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Anonymous.-FRANCE, CHARITIES OF, IN 1866. An Account of [83] some of the principal existing Charitable Institutions in that

Country. Not Published. Boston: Gould and Lincoln.

1867. 8vo. Cloth. Index, 2 col. pp. 199–206. ::: This is a general review of the Hospitals, Crèches, Monts de Piété, and other Institutions of modern Paris.

See Bookworm's Garner

Anonymous.-GREAT Frost, The.

(Vol. V.).(6, 1)

Anonymous.—GREAT Truths by Great Authors: A Dictionary [84] of Aids to Reflection, Quotations of Maxims, Metaphors,

Counsels, Cautions, Aphorisms, Proverbs, etc., from Writers of all Ages and both Hemispheres. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1855. 8vo. Half morocco, edges

gilt. .: The Dictionary (564 pp.) is arranged alphabetically under “Subjects,” but has no Index to Authors.

Anonymous.—GUERRE, LA, ILLUSTRÉE, et Le Siege de Paris. [85] Paris : Auguste Marc & Cie. 1871. Folio.

Half morocco. Illust. (3 col.) 557–559. :: A weekly publication of 4 pages between July, 1870, and Wednesday, March 22, 1871. The last number in the volume (No. 69) has a Map showing the “ territorial” result of the war consequent on the cession of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany. A Summary of “ Events” is given pp. 553-556.

Anonymous.-HAMILTON, THE, Palace Collection. Illustrated [86] Priced Catalogue. London : Remington and Co. 1882.

4to. Cloth extra. ... The Sale of the Duke of Hamilton's Collection from his Scotch Palace occurred on June 17, 1882, and 16 other days ending July 20. The sum realized by 2213 lots amounted to £397,562.0.6. The volume has nearly 60 Illustrations. An Armoire (No. 672) fetched £12,075. It had been in the Louvre, then in the possession of the Duc d'Aumont, and afterwards at Fonthill, and thence to Hamilton Palace. Three pieces of furniture belonging to Marie Antoinette-a Secretaire, Commode, and Writing Table (lots 301-303) sold for £14,925; and amongst the pictures a Velasquez (1142) fetched £6300, two Rubens (48 and 80) realized £2100 and £5145, Signorelli's “ Circumcision” (769) £3150, Botticelli's “ Assumption” (417) £4777.10.0, a Hobbema (lot 49) £4252.10.0, and two Vandycks (18 and 31) £2100 and £2047.10.0.

Anonymous.-[Historical Costumes.] The Book of Historical [87] Costumes, drawn from the best specimens and the most

authentic documents of each period. London: Cassell, Petter and Galpin. [n. d.] 4to. Half morocco, top edges

gilt. 96 Illust. a. t. .: The Illustrations range over the period A. D. 403 to 1864. They are by P. Pauquet and are executed in colours. Seventy-three of them are anonymous as “ Nobleman” or “ Baron of the period,” etc., but 23 are of historical characters after well-known painters; as Anne of Brittany (16) after Gaignières ; Anne Boleyn (24) and Anne of Cleves (26), both after Holbein; Gabrielle d'Estrées (46), after Thomas de Leu; and Marie Antoinette (75), after Mme. Vigier Lebrun. By an error, Plates 81 and 82 precede those numbered 79 and 80. Anonymous.—HISTORIC, THE, Gallery of Portraits and Paintings; [88] or Biographical Review: containing a Brief Account of the

Lives of the most Celebrated Men in every age and country; and graphic imitations of the finest specimens of The Arts; ancient and modern. With remarks, critical and explanatory. London: Vernor Hood and Sharpe. 1807-19.

7 vols. 4to. Half morocco, marbled edges. .:: These volumes consist of fine outline engravings, of Portraits, each with a biographical memoir—Pictures with remarks critical and explanatory-and Sculpture. Each volume has its own independent Table of Contents, but there is no general Index to the whole work.

There are 282 Portraits, 188 Paintings, and 35 engravings of celebrated statuary. The Portraits are interesting, as many of them give representations of noted personages materially differing from the general portrait popularly known. The Portraits are given in each volume alphabetically and the Paintings and Sculpture in the order of their enumeration in the “Contents.”

In the fifth Volume are engravings of the seven Cartoons of Raphael with an Index (at the end of the Volume) of the “ Passions" delineated in the Cartoons. Anonymous.--HISTORIE OF FRYER BACON. See Bibliotheca

Curiosa (Vol. VIII.).(a) Anonymous.—HOMES of American Statesmen : With Anecdoti[89] cal, Personal, and Descriptive Sketches. By Various

Writers. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood, from Drawings by Döpler and Daguerreotypes : and Facsimiles of Autograph Letters. New York: G. P. Putnam and Co.

1854. 8vo. Morocco, edges gilt. 45 Illust. a. c. .:: The Frontispiece is somewhat of a curiosity, each copy being “ an original sun“picture on paper.”

The papers, nineteen in number, were written (with one exception) expressly for this work. The names of the various writers are given in the “ Contents.”

Seventeen facsimiles of Letters (see List after “ Contents”) are given-none being inserted from Hamilton or Patrick Henry. In the List Patrick Henry's name should be omitted and Clay's added.

Cloth. 9

Anonymous.-HOSPITAL, THE, of the Protestant Episcopal Church [90] in Philadelphia : Its Origin, Progress, Work, and Wants.

Published by order of the Board of Managers. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1869. 12mo.

Illust. a. c. .:: The Hospital was opened in December, 1852, in the Leamy Mansion, where its operations were continued for ten years. The Mansion and six acres of land were the gift of the daughters of the then late John Leamy. The house is now the Bishop Potter Memorial House for the training of Christian Women. There are eight views of the Hospital as far as it was at that time completed and showing the building as designed to appear when all should be finished. Anonymous.—[House Planning.] THE GRAMMAR of House [91] Planning : Hints on arranging and modifying Plans of Cot

tages, Street-houses, Farm-houses, Villas, Mansions, and Out-buildings. By an M. S. A. and M. R. A. S. With numerous illustrative woodcuts and plates. Edinburgh :

A. Fullarton & Co. 1866. 12mo. Cloth. 31 Illust. a. c. .:: In addition to the two sets (48+91) of illustrative figures incorporated with the text there are thirty-one whole-page plates (numbered i.-xxxi. consecutively) at the end of the volume. Anonymous.-INDEX GEOGRAPHICUS, being a List alphabetically [92] arranged of the principal places on the Globe, with the

Countries and Subdivisions of the Countries in which they are situated and their Latitudes and Longitudes, compiled specially with reference to Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas, but applicable to all modern Atlases and Maps. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons. [n. d.] Large 8vo.

Printed in double columns. Half morocco, top edges gilt. .:: The Letters in the outermost column refer to the marginal divisions, by letters, used in Johnston's Atlas. Thus the first reference in the Index “ 17 Gc” means the square denoted by G at the top and C at the side on Map 17 of Keith Johnston's Atlas. The references to the Latitude and Longitude enable the searcher to use this Index equally well with any other large atlas he may have at hand.

Anonymous.—[Infantry Tactics.] U.S. INFANTRY Tactics, for the [93] instruction, exercise, and maneuvres of the United States

Infantry, including Infantry of the Line, Light Infantry, and Riflemen : Prepared under the direction of the War Department, and authorized and adopted by the Secretary of War, May 1, 1861. Containing the School of the Soldier; the School of the Company; Instruction for Skirmishers; the General Calls, the Calls for Skirmishers, and the School of the Battalion : including the Articles of War and a Dictionary of Military Terms. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott

& Co. 1863. 18mo. Cloth. ::: The book is illustrated with 77 explanatory plates, and closes with a "Table of Contents,” in lieu of Index, pp. 439–450. Anonymous.-INITIALS, THE, A Story of Modern Life. Three [94] volumes of the London Edition complete in one.


Philadelphia: A. Hart. 1850. Large Svo. Printed in double col

umns. ::- This is bound up with Borrow's “ The Bible in Spain," which see. Anonymous.-LIFE of Burns, Robert. See British Poets. Anonymous.—LIFE of Cowper, William. See British Poets. Anonymous.-LIFE of Hood, Thomas. See British Poets.

Anonymous.-LIFE of Moore, Thomas. See British Poets. Anonymous.—Life of Wordsworth, William. See British Poets. Anonymous.—MADAME DE SÉVIGNÉ and Her Contemporaries. [95] Philadelphia : Lea & Blanchard. 1842. 2 vols. 12mo.

Cloth. .:: There are upwards of ninety chapters giving short accounts of the renowned contemporaries and events of Mme. de Sévigné's time, the volumes embracing a period of above a century from Cardinal Richelieu to the death of Louis XIV. The Contemporaries, etc., are : Aguesseau (Chancellor de)

Bourdaloue Arnauld Family and Port Royal ii. 279 Bussy-Rabutin (Comte de) i. 80 Barillon (M. de)

Chevreuse (Duchess de) Boileau

Colbert (Le Grand)

ii. 48 Bolingbroke (St. John, Lord)

Corneille. Bossuet

i. 267

Cotin (Abbé)

ii. 215

ii. 9

i. 45

ii. 194 i. 230 ii. 205

i. 34 i. 233


ii. 104 ii. 267 i. 241


ii. 272 ii. 193 ii. 49 ii. 179





i. 37 i. 185

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ii. 217 ii. 41

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i. 102


ii. 57 i. 152

i. 209 i. 141


i. 13

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i. 197

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Coulanges (M. and Mme. de)

Montpensier (Mlle. de) Croissy (Marquis de)

Motteville (Mme. de) Dangeau (Marquis de)

Orleans (Duchess of) · D'Estrades (Marechal)

Ossory (Earl of)

ii. 183 D'Harcourt (Comte) ii. 182 Palatine (The Princess)

i. 106 Fayette (Mme. de la)

i. 182 Pascal . Fénélon

Pellisson. Fléchier (Bp. of Nismes). i. 281 Père Joseph

i. 32 Fontenelle

Père la Chaise Fouquet

Père la Rue Ganges (La Marquise de) i. 136 Père le Tellier

ii. 28 Gaston (Duke of Orleans) i. 71 Poland (Queen of) Grammont (Comte and Comtesse

Port Royal (Destruction of). ii. 286 de) . .

Racine Grignan (Mme. de)

Rancé (Abbé de) Hamilton (Comte). ii. 64 Retz (Cardinal de).

i. 85 Harlay (President de)

Richelieu (Cardinal) Herbert of Cherbury (Lord)

Rivière (Comte de la)

i. 83 Holland (The Earl of)

Rochefoucauld (Duke de la) i. 126 Iron Mask (The)

Sablière (Mme. de la) James II. and Mary of Modena ii. 152 St. Cyr

ii. 146 La Bruyere

St. Simon (Duke de)
La Fontaine .

i. 201
Scudery (Mlle. de)

i. 185 La Trappe (Monastery of) ii. 298 Sévigné (Mme. de) Lauzun (Duke de):

ii. 108 Shrewsbury (Duke of) Le Nostre

ii. 168 Simiane (Mme. de) Le Tellier (Abp. of Rheims)

ii. 22
Spain (King and Queen of)

ii. 82 Letter Writing in France . ii. 262 Sunderland (Earl of). Longueville (Duchess de)

i. III
Treville (Comte de)

ii. 266 Louis XIV. . .

Turenne. Louvois (Marquis de).

Ursins (Princess des)

ii. I10 Maine (Duke and Duchess du) ii. 207 Vallière (Duchess de la) Maintenon (Mme. de)

Vardes (Marquis de)

ii. 55 Mascaron (Bp. of Tulle) i. 280 Versailles . .

ii. 161 Massillon.

Vieuville (Marquis de) Mazarin (Cardinal).

i. 64

Villars (Marquis and Marquise Mazarin (Duchess de)


ii. 67 Molière i. 218 Villeroi (Marechal de)

ü. 65 Montague (Duke of)

ii. 185

Villiers (First Duke of BuckingMontausier (Duke and Duchess


ii. 176 de). .

. ii. 29

Villiers (Second Duke of BuckMontmorency (Duke and Duch

ingham) ess de). .

i. 42 Anonymous.—[Map] Carte des Routes de Postes de L'Em[96] pire Français du Royaume D'Italie et de la Confédération

du Rhin. Dressée par ordre du Conseil d'Administration

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