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146, d. 419.

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THERE are dark days of ignorance, in which the mind needs to be .enlightened by Divine truth, that the feet may be guided into the way of peace. It is then a kindness, to lift up the lamp of God's word, to enlighten the poor dark mind ; and to direct the eye to Jesus, the glorious laminary, who came a light into the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not walk in darkness, but should have the light of life.

There are days of trouble, in which the troubled one needs the supports and consolations of God's gracious covenant. At such times the heart needs to be led to the promises, doctrines, and sweet assurances of the everlasting gospel ; for we are apt to forget what would cheer us, while we brood over what is calculated to deject and cast us down. The light of one precious promise, has often chased away the darkness of doubt and gloom, in sume of the Christians addest hours.

And there are dark days of sorrow too, sorrow of heart, which nothing can reach, but that which touches the centre of man's hopes and fears. There is comfort in Jesus, but the sorrowful need to be led to it. There is comfort in the gospel, but the downcast and saddened spirit needs to be reminded of it. God comforts those who are cast down, but he does it by means, and often by the most simple means. He comforted Paul by the coming of Titus, and he has often comforted us by a brother's word. Let us therefore, endeavour to comfort oneanother, with God's own comforting words.

This little book is called, “ LIGHT FOR DARK DAYS," because it is intended to lead sinners to Jesus, that they may have the light of life; and to lead believers nearer to Jesus, that they may be happy in his love. May the Holy Spirit, the Enlightener of the sinner, and the Comforter of the believer, bless this feeble attempt ; that poor sinners may be made holy, and sorrowful Christians may be made happy. Gracious God, bless what is here written to the good of souls, and to thine own glory for Jesus' sake. Cheltenham.


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