Fish biology in Japan: an anthology in honour of Hiroya Kawanabe

Masahide Yuma, Izumi Nakamura, Kurt D. Fausch
Springer Science & Business Media, 17 apr. 2013 - 405 sidor
This volume is a collection of papers assembled to honor Hiroya Kawanabe, an eminent Japanese ecologist who studied fishes and other organisms. Kawanabe retired from his position as Professor at Kyoto University in March 1996. In the first section of the volume his career is highlighted by a biography describing his life and work, a bibliography of his more than 750 lifetime publications, and a personal interview with a colleague who has been close to his work throughout his career. Papers in the second section of the volume include invited reviews of research on fish ecology in Japan, a historical overview of freshwater fishes of Japan, and recent studies on sex change among reef fishes. The 24 papers in the third section of the volume by Japanese fish biologists and their collaborators cover a wide variety of topics on fish biology. These include papers on evolution, genetics, systematics, reproductive biology, early life history, life history variation, behavior, physiology, ecology, and zoogeography. These papers address fishes from lentic, lotic, and marine ecosystems in Japan, Asia, Africa, North America, and in some cases worldwide. One of Hiroya Kawanabe's most brilliant and lasting contributions was to foster collaboration between Japanese ecologists and other scientists.

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Prelude to the anthology in honour of Hiroya Kawanabe by M Yuma I Nakamura K
Invited reviews
recent studies in Japan by T Kuwamura
Genetic structure and differentiation of four Lethenteron taxa from the Far East deduced from
Osteology of Zaccopachycephalus sensu Jordan Evermann 1903 with special reference
Fertilization environment of the noncopulating marine sculpin Hemilepidotus gilberti
Lifehistory variations in the fluvial sculpin Cottus nozawae Cottidae along the course of
Timing and sites of parturition of the viviparous scorpionfish Sebastiscus marmoratus
Dyadic relationships in nesting males of the threespined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus
influence of substrate

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