Sidor som bilder

along, 56.—Dr. Rice's plan of abolition founded on falsehood, 57.-Overlooks the

supports of slavery, 58.-Results of it have been bad, 59.-Such results were

necessary, 60.


Liberty and oppression always and every where in conflict-Oppression at work
in our country, 62.-Experiment of self-government successful so far as it has

been tried-Slavery not a local evil, 64.- Anti-republicanism, in principle, identical

with slavery--its increase persecution of the Indians, 65.— Taste for aristocratic

distinction, 66.-Pursuit of wealth, 67.-Redeeming influences, 68.--Need of com-

bining all the friends of freedom, 70.-Anti-Liberty doctrines of Pickens and Cal-

houn, 71.--Slaveholders endeavoring to enlist all property-holders on their side,

71.-True liberty can only be built on the doctrine of equal human rights, 72.



Are the people of the non-slaveholding states bound by the Constitution not to

attempt the overthrow of slavery ? 73.- The affirmative is a heavy charge against

the framers, 74.—Power of the framers, 75.— Jealousy for state rights, 76.— The

right and wrong of slavery not discussed at the time of the Revolution, 77.—The

old confederation had no power to abolish the slave trade, 78.-All that can be

said of the Constitution, is that it did not abolish slavery, 79.—The preamble, 79.

-Ratio of representation, 80.- Implication of the word "persons," 81.—"Migra-

tion and importation,” 82.- Debates of the Conventions of the States, 83.-Fugi-

tives, 84.-Jury trial, 85.--Protection against "domestic violence,” 88.

[blocks in formation]

Folly of our great men, 218.

I. SLAVERY AND THE BIBLICAL REPERTORY, By Rev. Samuel Crothers.... 219

Examination of the proof that “slavery was tolerated among the ancient people

of God," 219.--If it proves any thing, it proves that every country in Christendom

is a slave country, that slavery was the only servitude tolerated by the Scriptures,

220.-When does "obed mean slave? Answer and illustrations, 221.-Buying

servants, 223.—The character of Abraham's servants.

II. SLAVERY AND THE CONSITUTION, By Rev. Samuel John May......... 226

Care of the framers to avoid the mention of slavery-the Constitution re-

cognizes as citizens all who in any of the states possess the elective franchise, 227.

-Inference that the framers looked forward to universal abolition, 228.--Senti-

ments of Dr. Franklin, 229.--Constitution gives Congress power to abolish the

slave trade, which was considered the same in effect as the abolition of slavery,

231.- Opinion of Daniel Webster and others on the power of Congress over the

domestic slave trade, 232.-Power of Congress over the District of Columbia, 234.

-Provision of the Constitution for its own amendment, 237.



The Bible the last resort of slavery, 238—Definition of slavery, 238.-Appren-
ticeship, 240.---Claims of the government on criminals, &c., 241.-Legal defini-
tion. 244.–Eighth Commandment, 245.-Man-stealing, 247.-Man distinguished
from property, 249.-Man created in the image of God, 253.-Import of the word

buy," &c., 254.-Groundless assumption, 255.- Things bought are not neces-

sarily property, 256.—Buying of wives, 257.-Hebrew word translated buy, 258.

--English use of the word buy, 259.-Joseph and the Egyptians, 260.--Persons

who were bought sold themselves, 261.-Design of the Mosaic laws-rights and

privileges of servants, 262.-Festival releases, 263.- Voluntariness of servants,

266.-Pay of servants, 274.-Were servants held as property? No. 281.-Objec-

tions, Laban gave handmaids, 282.-Servants were enumerated in inventories of

property, 283.–Testimony of the Targums, 285.—Respect paid to servants, 236.

-The Gibeonites, 288.– Egyptian bondage analyzed, 291.–Objections consider-

ed, 295.-—"Cursed be Canaan," 296.-Smiting a servant or maid with a rod, &c.,

Ex. xxi. 20, 21., 299.-Lev. 25. 44–46., 306.--"Forever," 308.-Inheritance and

possession, 311.--Hired servants and bond servants, 313.-Different classes of

[blocks in formation]


Deaths of Managers—increase of Auxiliaries, 347.--Publications-Agents-

Agents for colored people, 348.- Colored people in Ohio-occupation of land, 349.

-Colored people in Upper Canada–Testimony of Dunlap and Mackenzie, 350

--of John H. Dunn-Anti-slavery among children, 351. -Agents to the West

Indies-Charleston ladies-George Thompson, 352.---Robert Breckinridge-Dr.

Wardlaw, 353.-British Baptists, 354.–Virginian in Scotland-Dumbarton and

the Vale of Leven, 355.– Favorable notice of ecclesiastical bodies, 356, 357, 358.

-Legislature of Pennsylvania, 359.-Mr. Stevens' Report-Governor Ritner's

Message, 360.-Resolutions of Vermont and Massachusetts, 361.-Decision of

the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, in the case of the girl Med, 362.-Abolition-

ism at the South, 363.—Maryville Intelligencer, 364.---Commercial crisis, 366.-

Affairs of Mississippi, 367.-- British cotton trade, 368.-Imports of cotton, in the

years 1835 and 1836, 369.-Rice and tobacco, 370.-Bearing of diminished profits

upon the abolition of slavery, 371.--General participation in the profits of slavery,

372.-Northern sycophancy, 373.-Publishers, 374.-Books expunged" and

mutilated, 375.-Profligacy of the press, 377.-Ecclesiastical opposition, 377.-

Methodist General Conference, 378.---Threatening epistles, 379.- Presbyterian

General Assembly, 380.- Testimony of Rev. Mr. Smylie, 386.--- Harmony Pres-

bytery, 386.—Clinton Resolutions, 378.-Congregational General Associations,

388.--Dignity of the pastoral office, 392.-Mobs-Judge Lawless-Grand Jury of

St. Louis, 394.-Persecutions of Mr. Lovejoy and Dr. Nelson, 395.--Persecution

of Mr. Garratt, 396.—Dr. Ely and Marion College, 396, 397.- Rebuke of the New-

York Observer, Vermont Chronicle, and Boston Recorder, 397.-Attack on the

Philanthropist, 398.-Mob-meeting in Cincinnati, 399.---The Market House Com-

mittee, 401.--Firmness of the Ohio Executive Committee, 402.-Speech of the

Mayor of Cincinnati to the mob, 403.-Outrage upon Mr. Kitchell, 404.---Outrage

upon Mr. Hopper, 405.- Testimony of the Hon. B. Swain of North Carolina,

405.-CHAPTER OF ABOMINATIONS, 406.--Flogging to death-shooting with small

shot-suicides, 406.-Branding-outlawing-rewards for killing-death for strik-

ing, 407.-Burning alive-shooting runaways-pulling out gray hairs, 408.-Dog-

ging men-Amalgamation-DOMESTIC SLAVE TRADE, 409.-Slave trade advertise-

ments, 410.–POLITICAL Support or Slavery, 412.-Denial of the rights of peti-

tion in Congress, 413.--Petition from slaves-Hon. John Q. Adams, 414.-Pre-

aident's Inaugural Address, 415.-MEASURES, 421.-Tyranny of caste to be over-

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