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Kirkland, Frazar.-CYCLOPÆDIA of Commercial and Business [867] Anecdotes. Designed to exhibit, by nearly 3000 illustra

tive anecdotes and incidents, the piquancies and pleasantries of trade, commerce, and general business pursuits. Embellished with portraits and illustrative cuts. New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1864. 2 vols. large 8vo., double columns. Half calf, marbled edges. Illust.

Vol. I. pp. xxvii.-xxviii. Index, Vol. II. pp. 763–779. .:: The Stories and Anecdotes are divided into fourteen Parts, and alphabetical Lists of each Part are given at the beginning of the Volumes: in Vol. I. pp. xv.-xxv. and Vol. II. pp. iii. xii.

The Portraits (with four exceptions) are printed seven to a plate in small ovals. The Portraits of Nathan Rothschild, Fitz-Greene Halleck, Charles Lamb, and Washington Irving are given on whole-page sheets.

Klaczko, Julian. - Two CHANCELLORS: Prince Gortchakof and [868] Prince Bismarck. Translated from the Revue des deux

Mondes by Frank P. Ward. New York: Hurd and

Houghton. 1876. 12mo. Cloth. : The Author is a Polish refugee who relates the diplomatic history of Europe from 1855 to 1871 and sketches the lives of Gortchakof and Bismarck,“ the two most “ eminent men of the day.” The writer “ seeks to establish that Sadowa and Sedan” and the other“ prodigious events” of the ten years ending with the Franco-German War were " due to a conspiracy between Russia and Prussia, and that Prussia grasped “ the substance and Russia the shadow.”

Klinkowstrom, M. A. de.—METTERNICH'S MEMOIRS. See Metter

nich, Prince.

Knickerbocker, Diedrich (Pseud.].-HISTORY OF New-YORK. See

Irving, Washington. Knight, Charles (1791–1873).—HALF Hours with the Best Au[869] thors. With short Biographical and Critical Notices.

Philadelphia : Porter & Coates. [n. d. 1882.] 6 vols.

12mo. Half calf, top edges gilt. .: The work contains specimens of some 300 writers in 365 Chapters, the first of every seven being appropriate to Sunday reading.

Portraits of Spenser, James Boswell, J. Fenimore Cooper, William H. Prescott, Merle d'Aubigné, and Lord Byron are given as Frontispieces, one to each volume. Knight, Charles. See Shakespeare, William : (Pictorial Edition.) Knight, George W.-LAND GRANTS for Education in the N. W.

Territory. See American Historical Association.

Knight, Henry Gally.-ITALY, The Ecclesiastical Architectvre of: [870] from the time of Constantine to the Fifteenth Centvry:

With an Introdvction and Text. London: Henry Bohn. 1843. 2 vols. Folio. Half morocco. Plates, see each

Vol. a. t. ::: Each Volume has a handsomely illuminated Title-page: and each of the lithographic Illustrations is followed by a leaf of explanatory text.

An alphabetical List of the Churches, etc., illustrated has been prepared and placed with the work. The volumes are especially interesting as giving records of many of these Churches at periods before the recent “restorations” bad been undertaken. The comparison between their past and present condition lends an additional pleasure to the examination of the Plates.

The two Mosaics (Vol. I. pp. 23 and 27) are specially worthy of notice. Knight, William.—LIBRARY EDITION of Wordsworth. See Words

worth, William.

Knobloüchus, Ioannes [Knoblauch, Johann].—Passio DOMINI

NOSTRI JESU Christi. See Anonymous. Knox, John._FIRST, THE, Blast of the Trumpet (1558). See

Bookworm's Garner (Vol. IV.).(a) Knox, Thomas W.-DECISIVE BATTLES SINCE WATERLOO : The [871] most important military events from 1815 to 1887. Illus

trated. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1887. 8vo.

Half red morocco, top edges gilt. Maps and Plans a. c. .:: This is a kind of supplement to Sir Edward Creasy's “ Fifteen decisive battles of “the World from Marathon to Waterloo." The book describes 25 battles and has 57 Maps and Plans. The battles selected are :

Page Algiers: Battle of Staoueli and Fall of Algiers (1830), making it a colony of France

64 Ayacucho (1824), establishing the independence of the Peruvians

and terminating Spanish rule in South America Belgium, Liberation of: Capture of Antwerp (1832)

77 El Obeid, Annihilation of Hicks Pasha's Army (1883)

450 Five Forks, Battle of, and Lee's Surrender (1865)

289 Geok Tepe, Capture of (1881)

415 Gettysburg (1863)

230 Gravelotte (1870)


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Page Gujerat (1849): the Conquest of the Punjaub arising out of the Sikh disturbances

117 Khartoum, Fall of (1885)

465 Khiva, Fall of (1873), extending the Russian Empire

365 Lucknow and Cawnpore (1857–8), Prelude to the end of the Indian

154 Mexico, Capture of the City of (1847) :

91 Miraflores (1881), leading to the close of the Chili and Peru Contests 431 Monitor and Merrimac (1862), revolutionizing the Navies of the

•World Navarino (1827), establishing the independence of Greece

29 Pekin : Capture of the Peiho Forts and Pekin (1858–60)

Plevna, Fall of (1877): ending in the Treaty of Berlin
Prome (1825), establishing English Rule in Burmah

Sadowa (1866), establishing the supremacy of Prussia in Germany 308
Sebastopol, Fall of (1855): Capture of the Malakoff and Redan 133
Sedan (1870)

Silistria, Siege of (1829)

Solferino (1859): The Foundation of the United Italy of a few years

Vicksburg : Siege and Fall of (1863) :

260 Koehler, S. R.-ORIGINAL ETCHINGS by American Artists. Édi. [872] tion de Luxe, comprising 20 Etchings. New York:

Cassell & Company, Limited. (n. d.] Large folio. In

Portfolio. Half morocco, cloth sides, nickel lock and key. .:: This Work consists of Proof impressions of Twenty Original Etchings signed by the Artists, printed on Japan paper, and mounted on heavy board with French plate mats, size 19 X 24 inches.

This is one of an Edition limited to 200 copies. The second set of Plates, Proof impressions on India paper, and the descriptive Text are wanting.

The following is a list of the Etchers and Subjects : No.

Artists. 1. Church (F. S.), A. N. A. The Lion in Love. 2. Cole (J. Foxcroft)

The Three Cows. 3. Colman (Samuel), N. A. A cloudy day in Venice. 4. De Haas (M. F. H.), N. A. Fishing Boats on the Beach at Scheveningen. 5. Dielman (Frederick), N. A.

The Mora Players.

The best drawn of the twenty. 6. Elten (Kruseman Van), N. A. . The deserted Mill. 7. Farrer (Henry)

Winter Evening. 8. Gaugengigl (I. M.)

And drive dull Care away.

A man playing the fiddle, holding the bow

in his left hand. 9. Gifford (R. Swain), N. A. The Mouth of the Apponigansett. 10. Monks (J. A. S.).



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Plates. 11. Moran (Mrs. M. Nimmo) . . 'Tween the Gloamin' and the Mirk,

When the Kye come Hame. 12. Moran (Peter).

Harvest at San Juan, New Mexico. 13. Moran (Thomas), A. N. A. A Tower of Cortes. 14. Nicoll (J. C.), A. N. A. The Smugglers' Landing Place. 15. Parrish (Stephen)

The Inner Harbor, Gloucester. 16. Pennell (Joseph)

The Ponte Vecchio. 17. Platt (Chas A.)

Canal Boats on the Thames. 18. Smillie (Geo. H.), N. A. An old New England Orchard. 19. Smillie (Jas. D.), N. A.

At Marblehead Neck. 20. Wood (T. W.), V. P. N. A. His Own Doctor.


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Köhler, Heinrich.-POLYCHROME MEISTERWERKE der Monumenta[873] len kunst in Italien vom V. bis XVI. Jahrhundert dargestellt

durch 12 Perspectivische ansichten in Farbendruck-mit erläuterndem text-durch die munificenz der KöniglichPreussischen Regierung Unterstützt heraus-gegeben von Heinrich Köhler

unter mitwirkung der Herren Professor Gottfried Kinkel in Zürich (für die Englische sprache), Charles Hittorf in Versailles (für die Französische sprache), und Direktor Dr. Max Jordan in Berlin (für die Italienische sprache), bei übertragung der textesworte in die fremdem sprachen. Leipzig : Baumgärtner.

1880. Atlas folio. Half morocco, edges gilt. .:: This Work consists of twelve very fine perspective coloured views “of the finest “and best preserved Masterpieces from the period of the 5th to the 16th century.”

There is a “ Preface” (2 pp.), and each view is accompanied by a full descriptive
Text. The Preface and text are given in German, English, French, and Italian, in
parallel columns.
The twelve selected views are :-

2. Florence (near): S. Miniato.
11. Genoa: Loggia in the Palace of Andrea Doria.
4. Orvieto : Principal Façade of the Cathedral.
3. Palermo: Interior of the “ Capella Palatina.”
1. Ravenna : Interior of the Baptistery “San Giovanni in Fonte."
9. Rome: Interior of St. Peter's.

Interior of the Sistine Chapel, in the Vatican.
6. Interior of the Stanza “ Camera della Segnatura,” in the Vatican.

Interior of the “Stanza d'Eliodoro," in the Vatican. 8.

The “ Loggie” of Raphaēl. 10. Siena: Interior of the Library.

12. Venice : Sala del Collegio: in the Ducal Palace. A brief explanatory Memorandum has been prepared and placed with the work.

Köstlin, Julius.-LUTHER, LIFE OF: With Illustrations from au[874] thentic sources. Translated from the German. London:

Longmans. 1883. 8vo. Half morocco, top edges gilt.

63 Illust. a. c. .:: This is an Epitome by Köstlin of his larger work on the same subject published in 1875. The illustrations form one of the most attractive features of the book.

They comprise nine different portraits of Luther, viz: Frontispiece and pp. 140, 237, 247, 332, 362, 535, 570, and 579, all by Cranach (1472–1553), besides portraits of his father (p. 6), mother (p. 7), wife (pp. 333 and 363), daughter (p. 545), and facsimiles of his handwriting and of a portion of the Edict of Worms, with the signature of the Emperor Charles, all placed in the Appendix at the end of the Volume. Kramm, Christiaan.- DE LEVENS en Werken der Hollandsche [875] en Vlaamsche Kunstschilders, Beeldhouwers, Graveurs, en

Bouwmeesters van den vroegsten tot op onzen tijd: strekkende tevens tot vervolg op het werk van J. Immerzeel, Jr. Amsterdam: Gebroeders Diederichs. 1859-1864. 6

Vols. and Supplement in 3 Vols. Large 8vo. Half calf. . This is an account of the Lives and Works of the Dutch and Flemish Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and Architects from the earliest to our own times: it is intended to be used with and as a continuation of the Work of J. Immerzeel, Junior.

The six Volumes have one continuous pagination, 1910 pp.; but the Title-page of Vol. VI., between pp. 1600-01, is wanting. The Aanhangsel or Supplement is separately paged, and consists of 172 pp.

Vol. I. has a Frontispiece portrait of Herr Kramm. The works of Immerzeel and Kramm together form “ the most complete review of the Dutch and Flemish Schools.” Much information as to the Lives of the Artists can be gleaned which has not found its way into the ordinary Dictionaries and Biographies. This may be instanced by the account given of Jerome Wierix, whose impetuous discharge of a pewter pot at a landlady's head landed him in prison. The details of the provocation of the assault, and the consequent legal proceedings, imprisonment, and release, are told very fully and almost humorously. Krauss, Johann Ulrich (1645-1719).—HISTORISCHE BILDER BIBEL: [876] Augsburg. 1702. Folio. Old half sheep.

.:: This is now very scarce. It is the “ History of the Old and New Testaments” engraved by Krauss in 188 octavo plates, four of which are included in each folio page. Four of the folios are devoted to title-pages and architectural ornaments, and on the majority of the octavo plates two engravings are included, whilst on others as many as six or more are given, the small ones being inclosed in medallions. This is a complete copy, though the pages are here and there wrongly bound up: i. e., plate 122 precedes 121, and plates 145, 146, 147, and 148 are numbered 45, 46, 47, and 48, and plates 153, 154, 155, and 156 precede 149, 150, 151, and 152.

The Engravings are admirably executed and full of interest, though from the smallness of their size much of their attractiveness is lost.

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