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Together with the Time when they flourished, and the Editions of their Works herein made use of, are as follow:

BARNABAS flourished in the Year of our Lord

34. See his Epistle, printed at Oxford in

12mo, 1685. CLEMENT of Rome flourished in the Year 70.

See his Epistle to the Corinthians, printed at

Oxford in 12mo, 1677. IGNATIUS of Antioch flourished in the Year 101.

See his Epistles printed at Lond. 4to. 1680. JUSTIN MARTYR flourished in the Year 155.

See his Works printed at Cologn in fol. 1686. The Church of Smyrna flourished in 168. See

their Epistle in Eusebius, B. IV. Ch. 15. ATHENAGORAS flourished in the Year 170. See

his Treatise entitled, Legatio pro Christo,

printed at Cologn in 1686. THEOPHILUS of Antioch flourished in the Year 180. See his Epistle to Autolycus, printed at

Oxford in 12mo, 1684. IRENÆUS flourished in the Year 184. See his

Book against Heresies, printed at Oxford in fol. 1702.


TERTULLIAN flourished in the Year 198. See

his Works, printed at Basil in fol. 1550. CLEMENT of Alexandria flourished in the Year

204. See his Treatise entitled, Quis dives

salvetur, printed at Oxford in 12mo, 1683. ORIGEN flourished in the Year 230. See his

Book against Celsus, printed at Cambridge in

4to, 1677. CYPRIAN flourished in the Year 250. See his

Works printed at Paris in fol. 1666. But his Epistles are quoted according to the Oxford Edition. ARNOBIUS flourished in the Year 297. See his

Book Against the Gentiles, printed at Paris

in 1666. LACTANTIUS flourished in the Year 300. See

his Works, printed at Paris in 12mo, 1545.



EXPOSITION of the Creed, by Bishop Pearson. Fol.
Origines Sacræ, by Bishop Stillingfleet. 4to.

his Discourse on the Sufferings of Christ. 8vo.
his Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity. 8vo.

his Idolatry of the Church of Rome. 8vo. Bishop Wilkins's Principles and Duties of Natural Re

ligion. 8vo. Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianæ.

de Satisfactione Christi. 12mo. Dr. Sherlock's Discourse on the Divine Providence. 4to.

on a Future Judgment. 8vo. The Whole Duty of Man. The Art of Contentment. By the Author of the Whole

Duty of Man. The Lively Oracles. By the same Author. Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity. Fol. Ray's Wisdom of God in the Works of the Creation.

Édit. 4th. 8vo. Alex. Nowelli Catechismus. 4to. Dr. Scott's Christian Life. 5 vols. 8vo. Fasciculus Controversiarum Theologicarum, per J. Pri

deaux, Ed. Wigorn. 4to. Bp. Jewell's Works. Fol. Nelson's Companion for the Festivals and Fasts. Edit.

4th. 1707. 8vo. Bp. Cosin's Scholastical History of the Canon of Scrip

ture. 4to. G. Bulli Episc. Menev. Defensio Fidei Nicænæ, 4to. vel. Fol.

Judicium Ecclesiæ Catholicæ de Necessitate credendi quòd Christus sit Deus. 4to. vel. Fol. cum

Grabii Notis.
Archbishop Tillotson's Sermons. Fol.
Cave's Historia Literaria. 2 vols. Fol.

Discourse of the Ancient Church Government. 8vo.
G. Outram de Sacrificiis. 4to. vel. 8vo.
Bp. Lloyd's Historical Account of Church Government

in Great Britain. 8vo.


Dr. Stanhope's Serm. on 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17. 4to.
Dr. Hammond's Practical Catechism. 8vo.

Discourse of Schism. 12mo.
Bp. Hall's Works. Fol.
Dr. Clagget's Sermons. 8vo.
Mr. Burscough’s Discourse of Schism. 8vo.
Bp. Abbots's Defence of Mr. Perkin's Reformed Catho-

lick, against Bishop. 4to. 1606. Bp. Buckeridge of Kneeling at the Communion. 4to.

1618. Dr. Field of the Church. Fol. 2d Edit. 1628. Dr. Wall's History of Infant Baptism. 4to. 2d Edit.

his Conference. 12mo. Bp. Sanderson's Sermons. Fol.

De Obligatione Juramenti. 8vo. Bp. Patrick's Answer to the Touch-stone, or the Re

formed Gospel. 8vo. Mason de Ministerio Anglicano. Fol.

his Authority of making Canons, &c. 4to. Mr. Kettlewell's Measures of Obedience. 4to. Dr. Goodman's Penitent Pardoned. 8vo. Mr. Chillingworth's Religion of Protestants a safe Way

to Salvation. Fol. Archbishop Potter's Discourse of Church Government.

8vo. Bp. Bilson of Christian Subjection. 8vo. Bp. Andrewes's Sermons. Fol. Bp. Blackhall's Sufficiency of Revelation. Eight Sermons, preached at Mr. Boyle's Lecture. 8vo.

his Sermons on James ii. 4. Mr. Walker's Modest Plea for Infant Baptism. 12mo. A Discourse of Communion in One Kind. 4to. 1687. A Treatise of the Celibacy of the Clergy. 4to. 1688. Archbishop Whitgift's Defence of his Answer to the

Admonition. Fol. A Vindication of the Ordinations of the Church of Eng

land. 4to. 1688. Bp. Bedel's Life and Letters. 8vo. Book of Homilies. Book of Canons. 1603. Book of Common-Prayer.

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