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ence each other, either for good or evil; and the influence of young people when they become decided for, and devoted to, Christ, is always good, and very frequently powerful. Our churches need to be stimulated, stirred up, and encouraged; and few things would be more likely to produce this result than our young people deciding to follow the Lord fully, and joining their ranks. Belored young friends, think of the love of Jesus to you, the work of Jesus for you, and the claims of Jesus upon you, and decide at once to give yourselves to Him, and to His people according to His will. O, to see hundreds of our dear young friends coming forward to profess faith in Jesus, and devote their talents and their lives to the service of Jesus !

THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR EXAMPLE.Nothing impresses like example. Words are good, but deeds are ten times better. The wicked may refuse to hear you talk, but they cannot refuse to see you walk. While the worldling sees you undecided, and standing aloof from the Lord's people, he naturally concludes that you have not a much better opinion of religion than he has. He reasons, If the Lord Jesus is what His people says He is, and if you believe it, you would be decided for Him. If religion is what is announced from time to time from the pulpit, and if you credited it, you would profess it. Your indecision and standing

aloof from the church of Christ, has a most injurious effect upon all who observe you. Decision for Christ, accompanied with holy tempers and active service in the cause of Christ, will do more to honour God than any thing besides. Let methen beseech you tolay these things to heart; and at once, as life is uncertain, and the subject is important, de. cide to be on the Lord's side, and throw yourself, with all your energies, into the Lord's work. Without decision you cannot be happy. Wi thout decision y cannot be useful." Without decision ye cannot honour God, or give the Saviour his due. Be for Christ, or against him—entirely for Him, or altogether against Him. He says, “I would thou wert cold or hot." He adds, “ Ye cannot serve God and mammon." It must be one or the other. Give up the world ; separate yourself from the ungodly; take up the cross and follow Jesus. You will never regret it. Many have regretted that they lingered so long before they decided ; but no one ever regretted that he decided so early. Go alone--give yourself wholly to God; seek grace to own your attachment to Jesus, and to walk in all His ordinances and commandments blameless ; and then sing,

<< 'Tis done, the great transaction's done ;

I am my Lord's, and he is mine:
He drew me, and I followed on,

Charm'd to confess the voice divine."


So said one friend to another at parting, and yet it was uncertain if either of them would be alive on New-year's Day. But if they were alive they were to meet, to trans. act business, and enjoy pleasure. These lines will be read by some on New-year's day. Think Reader, that you hear the Lord Jesus say, “MEET ME ON NEW-YEAR'S Day."

Meet me in some secret place; I will be there waiting for you. No matter where it is, for I am willing to meet you anywhere, only I should like to see you alone. Will you come ? may I expect you? You will not see me, but if you come in faith, I promise you that you shall feel my presence, and realise that I am there. I love to meet with sinners-to speak with sinners-to. bless sinners-and I should like to meet with you, to speak with you, and bless you."

Will you go alone to meet with Jesus on this day, whether it be New-year's Day or no? He has business to transact with you -and he will impart pleasure to you. You need a Saviour, and he wishes to save you, and it is for this purpose that he says, "Meet me.” Go to him on purpose to be saved by

him. Put your case into his hands, commit your soul to his care. He will pardon all your sins-he will renew your nature-he will give you peace-and he will make you - happy. Many souls will be saved on Newyear's Day. Will yours be? There is nothing to prevent it if you really desire it. He only asks you to believe on him, that is, to give hearty credit to his word—to rely on his finished work—to trust in his preci. ous blood, and to commit your soul to him. Do this, and you shall be saved, -saved now, at once, and enjoy your salvation too; and when you do this, you will love him, obey him, and be sorry that you ever sinned against him, especially that you ever trifled with his love.

On New-year's Day, you will either be in a state of salvation, or in a state of condemnation-a child of grace, or a child of wrath

-you will meet Jesus and commune with him, or you will refuse to meet him, and go on in the path of destruction, caring for none of these things. Which will it be? Where will the New-year find you-in Christ the ark of safety or in the world, exposed to everlasting destruction ? O, Spirit of God, impress these few lines on the reader's heart, and make them the means of his salvation !



You were invited, in our last, to do so. We exhorted you to do so. He was prepared to receive you. He was waiting to bless you. He had great, glorious, and invaluable fa: vours to bestow upon you.

“Yes, I did meet Jesus, and a blessed meeting it was. I confessed my sins, and he pardoned them. I told him my wants, and he satisfied them. I made known my dei sires, and he has gratified them. I thank God that I ever heard of Jesus. I thank him more, that he ever inclined my heart to go to JESUS. I thank him most of all, that he gave me JESUS. O what a privilege: JESUS is mine! His blood is mine, to cleanse me! His righteousness is mine, to justify me! His Spirit is mine, to sanctify me! His word is mine, to direct and comfort me! His heaven is mine, to be my everlasting home! Blessed, blessed for ever be God for JESUS CHRIST !"

“No, I did not meet JESUS on New Year's Day. In the morning I put it off, and then I forgot it, and the day slipped away and I neglected it."

o sad, sad! If the invitation had been to go to the palace to meet the Queen, would

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