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I had no sooner said this, than it flashed THE POWER TO SHUN EVIL. through my mind that I was neither thinkA LESSON FOR THE YOUNG.

| ing nor intending right; and so, after a

short struggle with myself, I repressed the “ REMEMBER,” said Mr. Barton, as he feeling from which I was about to act.” sat talking with his children, " that no “How did you repress it, my daughter ?matter how severely you may at any time asked the father. be tempted, you, need not fall. Simply “By calling it evil, and, because it was refrain from doing the evil to which you evil, resolving not to let it influence my are strongly inclined, and you are safe. actions." The power thus to refrain is given to “ Did you find this a very difficult task, every one."

Mary?"" “Yes, I know that it is so," replied his “Oh, no.” daughter Mary; "for I have proved it! “And you have experienced an inward over and over again. Even to-day I found it peace and satisfaction of mind ever since easy to do right, when I was strongly tempt- this determination to shun what was evil ?” ed to do wrong. Last week I called in to said Mr. Barton. see Clara Lee. She was working a collar 1 “0, yes," returned Mary, "an inward from a most beautiful pattern that pleased peace that I can hardly describe.” me very much. I asked her if she would " And such peace will follow every act not lend it to me, when she had finished , of shunning what is wrong; while, on the her collar, that I might work one from it other hand, the sure consequence of acting for myself. But she declined doing so, with from a selfish or evil purpose, is a disa manner that hurt me.

turbance of the mind, that robs it of all "That was hardly kind," remarked Mr. true delight. Ever bear this in rememBarton. “Why did she do so ?"

brance, my children; and also bear in re“I believe she did not wish me or any- membrance, that it is not a hard thing to one else to have a collar precisely like shun what is evil. All that is required is this one. In fact, I know it, -for she said a sincere effort to do so; and then there so to Ellen Maylie; and also told her that will flow into your minds an instant and she had burned the pattern to keep any- | all-sufficient power. This power comes one else from getting it."

from the Source of all Good-from God.” “That was certainly not acting from a very good spirit,” said the father.

"I think not,” replied Mary. “But I BENEVOLENCE OF DR. GOLDSMITH.was tempted to act in a spirit very little, A poor woman understanding that Dr. if any better. I must own that I felt Goldsmith had studied physic, and hearing annoyed at Clara's selfishness. Instead of his great humanity, solicited him in a of pitying her weakness, and being sorry letter to send her something for her husfor what was wrong in her, I rather per- band, who had lost his appetite, and was mitted myself to be half angry, and to reduced to a most melancholy state. The feel a wish to be even with her. To-day good-natured poet waited on her instantly! the opportunity was offered for gratifying and, after some discourse with his patient, this feeling. I called upon Harriet found him sinking into sickness and Wilford, and she showed me a book full poverty. The doctor told him they should of lace patterns that her uncle had sent hear from him in an hour, when he would her over from Paris. In looking through send them some pills, which he believed it, my eyes lit upon a pattern precisely would prove efficacious. He immediately like the one Clara had, and instantly I went home, and put ten guineas into a said — Oh! isn't this beautiful! Won't chip box, with the following label : “ These you let me work myself a collar like it?' must be used as necessities require : be

Certainly,' she replied ; 'from that or patient and of good heart.” He sent his any other pattern in the book.' 'Won't servant with this prescription to the comI take her by surprise,-I remarked to fortless mourner, who found it contained myself, with a glow of satisfaction at the a remedy superior to anything Galen or chagrin that Clara would experience! But his tribe could administer.

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GENTLEMAN'S PURSE, BY MRS. PULLAN. Ch, Dc under the same, Dc under the the same, Dc under the next. + 16 times. oint 3 Ch, Dc under the same stitch. Fasten off the green wool. Join on the liss 1, De under the 2nd, 2 Ch, Dc pink twine. Inder the same, miss 1 Dc under the 2nd, 1 5th Round.Sc between every 2 Dc, with

Ch, Dc under the same, 3 Ch, + 16 3 chain between. mes.

This completes the round. The bows 4th Round. With the green wool + in the centre are made with the silver c under the 2nd chain of 3, 2 Ch, Dc twine, thus:-16 Ch, form into a round, nder the next Ch, 3 Ch, Dc under the + 1 Sc, 12 Ch, 11 Sc on the Ch, Sc on ame; Dc under the next (which is the the round, + 8 times. hain at the point), 3 Ch, Dc under the 6th Round.-Sc all round every one of ame, Dc under the riext, 3 Ch, Dc under these points, catching up a thread at the

edge of the white circle, at the extremity 9th Round.- + 2 white, 4 beads, 1 of each one, joining them at equal dis- brown, 1 bead, 6 brown, 2 beads off the tances. With the green wool work on the brown, 5 brown, 1 bead, 1 brown, 4 beads, edge of the white round, + Sc, 3 Ch, miss 2 white, 1 bead, + 4 times. The word 1, to all round.

steel, will indicate a steel bead off the To make up the watchpocket, cut a brown silk, in future rounds. round piece of cardboard, 2 inches in dia. 10th Round +2 white, 1 bead, 1 meter, and cover it with silk on both sides. brown, I bead, 8 brown, 1 steel, 1 brown, Sew it under the white round, then, with 1 steel, s brown, 1 bead, 1 brown, 1 bead, a strong needle and thread, fasten on the 2 w..0, 1 bead, + 4 times. hook, sewing down beneath it the chain Ilth Round.-- +1 white, 2 beads, 1 which formed the foundation of the bows. brown, 1 bead, S brown, 1 steel, 1 brown,

Add the ribbon, to suspend the pocket.. 3 steel, 6 brown, 1 bead, I brown, 2 beads,

We have given a pretty combination of 1 white, 1 bead, + 4 times. colours, but any others may be used that! 12th Round.-- +1 white, 2 beads, 10 would harmonize with the furniture of the brown, 1 steel, 1 brown, 1 steel, 1 brown, 1 bed.

steel, 8 brown, 2 beads, 2 white, + 4


13th Round. + 2 steel, 12 brown, 4

steel, 9 brown, 2 steel, 1 white, + 4 times. Materials-3 skeins of rich claret-brown purse Fasten off the white silk, 1 skein of brilliant cerise ditto, I skein of white, 6 strings of transparent white glass beads,

14th Round. + 2 steel, 7 brown, 2 and a hank of steel ditto of the same size, with steel, 2 brown, 1 steel, 13 brown, 3 steel, a few steel bugles, and two slides.

+ 4 times. THREAD about four strings of steel beads 15th Round. +steel, 7 brown, S on the white silk, and four more on the steel, 12 brown, 2 steel, + 4 times. brown ; also, the white beads on the cerise. 16th Round.-- +1 steel, 6 brown, 4 With the white silk, make a chain of 120 steel, 2 brown, 1 steel, 1 brown, 3 steel, 1 stitches, join into a round and work one brown, 2 steel, 1 brown, 2 steel, 4. brown, 1 round of Sc.

steel, 1 brown, + 4 times. 1st Pattern round. + 10 silk, 1 bead, 17th Round.- +1 steel, 6 brown, 1 3 silk, 1 bead, 3 silk, 1 bead, 11 silk, + 4 steel, 1 brown, 3 steel, 1 brown, 2 steel, times.

4 brown, 5 steel, 4 brown, 1 steel, 1 brown, 2nd Round.- + 6 silk, 1 bead, 2 silk, 2 + 4 times. beads, 2 silk, 3 beads, 2 silk, 2 beads, 2 18th Round.-- +1 steel, 9 brown, 1 steel, silk, 1 bead, 7 silk, + 4 times.

2 brown, 3 steel, 3 brown, 4 steel, 5 brown, 3rd Round.- + 6 silk, 1 bead, 2 silk, 3 1 steel, 1 brown, + 4 times. beads, 1 silk, 3 beads, i silk, 3 beads, 2 19th Round.- + 14 brown, 6 steel, 10 silk, 1 bead, 7 silk, + 4 times.

brown, + 4 times. 4th Round.- + 6 silk, 2 beads, 1 silk, 20th Round.- + 14 brown, 1 steel, 15 11 beads, 1 silk, 2 beads, 7 silk, + 4 brown, + 4 times. times.

21st Round.- +7 brown, 3 steel, 3 5th Round.- + 3 silk, 1 bead, 1 silk, brown, 2 steel, 15 brown, + 4 times. 19 beads, 1 silk, 1 bead, 4 silk, + 4 times. 22nd Round.- + 8 brown, 3 steel, 1 Join on the brown silk.

brown, 5 steel, 13 brown, + 4 times. 6th Round.- + 3 white (silk), 1 bead, Join on the cerise silk, and drop a white 1 white, 5 beads, 1 brown, 3 beads, 1 brown, bead from it, whenever directed. 3 beads, 1 brown, 5 beads, 1 white, 1 bead, 23rd Round.- +11 brown, 1 white, 1 4 white, + 4 times.

brown, 7 white, 3 brown, 2 white, 5 brown, 7th Round- +3 white, 3 beads, 11 + 4 times. brown, 2 beads, 2 brown, 1 bead, 5 brown, 24th Round.- + 9 browni, 12 white, 1 1 bead, 2 hrown, 2 beads, 1 brown, 3 beads, brown, 1 white, 7 brown, + 4 times. 4 white, + 4 times.

25th Round.- + 9 brown, 1 white, 1 8th Round.- + 3 white, 3 beads, 1 brown, 13 white, 6 brown, + 4 times. brown, 1 bead, 13 brown, 1 bead, 1 brown, 26th Round.- + 11 brown, 11 white, 8 3 beads, 4 white, + 4 times.

| brown, + 4 times.

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