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HE present little volume has been

prepared with the view of illus

trating a few samples of the beautiful and instructive imagery, of which there is such an inexhaustible store contained in Holy Writ. The author has been induced to submit it to the indulgent perusal of the Christian public, partly, by the marked favour with which a cognate work of his, entitled “Emblems of Jesus," has been received, -ten thousand copies having, within the last few years, been circulated, both in this country, and in the American continent; and partly, by the humble hope, that it may be instrumental in leading his readers to a fuller appreciation of the propriety, design, and beauty of Scripture metaphors in general, and to a closer and more habitual attention to those lessons of heavenly instruction and consolation, which they are so forcibly calculated to convey to the heart.


October 1868.

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