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gentle creature who was the victim. With thee from thy house-such offerings are brow unblanched, and with a glow of an abomination to the Lord, and to generous self-devotion, she said to Jephthah punish thee for thy rashness, he hath sent

"My father, if thou hast opened thy thy daughter forth.” Jephthah answered mouth to the Lord, do unto me as thou with a groan of anguish. hast vowed. Thy God hath made thee “ This sacrifice being forbidden by our conqueror over thy enemies—the children laws, the person offered can be redeemed of Ammon have fallen before thee; and if with money, and for a youthful female the I am to be the price of victory, take me priests demand ten sheckles.” and do unto me according to thy vow. I She may then be saved ? and the people die for my country and for my father-in were preparing to shout with joy, at her that death there is no bitterness." At deliverance, when a wave from the elder's the request of the elders who now hand restrained them. approached, Jephthah descended from his “Thou hast said, such, coming forth to chariot, and, accompanied by them and meet thee, shall surely be the Lord's, and, his daughter, he entered his habitation. by the laws of our holy Moses things thus Here he threw himself upon the ground, devoted cannot be redeemed.A sigh covered his head with dust, and refused burst from many a bosom when they heard all his child's endeavours to comfort him. this cruel sentence. - Listen, Jephthah to

Meanwhile the elders consulted aside, thy daughter's destiny-thou hast devoted upon the best measures to be pursued in her to be the Lord's, and as the Lord's this sorrowful and unexpected emergency. her days must be spent in his service. That Jephthah should sacrifice his daughter She is henceforth for ever dead to the was not to be thought of, since, to offer world, and dead to thee! She must be her as a burnt-offering would be worthy taken to Shiloh, where in perpetual virgin only of an idolater-it was an impossible, seclusion her days must pass in the serunheard of, detestable crime. But on the vice of the tabernacle. She belongs no other side, it was urged, he had made a more to man, but must be kept as holy to solemn vow to the Lord, and perhaps in the Lord.” With this decree the people consequence of that vow he had received were satisfied, and Jephthah was relieved. the victory--must he now refuse to per- Still, his daughter was lost to him for form his vow? What evils might not the ever, and if not called upon to die, was Lord, in anger, inflict upon them, if that doomed to a lonely life. How bitterly were so.

was his rash vow now repented ! His Many days were passed in sorrow, and cherished child, she whom he looked upon in deep perplexity by the people of Gilead. | as the light and comfort of his declining At last, it was determined by a council of years, must be to him as dead! To her, elders, that a deputation of their number this destiny was worse than death. She should be sent to Shiloh, in order to had wrought her soul up to the great obtain the advice of the priests of the sacrifice of her life, but thus to lose home, tabernacle upon this difficult and unhappy and all held dear to see none else but matter. The time of their absence was strangers near her--to surrender that fond passed in great anxiety by the people, and hope, so cherished by her countrywomen, in deep humiliation and anguish by Jeph- of being the Saviour's mother, brought to thah. Their approach was at length her young bosom a chill, as if from the descried from the watch-tower—they en- tomb. Her fair brow was but a moment tered the city, and, followed by a train of clouded. No reproachful word came from eager citizens sought the unhappy Jephthah her lip, but with a smile of heroic forti. who still remained upon the ground as tude she turned to Jephthah.-"Cheer they had left him, clothed with sackcloth, thee, my father! I am raised from and covered with ashes.

death,” she said. “My life, devoted to "Hear, 0 Jephthah, the message of the my God, and given for my country, must high-priest of Israel!" -- said the chief : be a happy one, for God will not willingly of the elders —" Unlike a worshipper of afflict his child.” Jephthah threw his arms Israel's God, thou hast vowed to offer in around his daughter, wetting her glossy burnt sacrifice the first that came to meet 'locks with bitter tears. “Remember, thou hast many duties, and many honours father! Thou art a Judge of Israel. Thy THE WORK-TABLE FRIEND. brow is surrounded by a halo of glory, and thou hast much to render life dear to

HAND-SCREEN IN CROCHET. thee. Thou wilt forget this anguish soon, Materials-2 skeins of coarse purse silk, blue,

green, or crimson ; 2 skeins of gold thread, the

same size; half-a-yard of white satin ; half-a-yard country's service, will find peace at last.”

of silk to match the netting silk; 3 yards of ornaJephthah strained her to his heart in mental cord; some stout cardboard, and wadspeechless sorrow. How could he part ding; a pair of handles. with this sweet child so lately restored to With the silk make a chain of eight him! now become far dearer as her filial stitches, close it into a round, and work on tenderness, her heroism, and her reli. it 16 stitches in Sc. gious faith became thus known to him. 2nd Round.—+1 Ch, miss none, 1 Dc, The maiden turned towards the elders. + 16 times.

"I bow to the high-priest's decree, as a 3rd Round.-- +2 Ch, Dc on Dc, + 16 most righteous one,” she said, “ and I will times. yield me to his will. This only I would | 4th Round.-- + 3 Ch, Dc on Dc, + 16 ask-give me some little time for prepa- times. ration; to take farewell of all the friends 5th Round.- + 4 Ch, Dc on Dc, + 16 and scenes so dear?after this, I will ac- times. company ye to Shiloh."

6th Round.-- + 9 Ch, miss 6, Tc under The elders willingly acceded to her the 7th, + 11 times missing 7 three times, request, and then departed.

instead of six. Some time was passed in preparation, | 7th Round.-- 8 Ch, + 5 Dc, the centre and in endeavours to soothe the sadness of one coming over the Tc of last round, 6 her father : and then the daughter of Jeph- / Ch, + repeat all round. End with 7 Ch. thah, accompanied by her young female 8th Round.- + 7 Dc, 5 centre coming companions, her friends and attendants, over the five of last round, 6 Ch, + all set out upon a pilgrimage among the city's round. End with eight chain. environs, to bid farewell to all those 9th Round.-- +9 Dc, one coming over friends and places, among whom her child- each Dc, and one at each side, 6 Ch, +. hood's happy days were spent. She all round. Join on the gold, and work it passed from one spot to another among | in to the last 9 Dc, ending with 9 chain, the beautiful mountain scenery of Gilead, made with the gold thread. bidding an adieu to every cherished scene. 10th Round. - In this round all the Dc

With her companions she bewailed her are made with silk, and the chain with hapless lot, and mourned that she must gold. At the conclusion of it, fasten off lose the hopes of seeing the promised the silk, and work with gold only. + 11 Saviour among her descendants. She Dc, coming as the nine, 9 Ch + 10 times; then returned to her father's house, who 11 Dc as before. : solemnly surrendered her into the hands 11th Round. + 4 Ch, Dc on the of the elders, and was taken to Shiloh. centre of 9 Ch, 4 Ch, Dc on the first of

The loss of Jephthah's daughter was an. 11 Dc, 4 Ch, Tc on the centre of 11 Dc, nually commemorated by the daughters of 4 Ch, Dc on the last of 11 Dc, + all Israel at Gilead. Every year, upon the round. anniversary of this sad event, they walked 12th Round. + 7 Ch, 3 Dc, the centre in procession through the same paths she over the 1 Dc on the 9 Ch, 7 Ch, 3 Dc, had trod with them, when bidding her the centre over the Tc + all round. early home adieu. The character which 13th Round. - Dc over the centre of we have endeavoured to render familiar to every three Dc, and on the 4th of every 7 the minds of our readers, is full of fruit- / Ch, with 5 Ch between, in every instance. ful incident for reflection; and it is im- | End with 5 Ch. possible to feel otherwise than deeply im | 14th Round.- +3 Dc, the 2nd coming pressed by the dutiful obedience of the on the 1 Dc over 7 Ch, 9 Ch, + repeat heroine of our subject to the stern dictates all round. End with 7 Ch, and join on of Jephthah's rash vow.

the silk, which use for the remainder.

put on the crochet, over the white satin, and trim it with two rounds of cord.

In the pattern, two different kinds of cord are used. Both are crimson and white, and they are laid so that the twist is reversed.

The handles are put on with gilt nails.

Many screens are trimmed with a deep silk fringe, which has a very rich and beautiful effect.


EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEF. Materials.-1 square of fine French cambrie, with W. Evans & Co.'s scarlet and white embroidery cotton, No. 50.

We give the corner of this handkerchief the full size, as the pattern can be traced from it, and only requires to be repeated for the whole border. The edge, it will be seen, is formed of two scallops, worked in graduated button-hole stitch, and intersecting each other. One of these should be worked in scarlet cotton, and the other in white; but as scarlet is rather expensive, the tracing of the whole should be done with white, as well as the running in of the threads which raise the surface for the satin stitch. The eyelet-holes, after being traced, are cut out, and worked round in button-hole stitch. The flowers are done as in Broderie Anglaise. Either the flowers or the eyelet-holes should be done in scarlet.

We have selected the initial E as being one of the most generally useful. It has a very beautiful effect, when worked. The outlines of the letter are intended to

represent the branches of a tree, and may HAND-SCREEN IN CROCIIET,

be done in scarlet embroidery ; the grapes BY MRS. PULLAN.

are formed of very small eyelet-holes,

which, with the stem, are sewed over. The 15th Round.-- +7 Dc, over 3 Dc and leaves are in very fine and delicate satin 2 Ch on each side, 5 Ch + all round.

stitch, and the veinings are worked in 16th Round.—+11 Dc, over 7 Dc and

scarlet cotton. The fruit, leaves, and 2 Ch on each side, 3 Ch, + all round.

tendrils, are white. 17th Round.- + 13 Ch, over 11, and 1

Handkerchiefs embroidered in colours chain on each side, 3 Ch; + all round.

should be done on fine, but thick cambric: 18th Round.- + 3 Ch, miss 3, 1 Dc, + |

not the transparent kind; for which, not all round.

being used in evening toilette, they are 19th Round.-All Dc, increasing enough not suitable. to make the work quite flat.

For instructions in marking and workTo make up the screen, cut out a rounding embroidery, see No, y of the New of cardboard, the size of the crochet; lay i

Series of the Family Friend. wadding on both sides of it, and cover it with the satin on one side, and with the

INSTRUCTIONS IN CANVASS WORK. silk on the other, bringing this latter a

The necessity for giving the additional little over the edge. Sew them together : ! stitches in Point Lace, prevented us from


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fulfilling our promise to complete the fine canvass has the threads close and subject of Embroidery, by giving direc- fine ; in coarse canvass they are thick, tions for that branch of it which is usually and far apart. The sizes are distin.. called Canvass, or Berlin Tapestry work. guished by numbers, which are given Our present article will be confined wholly according to the number of threads in the to this subject; and we will begin by inch. It follows that the size of a piece describing the materials usually em- of work depends wholly on the canvass ployed.

employed,-a fact not unfrequently forCANVAss of some kind forms the founda. gotten by those who order designs to be tion on which every kind of Berlin or drawn to fill a certain space. Imagine, tapestry is worked. It is a fabric woven for instance, that a coat of arms is to be generally of cotton or silk, and known as drawn, to be worked for the back of a German, French, Penelope, and silk chair. Unless the size of the canvass on

which it is to be done, it is impossible to



draw it satisfactorily; for supposing that Penelope canvass takes its name from the width of the drawing were 100 cross presenting the appearance of canvass that stitches, it would be about 14 inches wide; has been worked, and the work picked out if worked on No. 12 canvass, and worked again. Every two threads are nearly close on No. 40, it would be just 5 inches. together, and have a space between them If done in tent-stitch, it would be just and the next two. It can only be worked half the size each way; nor are the num- in cross stitch. bers of canvass I have given the extremes. The squares being so much more readily of either coarse or fine.

seen than in ordinary canvass, this work is The coarsest canvass in general use is much less trying to the eyes. The Travel No. 6, which has 9 threads in an inch. ling-bag, given in this Number, is worked From that number up to 24 (progressing on Penelope Canvass. by 2, 6, 8, 10, &c.) there are always three We resume the subject next month. threads more than the number of the canvass, in the inch. 30 has 31 threads only; 40 has but 35, and 50 only 37.


the daughter of Order, and is descended This is the finest canvass in general use. To enable our friends to select patterns

in a right line from Wisdom; she is

closely allied to Carefulness. Thrift, and canvass that will really suit them, we

Honesty, and Religion; she has been edugive the following Table :

cated by Good Sense, Benevolence, ObserIn No.6 canvass, 100 stitches make 21 inches

vation, and Experience; and she is the No.8 No. 10

mother of Cleanliness, Economy, ProNo. 12

vident Forethought, Virtue, Propriety, and No. 14

Domestic Happiness. No. 16

Muddle is descended from the ancient No. 18 No. 20

but dis-honourable family of Chaos; she No. 22

is the child of Indifference and want of No.24

Principle; educated alternately by DawdNo. 30 No. 40

ling, Hurry, Stupidity, Obstinacy, MeanNo. 50

ness, and Extravagance; secretly united Any pattern worked in tent - stitch

at an early age to Self-conceit; and occupies one-half the width and length pa

parents to Procrastination, Falsehood,

Dirt, Waste, Disorder, Destruction, and that it would take if cross stitch were used. GERMAN COTTON CANVASS is distin

Desolation.-Home Truths for Home Peace. guished by every tenth thread being yellow. This is convenient for counting, but the PROMISES.-There is a sort of people canvass itself is of very inferior quality, in the world of whom the young and the squares are not true, and it is not inexperienced stand much in need to be nearly so strong as the French canvass. warned. These are the sanguine proIn consequence of these defects, it is not misers. They may be divided into two much used.

sorts. The first are those who, from a French Cotton Canvass is that generally foolish custom of fawning upon all those used ; and to it the scale we have given they come in company with, have acquired more particularly refers.

a habit of promising to do great kindness, Silk canvass (sometimes called Berlin which they have no thought of performcanvass), is not made in nearly so many ing. The other are a sort of warm people, sizes as the common sort; those most in who, while they are lavishing away their use have 21, 29, 34, and 40 threads to the promises, have really some thought of inch.

| doing what they engage for ; but afterSilk canvass is chiefly used for pieces wards, when the time of performance that are not to be grounded. It requires comes, the sanguine fit being gone off, great care in working, as the threads and the trouble or expense appears in another wools must not be carried from one part to light; the promiser cools, and the expectanother, at the back of the work, lest they ant is bubbled, or perhaps greatly injured should be seen through the canvass. | by the disappointment.


in cross stitch.

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