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in Spiritu Sancto confirmabit, et dissidentes conciliabit in omne opus bonum constantes, inculpatos, irreprehensos, dignesque ducet æterna vita nobiscum per intercessionem dilecti filii sui Jesu Christi, Dei et Salvatoris nostri; cum quo est gloria ipsi per omnia Deo Patri, cum Sancto Spiritu Paracleto nunc et semper in secula seculorum.

And let the books of the Old Testament; the five books of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy; one of Joshua, the son of Nun; one of Judges; one of Ruth; the four books of Kings; two of Chronicles, [lit. of the Omissions in the book of days]; the two books of Esdras; one of Esther; one of Job; one of the Psalter (Psalms); the three books of Solomon, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs; the twelve books of the Prophets; one of Isaiah; one of Jeremiah; one of Ezekiel; one of Daniel; three of Maccabees; be held venerable and holy both by Clerks and Laymen; and independently of this, it is right that the young should be taught by you in the wisdom of the very learned Sirach for their instruction.

The Canon of the New Books.

Our Gospels (that is of the New Testament) are four, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John; of Paul there are fourteen Epistles; two of Peter; three of John; one of James; one of Jude; the two Epistles of Clemens and the Institutions in eight Books addressed to you the Bishops by me Clemens; which it is not meet to make public, on account of the Mysteries in them; and the Acts of us the Apostles.

But let these things respecting the Canons be solemn injunctions from us to you, O Bishops; and so long as ye abide in them ye shall be saved and have peace; but if ye disobey them ye shall be punished, and have perpetual war with each other, and suffer the fitting punishment for your disobedience.

And God, the only Eternal Creator of all things, shall strengthen you through Peace by the Holy Ghost, and perfect you to every good work, unchangeable, shameless, and unaccused, and deem you with us worthy of Life Eternal, through the Mediation of his beloved Son Lord Jesus Christ our God and Saviour, to whom, and to God the Father, and to the Holy Ghost the Comforter, be Glory in all things now and evermore, World without end!

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