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and we are dead without him ; miserable at a distance from him, and can never be happy but as we see his face and taste his love. The soul is not more the life of the body, than Jesus, the precious Lord Jesus, is the life of the soul. Our bodies are not more sustained by our food, than our souls are by communications from Jesus. Light, air, and food, are not more necessary for the maintenance of our animal life, than Jesus is for the maintenance of our spiritual life. Christ lives in us ; we live in Christ. Christ lived for us; we live on Christ. Christ and our souls are one. He raised us from the dead by his power, and he keepeth our souls in life by his grace. We owe our all to Jesus. Blessed, for ever blessed, be his glorious name!

The believer in Jesus shall never die. Sleep in Jesus he may, die he never can. Jesus hath for all believers abolished death. It is a powerless enemy; a serpent deprived of its sting; an enemy paralyzed in all its parts. Never die! O blessed, blessed news! Never die! Oh glorious fact! We shall live, and live for ever. There is nothing in what is called death, for a believer to fear, Does the labouring man, when he comes home wearied from his daily toil, fear to lay down his aching limbs on his homely couch? Does the traveller, worn out with the toils of his long journey, and exhausted by the rough roads, dread to stretch himself on his bed at night? Just as little cause has the believer in Jesus to dread or fear death.' When our work is done, when our journey is ended, when the body is worn out by toil or disease, we fall asleep in Jesus; we lay down to rest with the assurance, that when Jesus comes, them also that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Never die! No, no one in union with Jesus shall ever die, for he has said, “Because I live, ye shall live also.” Is the believer pronounced dead ? He may be, “Yet," says Jesus, “shall he live." Live; yes, a glorious life! Live; yes, and live for ever! Live; yes, when death itself is dead! GOh how important is faith in Jesus ! every thing depends on this. Without faith, there is no union to Jesus-without union to Jesus, there are no supplies from Jesus-without supplies from Jesus, we do not, we cannot live. Reader, have you faith in Jesus? Do you believe on the Son of God? Have you as a poor, lost, condemned sinner, fled to Jesus for refuge? Have you ventured your everlasting all on his finished work ? Do you trust in Christ alone ? Are you looking for pardon and peace, only through his most precious blood? Are you expecting justification before God, only on the ground of his obedience unto death ? Are you seeking to be made meet for heaven by possessing the Spirit of Christ P True faith, the faith that saves the soul, looks to Christ for

all, trusts Christ with all, and depends on Christ alone in the absence of every thing else. If you are a believer, you know Christ, 80 as to commit your soul to him ; you love Christ, so as to give up every thing for him; you hope in Christ, and desire to be with him; you work for Christ, and wish above all things to glorify him ; you desire Christ, and pant incessantly to be like him. In one word, if you believe on Jesus, he is precious to you. But who shall say, how precious P More precious than rubies, than health, wealth, or fame; than clothing, food, or even life itself. For faith will allow of no rival to Christ, nor of any equal; but always places him on the highest throne, and aims to crown him with the greatest glory. Faith brings us to Christ, fills us with the love of Christ, fires us with zeal for Christ, and makes us like Christ. Believing in Jesus, we are safe for time and eternity. Believing in Jesus, we are provided for and ought to be happy! Believing in Jesus, we are interested in all Jesus did, entitled to all Jesus merited, and shall share in all the glories Jesus possesses ! O believer, happy art thou! Happy in thy state! Happy in thy connections ! Happy in thy prospects !

Unbeliever, careless sinner, thoughtless soul, thy danger is great, thy case is pitiable, thy doom is dreary. Thou art condemned already. Thou shalt die, and die for ever. The resurrection to thee will be no joyous event, but rather the reverse. Hear the golemn, the alarming words of Jesus, “ The hour is coming, in which all that are in their graves shall hear his voice, and they shall come forth; they that have done good unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil to the resurrection of damnation." The resurrection of damnation, what is that? Damnation! what a fearful word! Raised from the dead to be damned! Is that the design? Yes, that both body and soul, which have sinned together, may suffer together; and suffer together to all eternity. Nothing can preserve thee from hell, but faith in Jesus. Therefore the risen Saviour said, “Go, preach the gospel to every creature, he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved ; but he that believeth not shall be damned." How plain, how positive, how decided these words, " He,” let him be who he may; that believeth not,” that will not come to me for life, that will not trust in my blood, profess my name, and take me for his Saviour; "shall be damned,he shall die without mercy; he shall be sentenced to eternal fire; he shall be punished with everlasting destruction; he shall be damned.Reader, search thy heart, examine thy life, settle the question, “Dost tnou believe on the Son of God P" If thou dost, it shall be well with thee, all things shall work together for thy good; but if thou dost not, it shall be ill with thee, and ill things shall work together for thy destruction.



MATT. xxiit. 37. What did Christ want them to do? Just the same as he wants you to do: To come unto him to believe on him to be saved by him. It is a pleasure to Jesus to save sinners. It was as meat and drink to him when on earth, and he is just the same now. Why does he give you his Word, employ his servants to speak to you, put this book into your hand? Just because he wishes to save you. He offers you a free pardon for all your sins. He invites you to come and satisfy the inward craving of your souls, at the gospel feast. He has no pleasure in your going to hell, to suffer the vengeance of eternal fire, and therefore he calls to you, saying, “Look unto me and be ye saved." Will you come to Jesus, that he may wash you in his blood, clothe you in his righteous. ness, sanctify you by his Spirit, teach you by his word, and shortly receive you to his glory P Or shall he have to say of you, “YE WOULD NOT P” If you will not now, he will not by and bye. When he quits the throne

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