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given you for his name's sake.' (1 John, ii. 12.) You believe the Bible, do you not poss

“Yes, I hope so.

“ Well, the Bible says, speaking of Jesus, To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name, whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins.' So that every one that believes in Jesus is in a pardoned state. His sins are forgiven him, for Christ's sake. The Lord Jesus Christ has done all, and suffered all, that is necessary to procure the pardon of all the sins of every one that relies on him and pleads his name before God. And according to the Gospel, God is bound by a solemn engagement, to forgive every sin, of every sinner, who pleads for pardon in the name of Jesus. Do you believe this ?”

“I am afraid of presuming ; I hardly like to say. If a person had deep repentance, strong faith, and lived a very holy life, then, I think, it would be right to believe he was pardoned—but for a sinner like me"

“Stay, you are making repentance, faith, and a holy life, the price of pardon. You are for purchasing a pardon, instead of receiving it as a free gift. Suppose you had broken the laws of your country, and the son of your sovereign had procured your pardon, and sent it you by the hand of his servant, what would be necessary in order to your enjoying it—any thing P”

. “No, being sent directly to me, I should know it was for me, and Í should believe, and feel that I was free.”

"Well, this is just how the matter stands. You have sinned, Jesus has died to make an atonement for your sins. God has sent his word, and still sends his servants to you, to inform you of this, and to assure you, that on application, there is your pardon.”

“But I cannot divest my mind of the idea, that I must do something, or feel some. thing, before I can enjoy the forgiveness of my sins.”

* This is wholly unscriptural. Hear God's word, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Faithful to what? his promise to pardon every one that believes on Jesus. Just to what? To the sufferings and death of Jesus, who died, the just for the unjust. The fact is, all is done that is neccessary to be done, and God even beseeches you to be reconcil. ed to him, and receive a pardon from him, pledging himself that he will not impute any of your trespasses unto you. This is the gospel. Now, you are a sinner, you know it, you feel it, you desire pardoa, and wish to be pardoned in God's way-you receive into your mind the great fact, that Jesus died for our sins according to the Scriptures-you believe that testimony, that God forgives sin when we confess it before him, and plead the name of Jesus for our pardon : you go on your knees, you confess your sins, you plead Jesus for their forgiveness -what is the result? You are pardoned. Pardoned fully. Pardoned for ever. Par. doned the moment you confess and plead him."

“ But how shall I know it?"

"Just by believing God's word, and observe this, if you really confess your sins before God, and plead the name of Jesus for your pardon, and do not believe that God pardons you, you make God a liar, as is testified, (1 John, v. 10.)”

"But I want to feel that I am pardoned.”

"And so you will, the moment you believe God's word-feeling is produced by faith, not faith by feeling.”

“But I feel it hard to believe this in reference to myself.”

“Very probably, but if so, realize it as your sin, for unbelief is a sin; confess this also to God, and ask for the Holy Spirit to work faith in you, and to increase your faith until you are filled with all joy and peace in believing.'"

“Observe, for I must now leave you, you must look away from yourself entirely, and pay as little attention to yourself as possi. ble; and look only and altogether to Jesus, who says, 'Look unto me, and be ye saved.' Remember, it is not what you do, but what Jesus has done ; it is not what you feel, but what Jesus has suffered, that procures your pardon: and all you have to do, is to credit God's word, put your trust in the finished work of Christ,-confess your sins before God, and you are pardoned instantly and for ever. This is the gospel, that on account of what Jesus Christ has done and suffered, God offers a full, free, and everlasting pardon to every sinner to whom his message of mercy comes ; and every one, be he who he will, or what he will, is pardoned the mo. ment he accepts it, and places his confidence in Christ alone. So that if you renounce every thing of your own, and venture on Christ alone, GOD FOR CHRIST'S SAKE HATH FORGIVEN YOU;' and whether you realize it or no, you are 'JUSTIFIED FROM ALL THINGS.'" Farewell.

Trembling sinner, cease thy doubting,

Look to Christ, the Sinner's Friend;
He is now thy soul inviting,-.
To his gracious words attend :

Come, poor sinner,
Come to me, the Sinner's Friend.

I am ready to receive you;

I will peace and pardon send :
Come to me,- I will relieve you,
On my faithful word depend:

Come, poor sinner,
Come to me, the Sinner's Friend


A SHORT time ago as a young man was leay. ing the house of prayer after sermon, seeing a young person who had often felt deeply under the word, he took her by the hand and said, “HAVE YOU DECIDED FOR CHRISTP" The question awakened deep feeling, and brought forth the reply, “Not YET." There had been impressions, convictions, and concern, for a considerable time, but there was no decision; and it is to be feared that there are many such cases in our congregations. Undecided persons cannot be happy, they are not holy, they will not be useful. Undecided persons are in danger ; almost saved, they are likely to be entirely lost. Supposing that these lines may fall into the hands of some undecided person, I request such an one seriously to attend to three inquiries. I propose them in love, and while I propose them, I pray the Holy Spirit to bless them.

HAVE YOU DECIDED FOR CHRIST! If not, WHY NOT P There must be a reason why you have not. No one but Jesus can save you. He only saves those who decide for him. If he does not save you, you will be lost for ever. But while you are undecided,

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