, for they ought to have been attended to before. The Lord Jesus says, “ Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” The best things should be sought first. The most important things should be secured first. It is time for you to think seriously. Eternity stamps a seriousness on every subject connected with it. The soul must live for ever. Hell is eternal. Heaven is eternal. The immortal soul must inhabit heaven or hell for ever. Sudden death would plunge the sinner into hell, and from hell there is no deliverance. No one éan escape from that prison. No one can ever escape from that lake of fire. It is, therefore, time to seek for the salvation of the soul heartily. We cannot be safe too soon. We are never safe while without Christ. We must feel our need of him, seek an interest in him, exercise faith in him, and become united to him, or we are not safe. Safety is in Christ, but nowhere else. Israel shall be saved in the Lord. There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ 294



Jesus. Let us, therefore, seek an interest in Christ, and union to Christ, nor rest until we realize that we are one with him. It is time to decide for God. We have halted long enough. Indecision has been to us a source of unhappiness, and unless we decide will be our ruin. For Christ, or against him, we must be. With Christ, or opposed to him, we must be. There is no neutrality. There can be none. Let us, therefore, decide at once. Let us surrender the world. Let us lay aside the sin that doth so easily beset us. Let us build on Christ, as our foundation; draw our supplies from Christ, as our foun. tain; and expect to be saved by Christ, as our sacrifice. Let us dedicate ourselves to the honour of Christ, engage ourselves to work for Christ, and unite ourselves to the people of Christ. Let us be decided, devot. ed, thorough christians. Without this we cannot be safe, or honourable, or happy. It is time to engage in the work of Christ. We have served Satan long enough. We have served diverse lusts and pleasures. We have served sin. Let us now break away from our old masters. Let us break their yoke and burst our bonds. Let us take the yoke of Jesus, engage in the service of Jesus, and make it our daily aim to please Jesus. Let us spread his truth, publish his fame, and bear testimony to his faithfulness and love. There is no yoke like the yoke of Jesus. There is no service like the service of Jesus. His servants are all happy ; for he provides for their wants, protects their persons, pardons their sins, purifies their hearts, perfects their characters, and places them before his face for ever. He promises everyone of his servants that they shall be with him where he is, and assures them that his Father will honour them. Reader, it is quite time for you to think seriously,--seek the Lord heartily,--decide to be on the Lord's side entirely,—and engage in the Lord's work cheerfully. Now you may, for you have the time; but soon you may not be able, for with you time may be no longer.

All yesterday is gone,

To-morrow's not our own;
What day is better than to-day

To bow before the throne ?
Why should we yet delay,

And not to God return?
How sad to have our oil to buy

When we should have it burn.
O hear his voice to-day,
And harden not your heart;
To-morrow, with a frown, he may
Pronounce the sound, Depart.


A YOUNG man from one of our English vil. lages left his home in early life, and went to sea. After being away for a number of years he was discharged, and determined once more to visit his native village. When he arrived there, he found that both his parents were dead, and after many inquiries after old friends, he found all were either dead or had left the village. He was a stranger in the midst of strangers. He stood thinking over past scenes, and bring, ing before his mind old faces; but all was changed. He left the village, and afterward, when narrating the circumstance, he con. cluded by saying, “I THINK THAT'S HARD." Yes, he thought it hard that both his parents were dead, all his old friends scattered, and himself a stranger in his old home. He felt as if he was injured. He had not been treated kindly. He was reflecting upon Di. vine providence.

He forgot how hard it must have been to his parents for him to leave them as he did; for them to live, sicken, and die, and never receive one letter from their absent son, or one token of kindness from him. They might well have said, “WE THINK THIS IS HARD."

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