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Anonymous.—[Centennial.] Visitor's Guide to the Centennial [68] Exhibition and Philadelphia. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippin

cott & Co. 1876. 8vo. Cloth. ::: It has 2 Maps, one of Philadelphia, and the other a Plan of the Grounds and Buildings, and forms a useful record of a great City Triumph. Anonymous.—CHINESE Illustrated Book. Small folio. Boards, [69] covered with red silk, tied with two strings, in close case

with bolts. ::: This is a most interesting book. It was handpainted at Shanghai, China, and is without Title-page or imprint. It consists of twelve sheets of Illustrations (three to a sheet), of which the last (after Eastern fashion) is the first. The sheets are of ricepaper, and have been mounted on rag-paper and bordered with narrow silk ribbon by way of protective edgings to the rice-paper leaves. The workmanship is exquisite and the heads of the several figures are admirably drawn and coloured with great brilliancy, the dresses, furniture, and utensils being embossed so as to stand out in relief. Opposite to each illustration are a few descriptive Chinese characters. The topmost illustrations on the twelve sheets form one series, the midmost a second, and the bottommost a third. The book, though without a title, might fairly be named “ Deeds in this life " and their consequences.” The uppermost series consists of twelve scenes of evil or good deeds done in this life. In the midmost we see the principal actors in the first series arraigned in the underworld before the Judges and undergoing the terrible punishments or happy rewards which are awarded as the consequence of the good or evil done in this world. The undermost series shows the principal actors, after the expiration of their terms in the underworld, living anew, by transmigration of soul, in the body of some animal or new human being.

A memorandum, explanatory of each illustration, has been prepared and placed with the work.

Anonymous.—CHRONICLES OF THE BASTILE. First Series. The [70] Bertaudière. An Historical Romance. London: T. C.

Newby. 1845. 8vo. Half morocco, edges gilt. 40 Il

lust. a. c. :: This is a fine copy of a scarce work. The work was originally published in serial numbers. When first issued there happened to be a book advertised in Paris under the same Title, and the Author was accused in several reviews of copying, plagiarism, and what-not. The works were entirely dissimilar except in Title. When the Bertaudière was translated into French the Author naively wrote “ he would not be surprised “were he next accused of having plagiarized himself.”

The Illustrations are by Robert Cruikshank (1790–1856), an elder brother of the celebrated George Cruikshank.

The volume closes with “An Episode” entitled “ The Iron Mask, 1697-1703." The facts stated are given only as preliminary to “The Embassy or The Key to a “Mystery,” forming the Second Series of the Chronicles of the Bastile.

Anonymous.-CHURCH, THE, CYCLOPÆDIA. A Dictionary of [71] Church Doctrine, History, Organization and Ritual, and

containing original Articles on Special Topics, written expressly for this Work by Bishops, Presbyters, and Laymen. Designed especially for the use of the Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Edited by Rev. A. A. Benton. Philadel

phia: L. R. Hamersly & Co. 1884. Impl. 8vo. Cloth. Anonymous.—[Common Prayer.] THE BOOK OF COMMON [72] PRAYER, etc. : according to the Use of the Protestant

Episcopal Church in the United States of America. New
York: D. Appleton & Co. 1850. 18mo. Morocco, edges

gilt. ::: It has an illuminated title and four Engravings. Anonymous.-CONTRIBUTIONS to American History (1858). See

Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Anonymous.-CORONACYON of Quene Anne [Boleyn). See

Bibliotheca Curiosa (Vol. XIV.).(a) Anonymous.-CURRENT DISCUSSION, a Collection from the chief [73] English Essays on Questions of the Time. Edited by Ed

ward L. Burlingame. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1878. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth. ::: Vol. I. consists of a Series of nine Articles on International Politics contributed byPage

Page Blackie (Professor J. S.)

205 Owen (Prof. Sidney James) 273 Dicey (Edward)

225 Redcliffe (Viscount Stratford De). 41 Forbes (Archibald)

Smith (Professor Goldwin) (2) •{247 Freeman (Edward A.)

319 Gladstone (Rt. Hon. W. E.) 119

Vol. II. a Series on“ Questions of Belief,” comprises Frederic Harrison's “ The Soul “ and Future Life,” with “ A Modern Symposium” or nine separate papers of criticism contributed byBarry (Canon) : 90 Huxley (Professor)

52 Blackford (Lord)

Noel (Hon. Roden)

77 Brown (Rev. Baldwin)

Selborne (Lord)

87 Greg (W. R.).

Ward (Dr. W. G.) Hutton (R. H.)

43 And a Reply on the nine papers by Frederic Harrison



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I 22

A Second “ Modern Symposium” on “ The Influence upon Morality of a Decline in Religious Belief” in ten papers byArgyll (Duke of). 191 Huxley (Professor)

213 Church (Rev. W. R., Dean of St. Martineau (Rev. Dr.)

174 Paul's) 189 Selborne (Lord)

161 Clifford (Professor) 196 Stephen (Sir James)

157 Harrison (Mr. Frederic)

Ward (Dr.)

204 Hutton (Mr. R. H.).






And a Reply (p. 228) by Sir James Stephen, the writer of the original Paper. Followed by three independent Articles by G. H. Lewes (p. 232), Thomas Hughes (p. 251), and W. H. Mallock (p. 280).

Anonymous.- DEVILS, THE, OF LOUDUN. See Collectanea Ada

mantæa (Vol. XI.).(a) Anonymous.—Don't: A Manual of Mistakes and Improprieties [74] more or less prevalent in Conduct and Speech. By Censor.

Revised and Extended. New York: D. Appleton & Co.

1883. 16mo. Parchment wrap. ::: This is No. II. of the “ Parchment Paper Series,” twenty-fourth thousand.

Anonymous.—DRAINING of the Great Level of the Fens (1661).

See Bookworm's Garner (Vol. V.).(6, 3) Anonymous.-[Dutch.) A New POCKET-DICTIONARY of the Eng[75] lish and Dutch Languages. Stereotype Edition. Leipsic:

Otto Holtze. 1878. 18mo. Printed in double columns.

Half morocco. .:: The Dictionary is in two parts : Part I. English-Dutch (pp. 1-450) and Part II. Dutch-English (pp. 453–832).

Anonymous.--[Dwight.] LIFE AND LETTERS of Wilder Dwight, [76] Lieut.-Col. Second Mass: Inf: Vols: (With Portrait.)

Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 1868. 8vo. Cloth.

.:: Wilder Dwight (1833–1862) came of a family who were among the earliest settlers of New England. He was mortally wounded in the battle of Antietam, 1862, Sept. 17, and died two days later. His death was followed in May, 1863, by that of his brother Captain Howard Dwight (1837–1863), who was surprised and killed by Guerillas near the Bayou Boeuf, Louisiana.



Anonymous.-EGLISES PRINCIPALES de L'Europe, dediées à S. S. [77] Leon XII., Souverain Pontife. Milan. (s. n., n. d. 1824?]

Large folio. Half vellum, edges red. .:: The Work consists of 9 monographs (apparently published separately), each with its own pagination, collected together to form a volume. They are :Rome, St. Peter's .

16 pp. with to Plates. Milan Cathedral

24 Pantheon (La Rotonde) (Rome)

13 Vienna, St. Stephen, Cathedral


Florence, Ste. Marie, Cathedral
Pisa, Cathedral
Rome, St. John Lateran

Sienna, Cathedral .

14 Venice, St. Mark. Each Series of Plates opens with an Index-Ground-Plan of the Edifice showing the positions of the Chapels and subdivisions of the building, and the last two of each set are coloured views of the Interior and Exterior of the Churches.


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Anonymous.—ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, THE: A Dictionary [78] of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature. Ninth Edition.

Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1875, etc. 4to. 34 russia,

marbled edges. .:: This is the unabridged English Edition, printed in Edinburgh. Only 22 volumes have yet been published [March, 1888]. The issue is necessarily slow, and though three volumes were issued in 1875 only two a year have since been published; while for the years 1878, 1880, 1882, 1884, and 1887 only one volume was given to the public. The new Issue has been mainly remarkable for the abandonment of its previous subdivision of subjects under multifold heads and the adoption in their place of elaborate and exhaustive articles on main subjects, leaving the minute headings to the care of an Index. No fewer than 19,000 pages of printed matter and 277 plates have been published, and the work has only reached “ Szo.” It is under the Editorship of Professor Thomas Spencer Baynes.

In a short Preface to Vol. I. he explained the principles on which the articles would be written, and a useful slip is given at the commencement of each Volume recording the names of the Authors of the Principal Contents.

It is humorously related that a learned village schoolmaster wrote a “ brief pamphlet” on the “ differential calculus” and wrote to the Publishers of the Encyclopædia complaining that they had incorporated his pamphlet in their work verbatim without acknowledgment or remuneration. They answered by following Mail that desiring to make instant amends they authorized him to incorporate a verbatim copy of the Encyclopædia in the next Edition of his “ brief pamphlet.”

Anonymous.-ENGLAND's Joy (1660). See Bookworm's Garner

(Vol. V.).(6,2)

Anonymous.-ESSAYS AND REVIEWS: Recent Inquiries in The[79] ology, by eminent English Churchmen. Fourth American,

from the Second London Edition. With an Appendix. Edited with an Introduction by Rev. Frederic H. Hedge. Boston: Walker, Wise and Company. 1864. 12mo. Half

calf, marbled edges. .: At the end of the seven Essays by Dr. Temple, Rowland Williams, Baden Powell, H. Bristow Wilson, C. W. Goodwin, Mark Pattison, and Benjamin Jowett is given in an Appendix a Note on the “ Phalaris Controversy” which wets the appetite of the reader to turn to Disraeli's graphic account of that battle royal of literary battles royal given in his Quarrels of Authors (1880, New York, Vol. II., 199–217). A Sermon by Dr. Temple (while Head Master of Rugby) on the Present Relations of Science to Religion (July 1, 1860) closes the volume. Anonymous.-FAIRMOUNT PARK. First, Second and Third An[80] nual Reports of the Commissioners. Philadelphia : King

and Baird. 1869, 1870, and 1871. 8vo. Half morocco.

Each Report has a Map, and from the three may be gathered an accurate idea of the land dedicated to the public use by the Acts of 1867 and 1868, their former ownership, and the vast public gain which has ensued by the preservation of this magnifi. cent“ city lung.” The third Report contains engravings of the principal views in this charming Park, and would form an inciting Guide Book to visitors in search of the beautiful.

Anonymous.-FAVOURITE ENGLISH POEMS OF MODERN TIMES, [81] unabridged, illustrated with upwards of two hundred en

gravings on wood, from drawings by the most eminent Artists. London: Sampson Low, Son and Co. 1862. 8vo. Cloth, lettered and ornamented, edges gilt. lllust.

a. c. .: The 34 Illustrations to Goldsmith's “Deserted Village” are copied with permission from the Works of the “ Etching Club.” The last Engraving but one in the Etching Club's Edition which illustrates the line “Or winter wraps the polar world “in snow,” is omitted.

Anonymous.-FIELD, THE, OF BLOUD. See Collectanea Ada

mantæa (Vol. X.):(6) Anonymous.—Fo'c's’e Yarns, including Betsy Lee, and other [82] Poems. London: Macmillan and Co. 1881. 12mo. Cloth.

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