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An Exhortation to the INHABITANTS

of South-CAROLINA, &c.


My Friends and Neighbours,

FTER an Absence of near fix Years from this Province (my native Country) and my

Arrival among you, I have beheld the Faces of many of the Inhabitants whom I have known, and been known to, fome Years: But the Novelty of my religious Sentiments, and Meanness of my Appearance, has, I find, render'd me despicable in your Eyes; which has been obvious, when a Few of us, called Quakers, have imet to worship the Supreme Being in a Manner agreeable to the best of our Understanding and Knowledge: And tho' some perhaps may stile our Principles * and Tenets by the hard Name of Heresy, and our Mode or Manner of Worship, ridiculous or absurd ; nevertheless, we are humbly of Opinion, they are neither unfcriptural nor unchristian, having, as we think, the Sanction and Authority of our Lord himself, the Example of the primitive Believers, and right Reason on our Side.

But notwithstanding, as I have noted, that I have suffered your Ridicule and Reproach, as I am


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* Any Person who desires to be informed of the Principles of the Quakers, is referred to Robert Burclay's Apology, since I find we are oftentimes condemn’d unheard. But be shut answereth a Matter before be beareth it, it is Folly and shame unto him, Prov. xviii, 13. The Apology may be had of the Printer hereof, in George Yurd, Lombard-Street.

conscious ic is for no other than Obedience to the
Will of my heavenly Master, whose I am, and
whom I serve, I am willing to become more vile
in your Eyes ; which, it is more than probable,
I shall appear, when I expose the following Lines
to your Observation and Censure. I would not
have you imagine that any Consideration, less than
his Favour, could have prevailed with me to have
appeared thus publickly in Print, or otherwise; for
could I,with any Easetomy own Mind, have evaded
this, or been excused from returning to this place
(as I apprehended it was required of me by the
Almighty) you had never beheld my Face in the
Province, much less

any Performance of this Sort
in publick. I am not insensible, that the Reason
I have for writing, as well as the Subject itself,
may probably be consider'd as the Production of a
distemper'd and enthusiastick Brain ; as it is possi-
ble, on such a novel and uncommon Occasion, as
a Woman's appearing on the Behalf of God and
Religion, you may (as others have done in the
like Circumstances) be induced to consider such
an One under fome unaccountable Delusion, oraf-
fected with religious Madness; and more especially,
as the Things recommended to your Confideration,
are offer'd by a simple Female of your own Country:
Some, in this case, I expect,will afford me a Smile
of Contempt, while others (acted by a more gene-
rous Passion) pity my Folly, and kindly with me a
Return of my Senses: But however this may be, I
have considered, that from the earliest Ages of
Christianity, and indeed in all preceeding Time,
those who refused to conform to the Usage and
wicked Customs of the Age, and lived a Self-deny-



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ing Life, Their Lives were counted Madness by the World, and their End to be without Honour : Not considering that religious Minds despise and contemn all worldly Honour, and earthly Preferment, seeking that only which comes from God, and which he is pleased to distinguish those by, who honour him (by walking in Conformity to his Laws and Precepts) as he himself declares, Those who honour me, I will honour ; but those who despise me, shall be lightly esteemed.

But before I proceed to what the Title-page mentions, I shall premise one Proposition, on which all I have to offer, will greatly depend, viz. That all Mankind have a Measure and Manifestation of the Light, Spirit, or Grace of God, given them to profit withal. This Doctrine of the universal Extent of the Grace of God, the People called Quakers hold in a peculiar Manner, and are distinguished by, from some other diffenting Sects, who generally limit God's Gifts of his holy Spirit, or saving Means, to what they call The Elect; and assert, that the rest of Mankind are (as they term it) passed by, or denied the Means of Salvation, being * predestinated from all Eternity to De struction.

However, we say that this Gift of the holy Spirit, or Grace of God, is bestowed on all Mankind without Exception, agreeable to the Affertion of the Apostle Paul; The Grace of God, which órings Salvation, hath appeared to all Men, teaching

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* To refute the Doctrine of Predestination, read Doctor Whitby on the New-Tefument; and his Discourses on the Five Controverted Points.

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us, that denying Ungodliness, and the World's Lusts, we si:ould live righteously, joberly and godly in this present World. But tho' all Men have received this Talent of Grace, or Manifestation of the Spirit of Christ, all are not saved, as Men may rebel against, or quench the Spirit ; and, by frustrating its Motions, render it ineffectual. Under the Law it is said, The Almighty gave of his good Spirit to the Jews to instruct them, but they rebelled against it, Nehemiah ix. 20. And the Prophet Isaiah. also tells us, They rebelled, and vexed God's holy Spirit. And, under the Gospel, the Apostle Paul cautions the Thessalonians against quenching the Spirit, or extinguishing the Light, and hindering the consuming Force, that would destroy Sin and Iniquity in the Heart,

Thus, according to the Testimony I have offered, and

many I might produce, all Men have received a Proportion of Light and Grace, but all have not obey'd its Leadings; all have heard, but all have not obeyed : However, this internal Monitor or Director, is ready on all Occasions (if we will apply to it for Knowledge and Help) to instruct us in our Duty, and assist us in overcoming the Temptations of the great Adversary of our Souls Happinís ; but we must diligently attend to its Voice, and not only hear, but obey its Instructions, that our Souls

may live.

But some have said to me, We grant that Christians ought to walk agreeable to the Diętates of the Spirit of Christ; but the Quakers make the Guidance and Direction of the Spirit necessary in trivial and indifferent Matters ; nay, sometimes they offer its Dištațes as a Reason for many Things accounted by


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