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, k open, 3 close, 2. open, close! 4141st Row: Decrease 1, 1 open, 2 close, pen, 3 close, + 1 open, 2 close, + twice;. 41 open, 2 close, 1 open. Decrease 1. role open, 2 close, I open, 2 close, 2 open, 1 42nd Row. -Slip I, 1 Sc, Dc over open lose, 1 open, 2 close, 11 open, 1 close. squares, 2 open, 2 close, 37 open, 2 close, 2

open, 5 Dc, 1 Sc, 1 Slip. 29th Row. -1 close (over open), 1 open, 43rd Row.Slip 1, 1 Sc, Dc over open, close, 11 open,

1 close, 1. open, 1 close, 2 open, 3 close, 31 open, 3 close, 2 open, open,

I close, 3. open, 9 close, 3 open, 3 finish as 42nd. close, 1 open, 3 close, 8 open, 1 close, 2 44th Row.--Slip 1, 1 Sc, Dc over open, open, 2 close, 9 open, 1 close, 1 open, 1 open, 4 close, 28 open, 4 close, 3 open,


solo 920 30th Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 10 45th Row.—Begin and end as last; 4 1 close, 7 open, 4 close, 2 open, 4 close, open over close, 4 close, 15 open, 4 close,

open, 5 close, 2 open, 7 close, 22 open, 1'| 4 open. Ools. lose. Decrease 1.

46th Row.—Begin and end as last. Open 31st Row.—1 close (over open), 1 open, squares over 4 close, and close over all the close, 18 open, 2 close, 1 open, 1 close, 1 open. pen, 4 close, 1 open, 5 close, 4 open, 47th Row.-- Begin and end as last. Open lose, I open, 1 close, 2 open, 1 close, 20 squares over all the close.

11990 pen, 1 close, 1 open, 1 close.

48th Row.-Work over the open squares 32nd Row.Decrease one at each end of only in De, beginning and ending with a his and every following row, till further Sc stitch. irections. Decrease close, 16 open,

close, 1 open, 1 close, + 1 open, 2 close, - twice ; 2 open, 3 close, 2 open, 1 close, BEAD BORDER.-Work on the wrong

open, 7 close, 1 open, 2 close, 18 open, 1 side. 4 Sc at the beginning and end of lose. Decrease 1.

every row, and the following pattern re33rd Row.Decrease 1, 1.close, 16 open, peated 6 times, and as far as the + once close, 3 open, 2 close, 6 open, 2 close, 2 more.

dette Wan 1920 pen, 1 close, + 1 open, 3 close, + twice; 1st Row.---5 beads, 2 cotton, 1 bead, 61 open, 1 close, 1 open, 3 close, 14 open, 1 cotton, 3 beads, 5 cotton, + 6 cotton, lose. Decrease 1.

beads, 4 cotton. 34th Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 13 open, 2nd Row.--1 cotton, 5 beads, 1 cotton, 2) close, 4 open, 2 close, 2 open, 1 close, 1 beads, 4 cotton, 4 beads, 5 cotton, + 5am pen, 1 close, 3 open, 1 close, 2 open, 1 cotton, 1 bead, 3 cotton, 1 bead, 3 lose, + 1 open,

2 close, + twice : 2 open, 3rd Row.--1 cotton, 2 beads, 2 cotton, 5 t close, 4 open, 1 elose, 12 open, 1 close. beads, 3 cotton, 2 beads, 1 cotton, 1 bead, Decrease 1.

5 cotton, + 8 cotton, 1 bead, 1 cotton, 19. 35th Row.-Decrease 1,1 close, 11 open, bead, 2 cotton.

goin T. close, 5 open, 2 close, 2 open, 5 close, 2 4th Row.- + 2 cotton, 3 beads, + twice ; qu pen, 2 close, + 5 open, 1 close, + twice; 2 cotton, 2 beads, 1 cotton, 2 beads, 5 cot5 open, 1 close. Decrease 1.

ton, + 6 cotton, 3 beads, 2 cotton, 1 bead, ols 36th Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 21 open, 1 cotton, 1 beau, 1 cotton. close, 1 open, 1 close, 3 open, 2 close, 5 5th Row.—4 cotton, 3 beads, 1 cotton, SI pen, 1 close, 20 open, 1 close. Decrease 1. beads, 1 cotton, 2 beads, 1 cotton, 1 bead, 3711 Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 19 open, 6 cotton, + 3 cotton, 5 beads, 3 cotton, 11) close, 2 open, 2 close, 4 open, 1 close, bead, 1 cotton. pen, 1 close, 18 open, 1 close. Decrease 1. 6th Row.--2 cotton, 6 beads, 1 cotton, 21

88th Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 19 open, beads, 1 cotton, 1 bead, 1 cotton, 3 beads, close, 1 open, + 1 close, 4 open, + twice ; 5 cotton, + 8 cottou, 5 beads, 2 cotton, 1 qo close, 19 open, 1 elose. Decrease 1. bead, 2 cotton.

920ls 89th Row.Decrease 1, 1 close, 19 open, 7th Row.—2 cotton, 2 beads, 2 cotton, sro close, 5 open, 1 close, 3 open, 1 close, 19 beads, 1 cotton, 1 bead, 1 cotton, 1 head, 1 l pen, 1 close. Decrease 1.

cotton, 4 beads, 4 cotton, + 3 cotton, 5 40th Row --Decrease 1, 2 close, 16. open, beads, 1 cotton, 5 beads, 1 cotton. close togo close, 28 open, 2 close. Decrease 1: 8th Row.-% cotton, 3 beads, 4 cotton, 3

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beads, I cotton, 1 bead, 1 cotton, 2 beads,

GARDENER’S COLUMN. 4 cotton, + 1 cotton, 12 beads.

9th Row. -4 cotton, 6 beads, 1 cotton, 3 WALL FRUIT.-On the principle that beads, 1 cotton, 2 beads, 5 cotton, + 5 black absorbs heat without reflecting it, it is beads, 3 cotton 5 beads.

ascertained that all walls, against which 10th Row.—6 cotton, 5 beads, + 1 cot- fruit-trees are trained, should be made as ton, 2 beads, + twice; 5 cotton, + 4 beads, dark coloured as possible, for which pur2 cotton, 1 bead, 2 cotton, 4 beads.

pose the Cambrian black is best calculated. 11th Row.-10 cotton, 2 beads, 2 cotton, HINTS TO LOVERS OF FLOWERS 1 bead, 1 cotton, 2 beads, 4 cotton, + 4 A most beautiful and easily-attained show beads, + 1 cotton, 1 bead, + twice; 1 cot- of ever-greens may be had by a very simple ton, 3 beads, 1 cotton.

plan, which has been found to answer re12th Row.--2 beads, 5 cotton, 7 beads, 8 markably well on a small scale. If geracotton, + 1 cotton, 3 beads, + 2 cotton, nium branches taken from luxuriant and 1 bead, + 3 times.

healthy trees just before the winter sets 13th Row.—2 cotton, 7 beads, 5 cotton, in, be cut as for slips and immersed in 3 beads, 5 cotton, + 3 cotton, 2 beads, 3 soap water, they will, after drooping for cotton, 3 beads, cotton.

a few days, shed their leaves, put forth 14th Row.--1 cotton, 1 bead, 2 cotton, 3 fresh ones, and continue in the finest beads, 2 cotton, 2 beads, 1 cotton, 3 beads, vigour all the winter. By placing a number 1 cotton, 6 beads, + 1 cotton, 11 beads, 1 of bottles thus filled in a flower-basket, cotton.

with moss to conceal the bottles, a show 15th Row.-1 bead, 3 cotton, 2 beads, 1 of ever-green is easily ensured for the cotton, 7 beads, 1 cotton, 4 beads, 2 cot- whole season. They require no fresh water. ton, 1 bead, + 6 beads, i cotton, 5 beads, GREEN-HOUSES IN WINTER.-- Very few 1 cotton.

persons appear to know the value of the 16th Row.--4 cotton, 4 beads, 1 cotton, sponge in a green-house. I mean for 3 beads, 10 cotton, + 1 cotton, + 5 beads, the purpose of washing the leaves of all 1 cotton, + twice.

those plants with leaves broad enough to 17th Row.-9 cotton, 2 beads, 11 cotton, admit of it. I took the hint some five 2 cotton, 3 beads, 3 cotton, 3-beads, eot- years ago from a neighbour, the most sucton.

cessful plant-grower I have ever had the Turn the work on the right side; do one good fortune to know. His plants were row of De; then one row thus,- + 1 Dc, always so especially fresh and healthy, 3 Ch, Miss 3, + repeat to the end, finish that I was for a long time puzzled to uning with a Dc.

derstand his secret; and he always declared Knot a fringe of twelve strands (24 ends,) he had no secret. But early one mornunder every chain of the last row.

ing I caught him with a pail of clean

water, slightly warm, by his side, sponging GOOD ACTIONS WOMAN. Let off the leaves of all his choice plants. I women be deeply and practically per- said to myself, “I have it." I did suaded that the favour of God is far more; I went hoine and practised it. above every earthly blessing; that one act My plants soon showed by their new of charity or self-denial, iş better worth aspect, that I was not wrong in believing than the most flattering display of wit it to be the real secret of my neighbour's and accomplishments, with all the bril

They began to look brighter, liancy of beauty to lend them lustre. So healthier, and grow and bloom better than shall the loveliness of women be twice my utmost care had ever been able to lovely: so shall the evening as well as make them do before. And now strangers the morn of life, shine with unclouded always ask the same question when they brightness: and He, “ before whose face see my plants, that I used to ask my the heavens and earth shall flee away,' neighbour. My answer is, “Use the smile on them in that awful hour, when sponge.” The pores of the leaf get filled the charms of the fair, and the wisdom of with fine dust-and the plant chokes. the wise, shall alike be vain, and holiness Syringing does not wholly remove it; the alone retain its value.-Bowdler.


sponge does. Horticulturist.




76. Diaphoretic.—Take 3 grains of antiIV. THE SKIN-TREATMENT OF DISEASES. monial powder, and 10 grains of com

BEFORE entering upon the composition pound powder of gum tragacanth. Mix, and of numerous receipts which we have tried give one every 4 or 6 hours to an adult, and selected for the benefit of our readers, and half that quantity to a child.

This is used in the commencement of we propose to give a few hints upon the general treatment of those diseases we

the febrile symptoms attending skin dis mentioned in our last paper, p. 289.

eases, after the bowels have acted well. It is obvious that some diseases require

77. Common aperient powder for children. a constitutional, others a local treatment,

- Weigh out 2 grains of powder of chalk and some the two combined; therefore, to and mercury, commonly known as “gray save much space and also trouble to our powder.” One to be given every 4 hours, readers, we have considered it better to

until the bowels act, commence with the former, and to classify

This may be given in any form of skin the various remedies.

disease we have named.





78. Detergent gargle.—Take 2 drachms 72. Common febrifuge mixture.-Take 2 of nitre; 4 drachms of honey of roses ; and ounces of the irit of mindererus ; and 4 51 ounces of the infusion of rose-petals. ounces of water. Give a teaspoonful every

Mix well, and use frequently. 2 hours for a child under a year, double tincture of myrrh ; 1 drachm of powdered

79. Simple gargle.- Take 3 drachms of that dose under 6 years, and a tablespoon- alum ; and 8 ounces of camphor mixture. ful for all above that age. This is to be given for common febrile Dissolve the alum in a little warm water,

and then add the other ingredients. symptoms attending measles ($ 51,) chicken-pox ($ 61,) rose-rash (S. 62,) for the sore throat attending scarlatina

These are simple and very useful gargles nettle-rash ($ 63,) and shingles ($ 68,) or for any slight fever caused by skin disease.

($ 59.)

We once more repeat the caution 73. Camphorated febrifuge mixture.-Take 2 ounces of the spirit of mindererus; and 4 and advice given at page 289 (8 59) about ounces of camphor. mixture. Dose, the calling in medical aid. Whenever it can, same as $ 72, used for the same diseases it should be procured, however simple the

disease. when the surface is too dry, and the patient restless, 74. Diuretic febrifuge mixture. Make Under this head we have given a variety either of the preceding mixtures ($ 72 or of valuable receipts for the preparation of 73,) and add 3 drachms of sweet spirits of many useful remedies for such diseases of nitre.

the skin as we have enumerated in our Dose, the same as $ 72, and $ 73. Use, preceding papers. These may be pregiven in scarlatina (57.)

pared at home by any person. 75. Simple aperient mixture, Take 3 Some of the following receipts have drachms of carbonate of magnesia ; 2 never been published before, others are drachms of Epsom salts, and 4 ounces of extracted from foreign works, and the any medicated water, such as peppermint, remainder are either from private formulæ, or cinnamon-water. Mix and shake well or British works. The whole have been when required. Dose for a child 6 years tested prior to publication. old, a tablespoonful in the morning fast- Certain external applications for beauing; for an adult a wineglassful in the tifying the person have been termed cos

metics, the word being of Greek origin, This is a simple and useful form of and derived from Kosmeo (Koguew) I adorn. mixture that may always be kept in the It will be seen that cosmetics necessarily house

, and used in measles, chicken-pox, include other applications than those used rose-rash, nettle-rash (particularly), and for the skin ; thus, we have hair cosmetics,

teeth cosmetics, &c.




Skin or cutaneous cosmetic Loomades, and esprit de rose, \'an ounce. This i

comprise tincture of benzoin, of each 2 ounces;

powders, pastes, paints, or stains, and soaps. a useful wash for freckles.tre 5 zi

The most useful and general cosmetic is 83. German milk of roses.—Take 8 of rose-
soap; but we shall reserve our receipts for water and milk of almonds ($4), each
making various kinds of toilette soaps 3 ounces : water 8 ounces ; rosemary-
until we treat of the cure of the hand. water 2 ounces; and spirit of lavender
On account of its detergent or cleaning an ounce. Mix well, and then add 1
property,"soap, when used with water and an ounce of sugar of lead.
applied to the surface of our bodies, tends This is a dangerous form to leave about
to keep us in health.

where there are children, and should never

be applied when there are any abrasions, Phil WASHES AND LOTIONS.

or chaps on the surface. 80. Milk of roses. 1. Take 2 ounces 84. Milk of almonds.-Blanch 4 ounces of blanched almonds ; 12 ounces of rose of Jordan almonds, dry them with a towel

, water; white soft soap, or Windsor soap; and then pound them in a mortar: add : white wax:"and oil of almonds, of each drachms of white or curd soap, and rub 2 'drachms; rectified spirit, 3 ounces; it up with the almonds for about ter oil of bergamot 1 drachm; oil of lavender minutes or rather more, gradually adding 15. drops; otto of roses 8 drops. Beat one quart of rose-water, until the whole the almonds well, and then add the rose- is well mixed, then strain through a fina water gradually so as to form an emulsion, piece of muslin, and bottle for use. mix the soap, white wax and oil together, This is an excellent reinedy for freckles by placing them in a covered jar upon and "sunburns, and may be used as a the edge of the fire-place, then rub this general cosmetic, being applied to the inixture in a mortar with the emulsion. skin after washing by means of the corner Strain the whole through very fine muslin, of a soft towels anys voir97 01 titan and add the essential oils, previously 85. Anti-freckle totion. 1. Take tincture mixed with the spirit.

of benzoin, 2 ounces; tincture of tolu; This is an excellent wash for“sunkurns" ounce; oil /of rosemary, a drachm. (§ 9) freckles ($ 30) or for cooling the Mix well, and bottle.w1 When required face and neck, or any part of the skin to be used add a teaspoonful of the mixto which it is applied.

ture to about a wine-glassful of water 81. Milk of roses. 2.--This is not quite and apply the lotion to the face or hands,

spensive a receipt as the last; and at the &c., night and morning, carefully rubbing same time is not so good. Take 1 ounce it in with a soft towel. 982 dira ho bodo of Jordan almonds; 5 ounces of distilled 86. Anti-freckle lotion. 2.4-Take 1 ounce rose-water; 1 ounce of spirit of wine; of rectified spirit of wine; 1 drachm of half a drachm of Venetian soap, and 2 hydrochloric acid (spirit of salt); and drops of otto of roses. Beat the almonds 7 ounces of water. Mix the acid gradually (previously blanched and well dried with with the water, and then add the spirit a cloth) in a mortar, until they become a of wine; apply by means of a camel's-hair complete paste, then beat the soap and brush, or a piece of flannel. mix with the almonds, and afterwards 87. Gowland's lotion. Take 14 grains add the rose-water and spirit. Strain of bichloride of mercury, and 1 ounce through a very fine muslin or linen, and of emulsion of bitter almonds: mix well. add the otto of roses.

Be careful of the bichloride of mercary, The common milk of roses sold in the because it is a poison shops, frequently contains salt of tartar; This is one of the best cosmetics we or pearlash, combined with olive oil and possess for imparting a delicate appearance rose - water, and therefore it is better and softness to the skin, and is a useful to make it yourself to ensure it being lotion in acne ($ 69), ringworm ($ 71), good. { bi se buolo iris il y hard and dry skin ($ 26), and sun blister

82. French; mid of roses. Mix 2} pints ings ($ 80) sido 7 Some 01 2002 been of rose-water, with a pint ofitosemaryd 88. Horseradish cosmetic.-Take 1 ounce water, then add "tincture of storax, and of scraped horseradish, and infuse for

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4 hours, in 1 pint of cold milk. Strain through muslin, and bottle.

THE AMATEUR'S AND MECHA. This is a safe and excellent cosmetic,

NIC'S FRIEND, and is extremely useful in acne ($ 69), and in cases where the skin requires a

1. LITHOGRAPHY. gentle stimulant.

(Continued from page 224.); v ! If 89. Camphorated ammoniacal wash.Take

How to produce the required tints, * It is an ounce of the liquid subcarbonate better to stiple up the tints by going of ammonia; and 1 ounces of camphorated over them frequently, than to endeavour spirit, mix and apply to the parts by means to produce them at once. You will not of rags moistened with the lotion. i. be able to produce rich tints, unless you

This is a useful application for contusions employ a finely pointed crayon; but as unattended with abrasion of the surface, each subject requires a' somewhat different

90. Discutient lotion, t-Take 1 ounce of treatment we will consider them seriatim. sal-ammoniac, and dissolve it in 4 ounces, Fine delicate tints are produced by hold. of vinegar, and 4 ounces of spirit of wine. ing the crayon lightly in the hand, so

This is used for contusions attended that its own weight alone produces the with much discoloration of the skin, and required tint, and not the pressure isually is applied by wetting pieces of rag folded exercised, as in this case the crayon four or six times, tying them over the part should be held nearly horizontal and only and changing them as often as they guided by the hand, but not pressed upon become dry. tot sl:sod bris, uirtu

the stone. 91. Giacriul. Take 2 drachms of tiņc. Portraits should be drawn with two ture of benzoin, And ounces of rose- crayons, a fine pointed one, used as diwatero 1 Mix and shake well

rected above for the face and fresh, This is much aused as a cosmetic on the and a blunt one for the accessories, such continent, to remove sun-burns. ? pies, as drapery, the hair, and furniture. By

92. Hydriodate of potassium lation.--Dis- this means we are enabled to produce an solve 4 drachms of hydriodate of potas- admirable effect, which could not be obsium in 6 ounces of water, inApply this to tained by employing only one kind of the affected parts twice a day

crayon. This is an excellente anti-psoric lotion, When drawing skies, or any other subjects ($ 45,) the best yet discovered, as it will where delicate tints are required, take cute the disease in a few hours, especially care not to make one end of your strokes after the tops of the vesicles have been thicker than the other, but endeavour rubbed off with sand and soap. It is how rather to have the centre of the strokes ever apt to induce pustules in some per- thicker than the ends, so that they may sons, and great irritability of the system, blend properly when crossed, and not and on this account cannot be so highly leave a harsh uneven tint upon the stone. recommended as perfumed olive oil, which The best way to work up a smooth and effectually cures itch in a few days by clos- delicate tint, is to go over the whole of ing up the apertures of the breathing appa- the space with faint horizontal lines, ratus of the insects, (8 45). Almond, and afterwards to go over the same space nut, or any kind of oil, or even lard, will with other lines, drawn nearly at right have the same effect. The use of the angles to the first, but yet faint and disperfume is only to disguise the remedy: tinct. The lines inust be drawn close to

93. Créme de l'Enclos. Take 4 ounces one another, so as barely to touch. When of milk, 1 ounce of lemon juice, and 2 the i tints do not look deep enough, go drachms of spirit of wine. Simmer over over the whole with the crayon, moving it a slow fire, and then bring it to the boil, lightly in al zigzag direction, or else in skim off the scum, and when cold apply, such parts as require deepening in tone, it to the skin. Yung

110,18 and stiple sup rany defects that remains It is much used on the continent by The lights of the clouds should be left some persons to remove freckles and sun uncovered, x or they may be prodused by burnings. in T-917464, the mezzotinto-scraper. 11W 1977 * 1900*776 (To be continuediysi b998192 td To use the mezzotinto-scraper (6. p. 222).

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