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part to be with him. We can do anything through grace, or bear anything through grace, though we can do nothing without it.

The love of Jesus is an all-sufficient souree of comfort and consolation. Love is always sweet and soothing, but the love of Jesus is exquisitely so. To be loved of Jesus is one of the highest honours we can possess. To enjoy the love of Jesus is one of the sweetest pleasures we can realise. If his love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we can be happy anywhere, happy under any circumstances. Not only so, but believing that his love is set upon us, knowing that he is unchangeable in his nature, we can rejoice, even when we do not taste its sweetness in our souls. To know that Jesus loves me, pleads for me with his Father, is preparing a place for me in heaven, and will soon come and receive me unto himself, cheers me in the stormiest day, and comforts me in the darkest night. I know that I may hang on his arm, lean on his shoulder, and cast all my burdens on his back. He will never forsake me. As the eternal God, he is my refuge; underneath me is his everlasting arms, which arms will take me up, bear me on, and, at last, place me before his face for ever. O Jesus, let me trust in thy atoning blood, plead thy spotless righteousness, rely on thy glorious grace, and rejoice in thy tender, constant love!

Reader, JESUS IS AN ALL-SUFFICIENT SAVIOUR. He is sufficient for thee." I know not who you are. I care not what you are. Be you who you may, be you what you will, I recommend Jesus to you. If you wish to be saved from hell-if you desire to ascend to heaven-if you want a friend that will never leave you—if you want a fulness that will always supply you—if you wish to be provided for in life--if you wish to be prepared for death-I recommend Jesus to you. He will do for you, exceedingly and abund. antly, above all that you can ask or think. He will bestow upon you more than human eye ever saw, more than mortal ear ever heard, more than the most capacious intellect of man ever conceived of. His fulness is illimitable. His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting. His faithfulness is like the great mountains. He is in one mind, and none can turn him. Whom once he loveth, he loveth unto the end.

If you have never given your heart to Jesus, if you have never made proof of his love, if you have never felt the efficacy of his blood, if you have never tasted the sweetness of his grace, come to him at once come now-he will receive you graciously, he will love you freely.

But if you are a believer in Jesus, if you know his name and trust in him, if you have received his word, and embraced his righteousness, then, however it may be with you, whatever may be the state of your mind, whatever the circumstances in which you are placed, still cleave to him with full purpose of heart. He may hide his face, but he will never forfeit his word. He may not shine upon you, but he will never cease to love you. The mountains may depart, and the hills be removed, yet shall not his kindness depart from you, nor the covenant of his peace be removed. Let the sinner come to Christ, and let the believer cling to Christ, and both saint and sinner shall prove, in life and in death, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, in plenty and in poverty, in time and eternity, that he is AN ALL-SUF. FICIENT SAVIOUR.

Had I ten thousand gifts beside,

I'd cleave to Jesus crucified,

And build on him alone;
For no foundation is there giv'n,
On which to place my hopes of heav'n,

But Christ the corner-stone.
Possessing Christ, I all possess ;
Strength, wisdom, sanctifying grace,

And righteousness complete:
Bold in his name I dare draw nigh,
Before the Ruler of the sky.

And all his justice meet.


SITTING in my school-room one Lord's day morning, waiting for the clock to strike seven, in order to commence the early prayer meeting, I was struck with what appeared to be the loud ticking of the dial. Tick, tick, tick, it went. I listened, it seemed to be different to its usual tick. I suppose fancy began to work, for I thought it seemed to say, Life, death ; life, death; life, death !" It awed me; I felt solemnized. I took out my pencil, and dotted down a few thoughts, which I fancy may be useful.

Life is introductory to death. Life is now, death will come soon. The pendulum, reaching one side says, life," a child is born ; it reaches the other side, and says, death"-a soul is departed. How small a space is there between life and death, in every case ; but how very small the space between the life of one, and the death of another-only the swing of the pendulum. Let us listen to the teaching of the dial, LIFE, DEATH.”

Life now, death soon. What is your life? It is but a vapour, that appeareth for a little while, and then vanishes away. What is life? It is like the beautiful eastern flower, that groweth in the morning, reaches perfection by noon, and fades when the sun sets. What is life? It is like the shadow that continually shortens until the sun reaches the meridian, and then it is gone. Life is now, this moment. I am not sure of the next. Now I am strong, presently I may be paralysed. Now I have my reason, presently I may be unconscious. Now I may do great things, and secure great blessings; presently I may have no power, and my last opportunity may be lost. Now life, soon death. Yes, even now his commission may be signed ; even now, his arm may be uplifted, about to strike the fatal blow. Many every day are taken away with a stroke. No warning is given, but swift as the movement of the pendulum, the arrow flies, the heart is pierced, life rushes forth, the work is done. "Do we realize the brevity of life as we should ? Are we affected by it as we ought? Are we prepared for sudden death? These are solemn questions. Life with us will soon end; death will soon make its appearance ; and then, prepared or una prepared, we must obey its mandate, we must depart. Let us use the present to prepare for the future. During life, let us learn to conquer death. This can only be done by faith in Christ, union to Christ, and fellowship with Christ. Faith in his blood, union to his person, and fellowship with him as the fulness of God.

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