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us in a degree already, and He will use us yet, He will use us to the end. We are only what He makes us. We can only act efficiently, as He enables us. We are of no use, but as He blesses us. O Jesus, preci. ous Lord Jesus, make us useful, more useful than ever we have been! Thy blessing were not complete, if usefulness were not included in it, if usefulness did not formone prominent part of it! Now, gracious, graci. ous Lord, in all my future days, bless me. Bless me with special comforts necessary trials-needful strength,-sufficient supplies -an increase of spiritual knowledge and with usefulness, great and lasting usefulness to others. Bless, O bless me, with complete deliverance from sin, the law, death, and hell!

Thirdly-WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT OF His BLESSING? If God bless us, Satan will try us. The old serpent will glide over the dew, and try to injure us. He will watch us narrowly, that he may adapt his temptations to our constitutions, to our circumstances, and to our easily besetting sins. He hates us, because we love Jesus, and seek to honour him; and the descent of God's blessing upon us, stirs up his infernal enmity and spite, and enrages him to the uttermost. So that we must expect that he will, if permit. ted, cast out a flood of waters to drown us; or bring down fire upon us to consume us. Just in proportion, as the effect of God's

blessing, we resemble Jesus, breathe the spirit of Jesus, and strive to honour Jesus, must we expect that Satan will try by all means to injure us. If God bless us, the world will oppose us. The enmity of the world against God is as great as ever. It may be concealed, but it is not destroyed. If we were more godlike, it would hate us more, oppose us more, and persecute us more : for “if any man will live godly in Christ Jesus he shall suffer persecution." We have not much persecution, because there is so little in us to awaken persecution. Our light is so dim. Our salt has lost so much of its savour. Our approximation to the world is so great. If instead of being conformed to the world, we were transformed by the renewing of our minds if instead of getting as near to it as we can, we were to stand afar off from its pleasures, amuse, ments, fashions, and spirit-if our lives were a daily testimony against it, and against its works as evil-it would soon oppose us with a deadly hatred. If God bless us, the conflict will rage within us. The flesh will lust against the spirit more desperately. The old man will fight against the new with fresh vigour and determination. The law in the members, will war against the law of the mind, with deadly courage. But, receiving more grace, we shall be enabled to crucify the old man, to mortify the flesh with its passions, and lusts, and to bring the body

into subjection to the spirit. The conflict will only cease with life, and it generally in. creases as we grow in grace, and become more devoted to God. If God bless us, our principles will be tried-tried more than or. dinarily. Tried as with fire. Tried as gold is tried, that they may be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. If God bless us, weaning will take place. We shall be weaned from the world, and cease to draw our nourishment from things earthly, fleshly, or natural. Our affections will be in Heaven. We shall live by faith, walk by faith, fight the good fight of faith, and prove that this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. May God bless us, though as the result of His blessing, Satan try us—the world oppose us—the conflict rage within us--our principles are sorely tried-and our souls become as a weaned child, weaned from self, the present world, and every thing out of Christ.

Observe, where God blesses in time, He blesses for ever. His blessing draws us into union with His Son, and through the Son into union with Himself; and once united to Himself, we are united to Him for ever. Nothing can sever from His love. No. thing can separate us from His Son. Once in Christ, in Christ for ever. The blessing in time is the effect, and proof that we were blessed before time began; and the blessing in time, is the proof that we shall be blessed, when time shall be no more. God's blessing excceds in value everything else : for the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. Man's blessing is limited, God's blessing is illimitable. Man's blessing is weak, God's blessing is powerful. To be blessed of God is to be rich, honourable, and eternally safe. If God bless us we shall persevere, and end our race well. The blessing that sets us going, keeps us going. The blessing that brings us into the field, will lead us out of it more than conquerors. The blessing that leads us out of the world, will land us safe in Heaven. Without God's blessing we shall be wretched in time, and more wretched in eternity. Man, wom an, are you blessed of God? Did you ever feel your need of it desire it, and seek it. You are either bless. ed or cursed. If the former, O how happy! If the latter, O how miserable! Cursed of God! What is that? It is to have all the threatenings of His word pointed at us, as so many pieces of heavy artillery. It is to have His justice, holiness, and faithful. ness, pledged to punish us. It is–O what is it? What tongue can tell P What heart can conceive P O reader, reader, seek God's blessing! Flee from God's curse! Flee to Jesus ; no curse can reach thee there. Flee to Jesus ; every blessing of God is to be found there. Flee, O flee to Jesus ; and then God, even our God, will bless thee!


Many persons, who are under concern about their souls, and are seeking the Lord, are harassed with doubts, fears, and unbelief; and yielding to these, experience much trou.' ble, and unnecessary distress. I have just been reading a short account of Mr. JR- , who was in this state, and had been 80 for a long time. In vain he tried to extricate himself, in vain he looked for deliverance from the means he employed. At length, worn out with his efforts, and wearied in his way, he said in a fit of self-despair, “ Well, I will go to the Lord just as I am, and tell him all my fears.” He then knelt down, and cried out in great anxiety of soul, “Lord, have mercy upon me! If I have deceived myself, Lord, undeceive me! If I have not known thy saving grace, make it known to me now. I cast my soul on thee.” At once his doubts and fears were removed. Satan fled, and light, peace, and joy, sprung up in his heart. He lived many years, was useful to many souls, and died happy in the Lord.

Reader, are you concerned about your soul? Are you troubled on account of sin, and seeking to be reconciled to God? Do you read the Bible, pray, and attend the

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