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you are accessory to my everlasting damnation." How could you bear this ? But would it not, in many cases, be just ?

Or, suppose the great white throne appearing, and the Judge seated thereon, and you meet your children there. One of them points to you, and says, “There is my father, he professed religion, but he treated me as if he disbelieved it; he never dealt closely with me about my eternal welfare. In our house all was formal, and temporal things were more thought of than spiritual. I charge my father with neglecting my soul, and as guilty of my blood.” Another points to you, and says, “There is my mother ; she showed great anxiety about my body, but she never showed half the anxiety about my soul. She never knelt by my side in prayer. I never heard her plead with God for my soul, nor did she ever, in downright earnest, plead with me. I charge her, before the Judge of all with cruelty to my soul, and throughout eternity I shall curse the day that ever I had such a parent. No name will excite my enmity, or draw forth my bitter reproaches, like the name of my mother. I am lost, lost for ever, and my mother never heartily tried to prevent it."

Parents, parents, by all the tender ties that unite you to your children, I beseech you to seek, first, principally, and most earnestly, the conversion of your children in early life.

Never let a child of yours be able to say, with truth, “ You do not talk about Jesus Christ at home;" or, My mother or my father did not make my salvation their first con


Raise, thoughtless sinner! raise thine eye;
Behold the balance lifted high;
There shall God's justice be display'd,
And there thy hope and life be weigh'd.
See, in one scale, his perfect law!
Mark with what force its precepts draw;
Wouldst thou the awful test sustain,
Thy works, how light !--thy thoughts, how vain!
Behold! the hand of God appears
To trace those dreadful characters;

Tekel! thy soul is wanting found,
And wrath shall smite thee to the ground !
Let sudden fears thy nerves unbrace;
Confusion wild o'erspread thy face;
Through all thy thoughts let anguish roll,
And deep repentance melt thy soul.
One only hope may yet prevail,
Christ in the Scripture turns the scale;
Still doth the gospel publish peace,
And show a Saviour's righteousness.
Jesus, exert thy power to save,
Deep on this heart thy truth engrave;
Great God, the load of guilt remove,
That trembling lips may sing thy love.

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" A Light to lighten the Gentiles.”—LUKE Ü. 32.

The whole world once had the knowledge of God, but as the Gentiles did not like to retain the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a mind void of judgment, and so they became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened, Rom. i. 19 32. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and God gave them up. Then they went on in darkness, until at length they sat down in darkness, and in the shadow of death. That was their condition for ages. It was called “the times of their ignorance." They were ignorant of the true nature of God, strangers to the right rule of duty, sold under sin, in captivity to Satan, laden with iniquity, and their abodes were the habitations of cruelty. They personified lust and worshipped it. They im. prisoned truth, and lost it. Ignorance, guilt, misery, and cruelty, were the representatives of their condition. They were without hope, and without God 'in the world. Being godless, they were hopeless ; being hopeless, they were miserable ; being

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