Sidor som bilder

des Postes et Relais. Gravé par P. A. F. Tardieu, Graveur

des Postes Impériales. 1812. : This is a large Map measuring 4 ft. 8 in. by 4 ft. 1 in., mounted on muslin. Its chief interest lies in its having been the personal property of the Emperor Napoleon. It is enclosed in a red leather case lettered “ Carte des Postes de L'Empire Français, “ 1812,” and bears the Imperial arms, It was purchased at a bookstore in St. Augustine, Florida, and was in very bad condition, but has been carefully repaired and forms an interesting memento of the “ Petit Caporal.”

See British

Anonymous.-MEMOIR OF WYATT, Sir Thomas.


Anonymous.-MEMORIAL ADDRESSES on the Life and Character [97] of William Pitt Fessenden, (a Senator from Maine,) deliv

ered in the Senate and House of Representatives, 41st Congress, 2nd Session, December 14, 1869. Published by Order of Congress. Washington: Government Print

ing Office. 1870. Large 8vo. Cloth. ... A Portrait of Mr. Fessenden is prefixed as a Frontispiece.

Anonymous.—[Meteorology.] THE PRACTICAL Use of Meteoro[98] logical Reports and Weather Maps. Washington, D. C.: R.

Beresford. 1871. 8vo. Cloth. ::: This was a Circular published by direction of the Secretary of War in 1871. It was issued from the office of the Chief Signal Officer, Division of Telegrams and Reports for the benefit of Commerce.

Anonymous.-METRIC SYSTEM, THE. A Compilation consisting [99] of Extracts from the Report of the Committee of the House

of Representatives, and the Law of Congress adopting the system, and Tables of Authorized Weights and Measures : And a Translation of a portion of a Work entitled “The “ Legal System of Weights and Measures," by M. Lamotte. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1867. 12mo. Cloth.

Anonymous.-MINUTES of the Committee of Defence of Philadel

phia 1814–1815. See Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Anonymous.—MOABITE STONE. See Anonymous (Recovery of


Anonymous.—[Munich.] COLLECTION de Beautés de sa Majesté [100] Le Roi Louis I. de Bavière dans la Residence Royale à

Munich. Munich : Piloty and Loehle. [n. d.] Large

folio. Morocco bordered, edges gilt. .:: These are thirty-six beautiful engravings of a series of paintings placed in two card-rooms on the east side of the ball-room in the Festsaalbau side of the Palace at Munich. They are Portraits by Josef Karl Stieler (1781-1858) of “ beautiful women “of modern times, chiefly Bavarian, from the Queen to the Actress, the peasant-girl and “ Munich dressmaker."

No. XVI. is the celebrated Lola Montez, and XXXVI. is the daughter of a shoemaker in the city of Munich, the belle of the Collection. The paintings were executed between the years 1827 and 1851, No. 36 being the last but one added to the Collection.

Anonymous.- NAVAL ENCYCLOPÆDIA, A: comprising a Dictionary [101] of Nautical Words and Phrases; Biographical Notices, and

Records of Naval Officers: Special Articles on Naval Art and Science, written expressly for this work by Officers and others of recognized authority in the branches treated by them. Together with descriptions of the Principal Naval Stations and Seaports of the World. Philadelphia : L. R. Hamersly & Co. 1881. Large 8vo., printed in double

columns. Half morocco, top edges gilt. :: After the Preface is given a “ List of Contributors and Articles" and at the end of the book (pp. 875-1017) a Supplement of the Records of Living Officers of the Navy to July 1, 1880; but as these are arranged under the subdivisions of their rank, and in none of the subdivisions even alphabetically, and, furthermore, as 903 officers are included in 35 Lists and sublists of rank, active, retired, and honorary, etc. etc., the last 143 pages of the “Encyclopædia" are as nearly reduced to waste paper as is possible. Anonymous.—NEW ENGLAND Society of Pennsylvania. Volume [102] of Six Annual Reports (1881–1886) of the Proceedings

and Annual Festivals of this Society. Privately printed. 8vo. Half morocco, top edges red. The original covers have been bound in at the end.

Anonymous.—[Newhall.] WALTER S. NEWHALL. (With Por[103] trait.) A Memoir. Philadelphia : Sanitary Commis

sion. 1864. 8vo. Half cloth, top edges gilt. ::: Walter Symonds Newhall (1841-1863) lived at Germantown and was a great Cricketer. He joined the Army on the breaking out of the war, but was accidentally

drowned in crossing a small stream December 18, 1863. The stream ran into the Rappahannock, and was unusually swollen, and when about midway Newhall's horse became mired and in its struggles reared and fell over upon him, causing his instant death.

He was Acting Assistant Adjutant-General First Brigade, Second Division, Cavalry Corps, and Captain in the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.

The Memoir was written by Mrs. Annis Lee (wife of Dr. Caspar) Wister. Anonymous.—New YORK, THE, Sketch-Book of Architecture. [104] Boston: James R. Osgood & Co. 1875-1876. Folio.

(Two vols. in one.) Half morocco, top edges gilt. .: These are Volumes II. and III. and were published in twenty-four monthly parts from January, 1875, to December, 1876, both inclusive.

Each part consists of two pages of explanatory letter press, followed by four Plates.

In Vol. II., Pl. III. consists of three etchings of a Chateau and Belfry in Burgundy, and Pl. XXXVII. of an old Fireplace and Chimney Piece at Newport.

In Vol. III., Pl. III. and IV. are Leaves from a Normandy Sketch-Book. Pl. XV., Washington's Headquarters in Newburg, N. Y., and Pl. XXXIX., XL., and XLIV., Foreign Sketches by Mr. Bigelow at Louvain, Bruges, etc. These afford a pleasing diversion from the general run of the Plates which comprise new Residences, Churches, and Public Buildings by the leading American Architects.

A Volume of the “ Philadelphia Sketch Club Portfolio” (which see below) is bound up with the above. Anonymous.-NORFOLK AND WESTERN Railroad Company. Five [105] Annual Reports of the President and Directors to the

Shareholders for the years ending December 31, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, and 1885. Philadelphia : Allen, Lane & Scott. 1882-1886. 8vo. Morocco.

Anonymous.-NOTES AND QUERIES, A Medium of Inter-Commu[106] nication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Geneal

ogists, etc. Published weekly. London: George Bell, and afterwards Notes and Queries Office. November, 1849 [to present time). 81 vols., small 4to., printed in

double columns. Cloth. [In course of publication.] .: The Saturday Review once remarked that this was perhaps the only weekly newspaper that would be consulted three hundred years hence. The Editorship during the first eighteen or twenty years was entrusted to the well-known Mr. William J. Thoms. He was the Originator of this valuable work. The order of publication was as follows: Series I. (12 vols.) 1849-55: Series II. (12 vols.) 1856–61 : Series III. (12 vols.) 1862-67: Series IV. (12 vols.) 1868–73: Series V. (12 vols.) 1874-79: Series VI. (12 vols.) 1880-85: Series VII. now in course of publication. Each Volume has its own Index, and to each Series there is an independent Volume of General Index.

Anonymous.-ONE SUMMER. Boston: James R. Osgood and [107] Company 1875.

16mo. Half crushed levant, top edges gilt.

Anonymous.—ORIGINAL, The, MR. JACOBS: A startling exposé. [108] New York: The Minerva Publishing Co. [n. d. 1888.]

12mo. Paper. The only wonder can be, why should this proposed Jew-baiting find a writer or a publisher ? All the old stories of the crucified children of Blois and Norwich, etc. are told as incontrovertible facts (p. 242): and the Future is foretold in the words (p. 172), “Five hundred resolute men in the avenues of New York or Paris, assisted by a regi“ment surrounding the banks of the Jews, will teach them ten years hence how the “ Christians will be able to exist."

This book was written by Telemaque T. Timayenis, a Greek, and within a few hours of its publication steps were taken to procure its suppression. It was withdrawn from sale at hundreds of bookstands.

A further volume, “ The American Jew,” is promised. To what good end ? Anonymous.—OXFORD, The, University Calendar. 1869. Cor[109] rected to the end of Michaelmas Term 1868. Oxford :

James Parker and Co. 1869. 12mo. Morocco. Anonymous.—[Pacific Railroad.] REPORTS of Explorations and [110] Surveys, to ascertain the most practicable and economical

route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made under the direction of the Secretary of War, in 1853-6, according to Acts of Congress of March 3, 1853: May 31, 1854: and August 5, 1854. Washington: A. O. P. Nicholson. 1855-58. 9 vols. 4to. Half

russia. :: Vol. I. contains Report of the Secretary of War (General Jesup) on the several Railroad Explorations (134 pp.) and Report of Governor Stevens (Washington Territory) on the Explorations (635 pp.), with Index to his Report (pp. 637–651).

Vols. II. to VII. (both inclusive) contain the various Reports from the commanding officers of the several Exploration parties. There were several proposed routes and to some of them divisional exploring parties were dispatched. To almost all of the Reports special and separate Indexes are appended.

Part 3 of Lieutenant Whipple's Report (Vol. III. 127 pp.) gives a detailed Report upon the Indian Tribes upon the route, with vocabularies of the North American languages, and treats of the Aborigines of New Mexico upon its discovery by the Spaniards, and the History of the Apache Nation and other Tribes near the parallel of 35° north latitude. Some of the “pictographs at Rocky Dell Creek,” etc., pl. 28–32 (pp. 37–39), deserve notice. The several Reports are profusely illustrated with lithographs, woodcuts,

maps, and plans. Vol. V. deals mainly with the Botany of the 35th parallel and a large number of plates are included. Each Report has its own separate pagination.

In December, 1855 (see last Report, Vol. VII.), the Secretary of War reported that the most practicable and economical route was that of the 32d parallel.

Vols. VIII. and IX. consist of Parts I. and II. of a General Report upon the Zoology of the several Pacific Railroad Routes under the heads of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, and Fishes. The collections of all the government parties were transmitted from time to time to the Smithsonian Institution, and the drawings for the Report were prepared within its walls, and the same Institution generally supervised the engraving and printing of the plates.

The Plates (60 in number) are placed at the end of Vol VIII., preceded by an Explanation" of the Plates and of the woodcuts incorporated with the text (pp. 737757).

Vol. VIII. comprises the Report on Mammals and Vol. IX. that upon the Birds.

Each has its independent series of Indexes of Authorities quoted and of the Common and Scientific Names in each department. Anonymous.—[Paris.] EXPOSITION Nationale des Beaux-Arts [111] 1883. Catalogue Officiel des Ouvrages de Peinture

Sculpture, Architecture, Gravure et Lithographie des Artistes Vivants Exposés au Palais des Champs-Elysees le 15 Septembre, 1883. Paris : Imprimeries Réunies.

1883. 12mo. Cloth. .:: This Catalogue very usefully gives in respect of each exhibiting Artist the place of his birth, the name of his Master, and place of residence. The works are arranged under the heads of the several divisions of Paintings—Designs-Sculpture—Engraving on Medals and Stones—Architecture—and Engraving—the Artists' names being arranged alphabetically in each division. Anonymous.—[Paris.] SALONS DE 1880-1887. L'Exposition [112] des Beaux-Arts. Paris : Ludovic Baschet. 1880-1887.

8 vols. 3 vols. royal 8vo, remainder small folio. Cloth, lettered and ornamented. Illust. (each vol.) at the end of

each Volume. :: (1880) The Volume for 1880 comprises 34 Photogravures by Goupil et Cie: 64 Engravings independent of, and 50 general wood-cuts incorporated with, the Text, besides head and tail pieces and ornamental letters.

This was the first of the Series, and amongst the Photogravures should be observed “ Charlotte Corday,” after Aviat, in the Historical (1st) Section; and C. Bisschopp's “ L'Éternel l'avait donné, L'Éternel l'a ôté,” in the “Genre” division. The conception and execution of both are worthy of very high praise.

(1881) This Volume contains 40 Photogravures by Goupil et Cie and 150 drawings after the originals of the Artists. .

Lobrichon’s “ La Boite aux lettres” (p. 25) is a clever piece of drawing and worth

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