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Angoulême, Madame Royale, Duchess of (1778–1851).—ROYAL [36] MEMOIRS on the French Revolution : containing

I. A Narrative of the Journey of Louis XVI. and his

Family to Varennes. By Madame Royale. (30 pp.) II. A Narrative of a Journey to Bruxelles and Coblentz in

1791. By Monsieur, now Louis XVIII. (110 pp.) III. Private Memoirs of what passed in the Temple, from

the Imprisonment of the Royal Family to the Death

of the Dauphin. By Madame Royale. (150 pp.) With Historical and Biographical Illustrations by the Trans

lator. London: John Murray. 1823. 8vo. Half calf. :: A collection of three Tracts translated (says Lowndes) “ with singular attention to " the simplicity and naïveté of the diction.” It has a double Frontispiece giving the Portrait and the Execution of the Duke D’Enghien.

The first Tract was incorporated in 1792 into the Memoirs of Mr. Weber, the Duchess's mother's foster-brother, and recounts the Events of the Journey of June, 1791. The Translator notes that there have been nine or ten narratives of these events by eye-witnesses and yet, curiously enough, “all contradict each other, some on trivial and some on more essential points, but in every case in a wonderful and inexplicable manner.” The Tract has a Plan of the Tuileries and parts adjacent as they were at the period of the attempted escape of the Royal Family.

The second Tract is severely criticised for its style—the French critics laugh at it as being “in many places vulgarly ungrammatical.” Be that as it may, it is believed that the King himself even corrected the press. It was addressed to the Duke d’Avaray (1759–1811), who had the entire confidence of “ Monsieur," and the authenticity of the Memoir is undoubted.

The third Tract has a painful interest, for the Duchess, the Princess Royal of France, was the only survivor of the Prisoners of the Temple. Her name did not appear on the original Title-page, but the authenticity is abundantly proved by internal evidence. The Memoirs were first published in 1817 and commence with the arrival of the King, her father, at the Temple on August 13, 1792, closing with the death of Louis XVII., June 9, 1795. Madame Royale remained six months in the prison after the death of her brother and left it Dec. 19, 1795, on the 17th anniversary of her birth. In an Appendix is given Monsieur Harmand's Report on the state of the Dauphin's health and the “steady silence of the unfortunate child” prior to his early death.

Annandale, Charles.- IMPERIAL DICTIONARY. See Ogilvie, John. Anonymous.—[Agriculture.] ANNUAL REPORT of the Commis[37] sioner of Agriculture: For the year 1878. Washington :

Government Printing Office. 1879. 8vo. Cloth. Illust.

besides Maps a. C. Index, 597–608. .: The Report is accompanied by five series of Plates, amounting to 53 in all.

Anonymous.-ALMANACH DE GOTHA—Annuaire Diplomatique et [38] Statistique pour l'année 1862. Quatre-vingt-dix-neuvième

année. Gotha: Justus Perthes. 18mo. Cloth. Indexes,

2 col., in Supplement, pp. 57-61. .: The volume has six whole-page Portraits. Anonymous.—Copy: pour l'année 1867. Indexes, 1113–1117. [39]

.:: This volume has six whole-page Portraits. Anonymous.- Copy: pour l'année 1872. Indexes, 909–913. [40]

.: This volume has five whole-page Portraits. Anonymous.—Copy: pour l'année 1883. Indexes, 1115-1119. [41]

.:: This volume has four whole-page Portraits. Anonymous.-AMERICAN, THE, ART REVIEW. A Journal devoted [42] to the practice, theory, history, and archæology of Art. Bos

ton: Dana Estes and Charles E. Lauriat. 1880-81. 2 vols., 4to. Half russia, top edges gilt. Illust. a. c. of each

vol. and in Vol. II. after p. 262. .: A monthly magazine (Nov. 1879, to Oct. 1891). This is all that was published. Some of the criticisms under the Title of Bibliography are interesting, e. g., Baker's Engraved Portraits of Washington, I. 314, and Maberley's Hoe's Print Collector, I. 355, and several of the etched portraits, deserve more than their fugitive fame in a dead Monthly. Vol. II. was published in two divisions. Each division has own separate “ Contents” and Lists of Illustrations. A fresh pagination commences after p. 262.

Anonymous.-AMERICA, THE NORTHWEST COAST : being results [43] of recent Ethnological Researches from the Collections of

the Royal Museums at Berlin : Published by the Directors of the Ethnological Department. Translated from the German. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company (n. d.].

Large folio. Morocco back, top edges gilt. :: It appears that the Berlin Museum in 1882 secured six shipments of articles collected on the northwest coast whereby over a thousand specimens were added “ from a “ field entirely new.”

This monograph consists of a Preface, Introduction, and Notes (12 pages), followed by 13 Plates (5 of which are colored), each accompanied by a page of explanatory letter-press.

The colored Plates reproduce principally masks used by the Indians of Fort Rupert, Vancouver's Island, Banks' Sound, Queen Charlotte Sound, etc., some of which are used on ordinary festivities, some for cannibal feasts, and some for very special occasions.

Plate 6 gives three very remarkable “ house idols” and the remainder of the plates reproduce various house utensils, drinking-bowls; a remarkable bear-skin worn at festive dances; and a handsome blanket of the Chileat Indians who are celebrated for manufacturing them from the hair of the mountain goat with long fringes. Anonymous.—ANTEFIX, THE, PAPERS : Papers on Art Educational [44] Subjects: Read at the weekly meetings of the Massachusetts

Art Teachers' Association: By Members and others connected with the Massachusetts Normal Art School. Bos

ton: Printed for Private Circulation. 1875. 8vo. Cloth. .: There are two full-page Heliotype Illustrations to Lecture XXX. on Charcoal Drawing, prepared by Osgood & Co. Anonymous.--APOCRYPHAL, THE, NEW TESTAMENT, being all the [45] Gospels, Epistles, and other pieces now extant, attributed

in the first four Centuries to Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and their Companions; and not included, by its Compilers, in the authorized New Testament. Translated from the Original Tongues. Illustrated from ancient paintings and sculptures. Philadelphia: Gebbie & Co. [n. d.]. 8vo. Double columns, 275 pp. Half morocco, top edges red. 32 Illust.

.a. t. .: Most of the Illustrations are decidedly quaint, but “ The Last Judgment,” from a Persian Miniature of the Eighth century (p. 97), and Jonah and the Whale (p. 257) are remarkably so. Anonymous.-ARCHITECTURE: Glossary, A, of Terms used in [46] Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture. The

Fifth Edition, Enlarged. Exemplified by 1700 woodcuts.
Oxford: John Henry Parker. 1850. 3 vols., 8vo. Levant
morocco, gilt edges. Binding by Bickers & Son, London.
Illust. Vol. II. 1 to 103. Index Vol. III. (at end) 2 col. 47

pp. .: Vol. I. contains the five Prefaces to the several Editions, giving some account of the progressive character of the work, and then the Text arranged under alphabetical titles from “Abacus” to “ Zophorus,” with (P. 527) some of the leading authorities referred to.

Vols: II. and III. contain the Plates, preceded by the Descriptive Index of the Illustrations, also arranged in alphabetical conformity with the Text, and (p. 104) a useful Chronological Table.

There are 265 Plates, numbered 1-264 consecutively, the extra Plate being marked 100*.

The Editor was the well-known John Henry Parker (1806–1884) of Oxford, a descendant of Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford, who died in 1687.

Anonymous.-ARTISTIC HOUSES, being a Series of Interior Views [47] of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated Homes in

the United States, with a Description of the Art Treasures contained therein. New York : Printed for the Subscribers by D. Appleton and Company. 1883-4. 2 vols. (bound in 4). Folio. Half levant morocco, top edges gilt, rest uncut.

Index and List of Plates each half vol. a. t. .:: This is No. 143 of an Edition of 500 copies prepared and printed at the expense of the Subscribers. The 202 Plates are proofs on India paper.

It is an interesting work and a capital companion to Nash's Mansions of England in the Olden Time.

Ninety-four Subscribers have their splendid drawing-rooms, libraries, dining and reception rooms drawn and described, with 202 Plates and accompanying Letter-Press. Of these mansions 40 are in New York City, 12 in Boston, 9 in Philadelphia, 4 in Chicago, 3 in Rhode Island, 2 in Washington, 2 in Newport, and the remainder scattered.

The letter-press has been prepared without sufficient method. The last Plate is a Drawing Room, but no ownership is given nor any nearer identification than “ 55th “ Street, New York."

The accounts of Art Treasures in some of the houses are full of interest, notably the Prints collected by the late Mr. James L. Claghorn and the Autographs gathered together by Mr. Geo. W. Childs.

Each series of Plates is preceded by descriptive matter covering from one to seven or eight pages.

An alphabetical List of the Owners of the Mansions described, with the number of Plates in each series, etc., has been prepared and placed with the Work.

Anonymous.-Art JOURNAL, THE. London: George Virtue. [48] 1849–1854. 6 vols. 4to., printed in triple columns. Half

morocco. :: An Illustrated Journal with steel and wood Engravings. These are Volumes XI.XVI., and their interest mainly consists in their containing engravings of the magnificent series of 162 Pictures given in 1847 by Mr. Robert Vernon (1774-1849), two years previously to his death, to the Trustees of the National Gallery, for the British Nation. These Engravings were authorized by him prior to his donating the Collection, and the right was confirmed by the Trustees of the National Gallery. He examined some of the proofs taken from the Engravings, and wrote to the Publishers that “they appeared to “ him to be most beautifully executed.”

The entire series was gradually published, and an alphabetical catalogue of them

giving the names of the Painters and of the Engravers, with the Subject Title of the Painting, has been made and placed with the Work.

In a large number of instances the proofs were submitted to the Artists of the Pictures, and their approval of the Engravers' part has been printed with the description raisonnée which accompanies each engraving in the Journal.

Anonymous.-ART, L', REVUE HEBDOMADAIRE Illustrée (now the [49] Revue Bi-Mensuelle Illustrée). Paris : Librairie de L'Art.

43 vols. folio. Half morocco, top edges gilt. Indexes, see

each vol. .:: The work was commenced in 1875 and consists of 3 vols. for 1875, 4 vols. for each year from 1876 to 1883, both inclusive, and 2 vols. for the years 1884 to 1887. The Title was changed in 1884.

This, now probably the choicest periodical work in the world on this subject, is published in three Editions—one edition of five copies only with the Illustrations in four states; a Second Edition of one hundred copies with the Illustrations in two states; and a third for general sale, with the Illustrations in one state, and not limited in numbers. The volumes under description (excepting for the year 1881, which are No. I of the First Edition) are of the Second Edition and numbered.

The Etchings are Proofs on Japan paper before letters with duplicates on Holland paper after letters. The volumes for the years 1875–1880, both inclusive, have been bound up with the Japan paper Illustrations only, the rest having been removed before binding. The four volumes for the year 1881 are very choice, indeed, and have the etchings on Holland, Whatman, and China Paper, and Vellum. Those in the subsequent volumes are in two states. The 4 volumes of the year 1881 were bound in Paris, in crushed levant morocco, the others in Philadelphia, in half morocco.

The Work is profusely illustrated throughout with Engravings on wood, steel, and copper, in red, and by photogravure process, and in fact in every style. In each volume will be found some one choice work or more of a Master reproduced in a manner to make the entire volume worth purchase. Anonymous.—[Arts Industriels.] Magasin des Arts et de l'In[50] dvstrie: Organe Spécial des Arts Indvstriels pvblié sovs la

direction de W. Bävmer et J. Schnorr. Paris: H. Cagnon. [n. d.] 2 vols. 4to. Morocco, tooled and gilt, marbled

edges. Illust. see each vol. a. t. :: Published monthly in parts of 16 pages with very numerous wood-cuts and working drawings. Anonymous.—[Lincoln.] ASSASSINATION, The, of Abraham Lin[51] coln, late President of the United States of America, and the

attempted Assassination of William H. Seward, Secretary of State, and Frederick W. Seward, Assistant Secretary, on the Evening of the 14th of April, 1865. Expressions of

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