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from each other then; have you not all one glorious Captain ? do you not belong to the same army; do you not hope to receive a crown from the same gracious hands? Then unite-unite-unite, to do battle with the world. We want yoU TO DO NOBLE DEEDS. Deeds that will never be forgotten through. out eternity. Deeds that will be published from the judgment-seat of Christ. Deeds that will bring glory to God, honour to Christ, happiness to man, confusion to devils, and eternal credit to yourselves. Arise, then, to conquer for Christ, to win souls for Christ, to raise an army for Christ, and to live solely or principally for the glory of Christ!

Rouse, rouse my soul, and fight thy way,

Should earth and hell oppose :
Though thou art not, thy Saviour is

A match for all thy foes.
Yes, thou art weak, but he is strong,

And will bis strength impart;
He'll teach thy feeble hands to war,

And cheer thy fainting heart,
A few successful struggles yet,

Then, not a conflict more;
Satan and sin shall ne'er assault

On the celestial shore.

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The other day I met a christian man, and having asked after his own welfare, inquired, How is your wife? “SHE DON'T LOVE JESUS YET," was his reply. I supposed that this was intended to say, that she was far from well, that she was in a bad state. But if so, how many are in such a state? How many men have to say of their wives, " She don't love Jesus yet ?" And how many women must say of their husbands, He don't love Jesus yet?Reader, if the question was proposed respecting you, what answer could be given? Do you love Jesus, or do you not ? If you do not love him, why do you not ? Does he not deserve your love? Does he not desire your love ? Does he not ask for your love! He does, and yet you love him not. Better love no one than not love Jesus.

But how is it that persons do not love Jesus? Because they love sin, they love self, they love the present evil world. He that loves not Jesus is dead in sin. He has never felt his need of Jesus. He knows nothing of the quickening power of the Holy

Spirit. The commandment has not come home to his conscience. He has never seen hell to be the desert of sin, and himself in danger of hell because of sin. He is in a carnal state. He is a stranger to himself, and consequently a stranger to Christ; for one cannot know Jesus until he knows himself. He is a disbeliever. He does not believe God's testimony respecting himself as a sinner, nor his testimony respecting Christ as a Saviour. He is in the gall of bitterness. Awful state this! Under the curse of God. Hence the apostle says, “ If any man love not our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed when the Lord cometh.” Accursed of God! Accursed of Christ himself! Accursed of the holy angels! Accursed of all the saints of God! Accursed, and accursed for ever!

What a terrible doom, to be accursed of all the holy and happy beings in the universe; And yet my friend's wife was exposed to this doom. And yet we have children, and other relatives, exposed to this doom. How is it we are not more deeply concerned for them ? How is it they are not more deeply concerned for themselves ? Just because we do not half believe the danger they are in, we do not realize the dreadful doom to which they are exposed. Reader, if you die a stranger to Christ, a neglector of Christ, a hater of Christ, you will be the scorn of all God's universe. There will be no pity

for you in heaven, earth, or hell. The present year will soon close upon you; what testimony will it bear respecting you? A new year will soon open upon you; in what state will it find you? Do you love Jesus, or do you not? Are you seeking Jesus or despising him? He is worthy of your love, your highest love. His person is altogether lovely. His love to sinners is enough to win any sinner's love. For them he lived a life of poverty, toil, and sorrow; and for them he died a death of shame, pain, and ignominy. For them he lives in heaven, and pleads as when they were nailing him to the cross; “ Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." He received sinners when on earth, and healed them, pardoned them, and made them happy ; and he receives sinners now he is in heaven, and pardons, sanctifies, and fits them for his presence. Think of Jesus. Read of Jesus. Go where you will hear of Jesus. Pray to Jesus. Never rest until you love Jesus. Until you can say from your heart :

“ Jesus I love thy charming name,

'Tis music to my ear;
Fain would I sound it out so loud,

That earth and heaven may hear.
Yes, thou art precious to my soul,

My transport and my trust;
Jewels to thee are gaudy toys,

And gold is sordid dust.""

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PROBABILITY. " It may be the Lord will work for us.”—1 SAM. xiv. 6.

ISRAEL was in distress, for the Philistines were oppressing them. Jonathan was looking to the Lord, and expecting deliverance. He had no positive promise, he could see no way. Yet he was hoping in God. Alone with his armour-bearer, the thought struck him, “God will appear." “Let us," he said, « discover ourselves to the Philistines ; it may be the Lord will work for us, for there is no restraint to the Lord, to save by many or by few." God is Omnipotent, and all things are easy to Omnipotence. Let us trust in God, and venture. He prescribed the signs, they acted in faith; God honoured them; deliverance was wrought, and a glorious victory was gained. This history was written for our admonition, it is intended to encourage faith, excite hope, and lead to effort. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Few things are impossible to a believer. Let us realise a present God, keep the facts recorded in Scripture history in mind, attempt great things in God's name, and expect great

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