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Art. XX. The History and Antiquities of Salisbury Cathe

dral, illustrat-d with a Series of Engravings of Views, Ele outions, Plans, und De'ails of tht Edifice, Etchings of ancient Sculpture, &c. &c. By John Brition, F.S.A. 4to.

106 pp. 31 Engravings. 31. 3s. Longman and Co. 1814. WE scarcely know an author to whom the public is more indebted tor laborious and varied works in ancient architecture, than to Mr. Brilion. He has gone over much ground in his researches, he has brought many hidden beauties to light, and has given an additional charm 10 those which were already known. His pl les are always good, and his desians correct; and when we remember the number and the varie y of his pube lications, and the reasonable rate at which the public by his Jabours, may po»st-ss themselves of the tinest specimens ot antiquiry, we shall not withhold from him the credit which is justly his due.

Salisbury is a Cathedral of such singular and such varied beauty, that many volumes may be published, and many

hun. dred views may be taken, before we shalı have seen it in all its perfect points of view, Mr. Britton has, by this work, added much 10 our store of architectural engravings, nor can we pass a higher compliment upon it, than by sa ing that the plates are truly worthy of the edifice which they embody. The pomis of view are happily selected, and the engravings skilfully executed, and cannot fail to afford high gratification to all the admirers of this elegant and magnificent pile.

Of Mr. Dodsworth's work we have already spoken in terms of deserved praise. Between that and the volume before us, we shall institute no comparisons. They are both highly desirable possessions to the lover of Gothic architecture, and enough still remains in Sal:sbury for any one who should be hardy enough to attempt even a third publication of its beauties.


DIVINITY. The Essential Difference between Christian Baptism, and the Baptism of John, more tolly stated and confirmed, in Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled, a " Plea for primitive Communion.” By Robert Hall, A.M. 8vo. 28.



Baptism, a Term of Communion at the Lord's Supper. By Joseph Kingo horn. 45.

Family Prayers, composed principally in Expressions taken from the Holy Scriptures, and from the established Services of the Church of England. By the Rev. Thomas Cotterill, A.M. Perpetual Curate of Lane End, Staliordshire, and late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 6s.

The Christian Embassy ; a Sermon preached at Gainsborough, May 31, 1816, at the Visitation of the Rev. Caley Illingworth, DD Archdeacon of Stow, and published at the Request of the Archdeacon and Clergy. By the Rev. G Smallpage, M.A. Vicar of W bikirk, Yorksbire, and of Laughton with Wildsworth, Lacolnshire. 1s.

The Right to Church Property secured, and the Commutation of Tithes vindi. cated. By kubert Guurley, Deptford Farm, Wilts. Es.

A Sermon delivered at the Cathedral of Ely, on Monday, June 17, before Mr. Justice Abbot, Mr. Justice Burrough, and Chief Justice Christian, on the Opemug of their special Commission for the Trial of the Rioters. By the Rev." sir lienry Bate Dudley, Bart. LL.D. Prebendary of Ely, &c.

A letter to a Clergyman of the Diocese of Ba:h and Wells, upon certain Claust s said to be contained in the proposed “ Eill to consolidate the Laws cauceramg spiri'ual Persons," and upon certain Resolutions relating to these Cluses, lateli adopted and publiibed by the Clergy of the Rural Deanery of, Cary m the said Diocese. From a Beneficed Clergyman of the Diocese of inncoln. 15. 60.

The Precept of Mutual Love; a Spital Sermon. preached at Christ Church, upon Easter Tuesday, 1816. By Richard Ranisden, DD a Senior of Trinity College', as d Deputy Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. 15. 60.

A Sermon on the Excellencies of the Established Liturgy of our National Charch, preached April 25, 1815, at Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, before J. Hicks 800 Oliver Hatch, Esgrs, and the rest of the Trustees of the worshipiul r'ompany of Cordwainers' Charity School. By the Rev. Henry White, A.M. Caraie of Ailhallows Basking, &c. 8vo. Ss.

Thoughis on the Tendeney of Bible Societies as effecting the Established Church and Christianity itself, as a " 'reasonable Service " By the Rev. A, 0-Callaghan, A M. Master of the College of Kilkenny. 25. 6d.

An Essay ou the Existence of a Supreme Creator, possessed of infinite Power, Wisdym, and Goodness: contaming also the Retulation, from Ruason and Ree relation, of the Objections urged against his Wisdom and Goodness; and deducing from the whole Subject ihe most important practical Inferences, (to which Bir. Burnett's first Prize vi £1,200 was udjudged at Aberdeen, Aug. 4, 1815). by William Laurece Brown, D.D. Pri.cipal of Marischal College, &c. To bicb is prefixed a Memoir, relating to the founder of the Prizes. % vols. 8vo. 11. ls,

The Doctrine of Regeneration ; a Sermon preached in St. Paul's, Covent Garden, May 30, 1816, at the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Middlesex. By Roderick Macleod, D.D. Rector of St. Anne's, Westminster. 18. 6d.

Å Sermod preached al Wakefield, May 30, 1816, at the Visitation of the Rer, Archdeacos. Markbam, MA. By the Rev. C. Bura, M.A. Rector of Higla Hoje lead. 15. 6d.


Report of the Proceedings in the Case of an Appeal, preferred by the Provost and Scholars oi King's College, Cambridge, against the Provost and Fellows of Eton College, to ne i oru Bishop of Lincoln, we Visitor of both Societies, Determined Ai g. 15, 1815. By Philip Williamus, of Lincoa's lun, Esq. Bariste at Law. Bro. 7o. 6d.


An Epitome of the Privileges of London, including Southwath, as granted by royal Charters, confirmed by Acts of Parliament, and established by ancient Custom ; with Remarks on the repeated Invasons of the Rights, Franchises, and Jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Great Britain. Digested and arranged by David Hagluson, LL.D. 5s.6d.

Practical Instructions for suing out and presenting a Commission of Bankrupt; with the best modern Precedents, and a Digest of supplemental Cases. By Eelward Christian, of Gray's Inn, Esq. Barrister, Professor of Law, and Chief Justice of the Isle of Ely. 8vo.


Dr. William Hunter's Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uteros; exhibited is Thirty-four targe Engravings, the Size of Nature, with a recommendatory Preface. By Thomas Denman, D.D. 51. 55.

A Letter to Sir Richard Carr Glyna, Bart. President of the Royal Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlehem, on the Treatment and Dismissal of the late medical Othcers of those Establishments. By Janres Upton, Esq. 13. 6d.

A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of Gout; cumprehending a general Vice. of the morbid State of the digestive Organs, and of Regimen, with some Ob. servations ou Rheumatism. by Charles Scudainorc, M.D. 870.

Observarions on the Harveian Doctrine of the Circnlation of the Blood. By George Kerr. 12mo. 4.



Monastic and Baronial Remains, with other interesting Fragments of Antiquity, in England, Wales, and Scotland. By G. J. Parkyns, Esq. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Illustrated with upwards of. One Hundred Plates. 46.

A Compendium of the History of Irelaud, from the carliest Date to the Reign of George I. By John Lawless, Esq. 10s. 6.

How to enjoy Paris ; being a Guide for the Traveller, and calculated for the Entertainment and Information of Persons who do not visit that City. A Chro. vological Account of the History of France, &c. By Peter Herve. 4 vols. 10s.

Nemoirs of the Ionian Islands, considered in a commerciai, political, and military Point of View; in which their Advantages of Position are described, as well as their Relations with the Greek Continent. By Gen. Guillaume de Vaudoucourt. Translated from the original inedited MS. By William Walter, Esq. 8vo. 153.

The History of the Isle of Man, with a comparative View of the past and present State of Society and Manners; containing also lographical Anecdotes of eminent Persons comuected with that Island. By H. A. Bullock, ten Years residcut in the Island. Svo. 15s.


Memoirs of the Life of the late Major-General Sir Robert Rolle Gillespier K.C.B. who fell in an Attack upon Kalunga, in the Nepaul. Taken from original Documents, and illustrated by an elegant Porirat, from an original Picture, painted at Calcutta, and a Piau of the Furt and Country where he lost bis valu. able Lite. 10s. 6d.

A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, from the Revival of Painting, and the alledged Discovery of Engraving by Faciguerra, to the piesent Time. By Michael Bryan. % vols. 4to. 51, 58.

The Panegyric of the late Samuel Wiritbread, Esq. M.P. By tha Rev. J. Whitehouse, formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Reciur of Orlingbury, Northamptonshire. 8vo. 2s. 60.

Menoirs of ļhe Early Life of William Cowper, Esq, written by Hinsell, and

never before published. To which is added, an Appendix, containing some ori. ginal Letters, &c. illustrative of the Memoir. Published by Permission of the Proprietops. 8vo. 4s.

Authentic Memoirs of the Life and Death of the Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with an Estimate of his Character and Talents. 8vo. 6d.

The Life of William Hutton, F.A.S.S. including a particular Account of the Riots at Birmingham in 1791. To which is subjoined, the History of his Family, written by Himsell, and published by his Daughter, Catharine Hutton. 8vo. 12s.



Useful Knowledge; or a Familiar and Explanatory Account of the various Pro ductions of Nature, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, which are chiefly employed for the Use of Man. By the Rev. Williain Bingley, A. M. 3 bls. 11. 15.

A Treatise on the Coal Mines of Durham and Northumberland, with Information relative to the Stratifications of the two Counties; and containing Accounts of the Explosions from Fire-damp, which have occurred therein for the last Twenty Years; their Causes, and the Neans proposed for their Remedy, and for the goo neral Inuprovements of the Mining System, by New Methods of Ventilation, &c. By J. H. H. Holmes, Esq. F.S.A. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Extraordinary Red Book, containing a List of all Places, Pensions, Sine eures, &c. with the various Salaries and Emoluments arising theretrom; exhibiting also a complete View of the National Debt, with an Account of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Public Money: with Nores, critical and explanatory. By : Cummoner. 8s.

The Speeches of the Right Hon. George Canvieg, during the recent Election at. Liscrpool. 1s. 6d.

A Leiter Missive from Sir Philip Francis, K. B. to the Right Hon. Lord Holland, Ex-abundanti. 3s 6d.

A Reply to the Examined Case and Trial of Mr. Sherson, of the Madras Anony. mous Establistunent. Also to March's Review of the Admiuisuation of Sir G. H. Barlow, Bart. Ss.

John Ball's Bible; or Memoirs of the Stewards and Stewardship of John Ball's Manor of Great Albion, from the earliest Times to the present. "By Democritus Poplicola. 8vo. 9s

Substance of a Speech delivered in the Court of Corumon Council, on a Motion to address H. R. H. the Prince Regent to accede to the late Treaty concluded between the Emperors of Russia and of Austria, and the King of Prussia. By W. Farell.' 25

Tie Sequel of an Attempt to ascertain the Author of the letters published under the Signature of Junius, in which the hitherto impenetrable Secret is, it is presumed, fully disclosed. By the Author of the Attempt. 15.

First Report of the Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee of thie Blouse of Cominons, appointed to inquire into the Education of the Lower Orders of the Metropolis. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, June 7, 1816. 5s.

An Inquiry into the Merits of the principal Naval Actions between Great Bri. tain and ibe United States : comprising an Account of all British and American Slips of War reciprocally captured and destroyed since June 18, 191%. By Wile liam Jainis. 59. 6d.

Observations upon the Oligarchy, or Committee of Soi-disant Saints, in a Loties to the Right Hon. Viscount Sidiqouth, Secretary of State.

Idea of a New Law for the Civilized World, recommended to the Consideration of France, Great Britain, and the American States: the Euaction of which would. før the future, ensure a satisfactory Method of going to War, and a Palliation of the Aliseries resulting from it. I'o which are subju:ned, Hints for Measures adapted to the Times, &c. By the Author of a Let:er from Athens. 3s.

POETRY. Moral Odes of Horace transluted. 35. Od. The War Fiend. By Thomas Brown, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Burversity of Edinburgh. 7s.




Poems, cbiefly on the Saperstition of Obeah. 4s. 6d.
Bonaparte, a Poein. bs.

Peregrine in France, a Lounger's Journal, in familiar Letters to his friend. 8vo. Ss. 6d.

An Impartial View of the Stage, from the Days of Garrick and Rich, to the prea sent Period; of the Causes of its degenerated and declining State; and showing the Necessity of a Reform in the System, as the only Means of giving Stability to the present Property of the two Winter Theatres. By Dramaticus. 98.

Is He Jealous? an Operetta, in one Act. By Samuel Beazley, Esq. 15. 6d.

The Lairds of Glenfern; or Highlanders of the Nineteenth Century. By Mary Johnsion. vols. 10s. 60.

Hermione ; or, the Defaulter. By Caroline Scott. vols. 10s. 6d.

A Practical Treatise on propelling Vessels by Steam. By Robert Baclanan, Civil Engineer. 8vo. 11.

An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood: with an Account of Engravers and their Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc Antonio Raimondi : including Observations on some of the first Books ornamented with Wood Cuts. By William Young Outley, F.S.A. 2 vols. 4to. 81. 8s.

An Hour in the Study: being a Collection of Essays on a Variety of interesting literary Subjects. By ihe Wisdomite Club. 12mo. 69. 60.

An Essay on the Principles and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Paso sage of Rivers ia military Operations. By Col. Sir Howard Douglas, Bart, F.R.S. 14s.

An Essay on a more efficient Method of Classical Instruction in its early stages, together with a Statement of its practical Application: in which the general Prin. ciple of the new Mode of Education is systematically applied, and other Improvements suggested. By R. Keynes, of Blandford. ižmo.3s.


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WORKS IN THE PRESS. - An History of Nipal, a Kingdom in the North of India : describing its Origin, Situation, Surface, Climate, and Inha. bitants; its Relations, Political and Commercial, with the British Dominions in Asia, Tibet, Tartary, and the Chinese Empire ; and the Rise and Progress of the present War.

Some Account of Ahantah and Fantyn, and the remaining Countries on the Gold Coast of Africa ; containing Notices of their Soil, Climate, and Productions, and of the Persons, Man. ners, Customs, Religion, Institutions, Arts, Trade, and comparative Civilization of the Inhabitants ; including Narratives of their more recent Wars, and Hints for the Developement of their ancient History, and the History of the African Slave Trade; and for an Inquiry into the original Country of the Negro Race.

Å new Edition of Newman's Spanish Dictionary, improved by Nir. Biown, with the Addition of upwards of Three Thousand Words, including the Terms of Art, Manufactures, and Commerce.

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