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passage around Asia or America to the Father. Alas! here Gregory's levity East Indies. Very likely I shall venture rendered useless every good influence, on such an experiment.” These words and, by all sorts of exaggerations, conexcited to the utmost the desire of voyag- quered Ivan's feelings. Sad at the serious ing in the young men. They saw before refusal of their father, in the evening they them a fine field to satisfy their long-res- came into the company of the captain ; he trained wishes, and doubtless the idea that naturally began to talk again of his voy. they might make a voyage in an English age, and as naturally learned from Ivan ship, added new strength to their inclina and Gregory that their father would not tion.

allow them to go. Maria. How so?

The Englishman-and it is disagreeable FATHER. The English marine service to find such impropriety in a man whom has attained to a very high degree of per- we must otherwise esteem--the Englishfection, and hardly any other seafaring | man advised them to undertake the voyage nation has accomplished so much as the without their father's knowledge. “Ăt British. The English ships are beautiful, the utmost, you can see yourselves back their arrangement and armament well here again in three months," said he; chosen, and their seamen capable. Who "and I am convinced that your father ever, therefore, wished to learn correctly will feel indebted to me for having set as to service at sea, might do so on an you upon so useful a voyage. How often English ship.

it is the case in my country that the sons The Englishman observed the dis- of the richest fathers secretly undertake quietude of the two young men; he spoke such a voyage, and are again received by continually of the voyage, and every word their parents with open arms. I have increased Ivan and Gregory's inclination no bad purposes in the voyage. We shall to share in the same.

not fall in with pirates and corsairs. Our Gus. But ought they to do so without object is a fine and noble one. It is permission of the government ?

authorized, and the means to attain it are * Maria. Or if their father was not wil. corresponding to it.” ling?

Ivan wavered, and shrunk back ; but Father. I will tell you all about that. then Gregory interposed, with his usual They though of both of these things. But fickleness, and urged his friend. Ivan was as they were not in actual service, so weak enough to yield. Both of theni the permission of government might be pledged themselves to the Englishman to obtained without difficulty. The Admi. make arrangements in the night, and at ralty, that is, the branch of the govern. break of day to be on board of his ship. ment which decides about naval affairs, “We are only waiting for a fair wind," and which for the most part consists of said the Englishman ; " it may, and must admirals, could have no objection, but, on soon happen. I must avail myself of it, the contrary, would very gladly see two and you must so arrange your matters, such promising young men desirous of that I can at any moment weigh anchor, being further trained in so excellent a and get under sail.” school for the benefit of their country. JULIA. What is the meaning of that? They therefore consented to their going. / Max. To wind up the anchor, fixed in The old Osarow made far more objections. the bottom of the sea, and holding the ship, He was a strong adherent to his country, because otherwise the ship could not stir more so than was consistent with a friendly from its place. They use the expression, feeling towards foreign nations. He “to weigh anchor," as well as “ to get desired that the youths should serve in no under sail," when they wish to mark the other navy than the Russian, and decidedly beginning of a voyage. forbade them to go forward another step. 1 FATHER. Some days passed in the

MARIA. Now both will remain at home. constant waiting for a favourable wind. I am sure I should not like Ivan and Gre. | Probably Ivan would have acquainted his gory, if they should go a voyaging with father with the whole natter, and the the Englishman, against their father's | voyage would then have been properly wishes.

| relinquished; but Gregory knew how to

arouse Ivan's pride and feeling of honour, the variety and softness of its tints; and and this, joined to his own fickleness, were when we consider that for fringes and the reasons that Ivan actually found him- | many other things, it is far better suited self under sail at the break of the appointed than Berlin wool, the advantage this gives day. He sent back a letter to his father, to the worker may readily be appreciated. in which he expressed his whole heart. With the crystal work 12 stitches on the He excused the step he had taken, from end of the cord, and close it into a round. his overwhelming inclination, begged for- Be careful to keep the round perfectly giveness for his disobedience, and be- flat. sought his father's prayers and blessings. 1st Round.26 stitches. And so we must pardon him, and accom- 2nd Round.-42 stitches. Join on the pany him on his voyage.

green wool. Mother. But, father, it is already late ; ! 3rd Round. -+ 3 crystal, 1 green, 1 green how if we shall here make a pause ?

over the cord of 'ast round, as well as this. FATHER. And enter on the voyage to- 2 green, 2 crysta', + 6 times, working morrow evening, do you mean? What do I 9 stitches over every 7 of last round. Join you think of it?

darkest crimson. Gus. Because, father, before a long travel i 4th Round.- + 4 crystal over 3, 1 green, we must be refreshed by some hours' 4 darkest crimson (over 2 green), 1 green rest.

over green, 2 crystal + 6 times. Join FATHER. Very well. Then to-morrow, next crimson. about this time

5th Round. -- + 4 crystal, 1 green Max. We shall be very considerably over green, 5 crimson over 4, 1 green, nearer to the North Pole.

3 crystal over 2, + 6 times. Join on next (To be continued.)


6th Round. -- +4 crystal over 4, 1 green THE WORK-TABLE FRIEND. over green, 3 crimson, 1 crimson over 2

cords, 3 more crimson (all 7 coming over HANDSOME LAMP-MAT.

5 of last round), 1 green on green, 3 crys. Materials. 6 yards of crochet cord; 1 ball of

tal + 6 times. Join on the next crimson. white crystal twine ; 4 shades of crimson Berlin, 2 skeins cach; 1 lighter shade, 4 skeins; dark green Berlin, 4 skeins; white Fleury, all 6-thread, and 1 green, 1 green over crimson, 2 crim1 skein ; black ditto, 1 skein : 4 shades crimson

son on 1, 1 crimson over 2 cords (as ditto, 1 skein each; 4 shades green ditto, I skein each: also 4 bone' knitting-needles, and one of before), 1 crimson, 1 crimson over 2 cords, W. Boulten & Son's crochet-hooks, No. 15. 2 crimson on 1, 1 green on crimson, 4

This mat may be considered as a proof | crystal, + 6 times. Join on the lightest of the marvellous improvements which crimson. have been made of late years in materials, 8th Round.- + 5 crystal, 1 green over for the work-table. It introduces to our crystal, 2 crimson, 1 green, 1 crimson, 1 readers the beautiful crystal twine which crimson over 2 cords, and just between has so rich and brilliant an effect in many the two long stitches of last round, 1 styles of crochet. It is a recent invention crimson, 1 green, 2 crimson, 1 green (on of Messrs. Faudel and Phillips (the exhi crystal), 3 crystal, + 6 times. bitors of the magnificent tapestry bed in 9th Round. + 4 crystal, 4 green (which the Great Crystal Palace), a firm to whose are worked with the wool to cover the exertions in bringing out constantly new cord, and the chain part to be of the materials for every sort of work, our crystal), 1 crystal, 1 green (in the comfriends are so frequently indebted. This mon way), 1 crimson over long stitch of crystal twine is made in various colours : last round, 1 green, 1 crystal, 4 green and We have selected white as the groundwork crystal, as before, the last coming over a of the present mat. Another great in- crystal, 3 crystal over 2, + 6 times. provement is seen in the variety of shades 10th Round. --All crystal, increasing in which fleecy work is now dyed. A very enough to keep the mat quite flat, with a few years ago, black, white, and some single green stitch over the crimson one single harsh colours, were all that could of last round. be obtained ; now it rivals even Berlin in 11th Round.- All crystal.


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12th Round.- 2 crystal, and 2 of the Ch, miss 1, Dc on next, 2 Ch, Se under the lightest crimson alternately, all round. round, + 6 times. Sc all round this fan, Fasten off.

doing 2 Sc under every one chain, and six Observe that the wool is to be passed under the three at each point. Five faus at the back, from one pattern to another, will just go round the centre of the mat. not worked in, as is generally done with FOR THE FRINGE. - First cut the colours, as they would show through, and coloured fleecy into pieces, 24 inches long, the effect of the pure white would be keeping all the shades separate. With

the black fleecy, cast on 72 stitches, + 24 For the five fans : all done with the on each of three needles. Close it into a crystal. Make a chain of 10 stitches, and round. Take a bit of the darkest green close it into a round, work under it in Sc; wool, twist a loop in the centre of it, then 13 Ch, miss 3, Dc on the 4th, +1 without a konot, and put it over the leftCh, miss 1 De on 2nd -+- 4 times; 2 Ch, hand needle, with one end towards you; Se under the round, + slip back on the knit the loop with the stitch, bring the last five stitches; 7 Ch, miss 3, De on 4th, other end forward, and knit another stitch + 1 Ch, miss 1, Tc on next, + 3 times, il without any green wool. Put in, thus,

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+ six pieces of the darkest green, then the same number of the darkest crimson + 3 times. Purl one round, increasing two stitches in every twelve. In the next round, take the succeeding shade of the colours, and do 7 pieces in each section. Purl the next round, increasing two in every fourteen. Then take the third shade, and put in eight pieces in each section. Purl a round, without increase, and put in eight more pieces, in every division of the next round, using the same shade. Purl a round, increasing every sixteen to eighteen; knit in 9 pieces of the lightest shade in each section ; purl another round; then put in more wool; knit one round, and cast off. Sew the knitted fringe round the mat, comb it out very nicely, and then put on the fans.

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VERY DURABLE SHORT PURSE, Materials. I bank of steel beads, No. 5 : some transparent white glass ditto; 2 skeins of white silk, and 2 of green. For a garniture, that termed a Diable mount; and a fringe which may be made by the working of the beads and bugles. W. Boulton & Son's crochet-hook, No. 24.

THREAD the steel beads on one skein of white silk, and about four rows of white on the green. The remainder of the white on the other skein of white silk. The lower part of this purse is done in Sc; a spray of leaves, in white, outlined and veined with steel beads, form the pattern, on a green ground. The little spots are in the glass beads, threaded on green.

With the green silk, make a chain of 112 stitches; close it into a round; join on the white silk, working it in, and dropping from it a steel bead, when desired.

Ist Round.- + 38 green, 1 steel, 17 green +. This forms one side, or half the round. In this, therefore, and in all following rounds, the pattern within the marks, is to be worked twice.

VERY DURABLE SHORT PURSE, 2nd Round. Like 1st.

BY MRS. PULLAN. 3rd Round. + 37 green, 1 steel, 18 green +

steel, 2 green, 4. steel, 3 green, 1 steel, 4th Round. + 22 green, 1 steel, 14 | 5 green, 4 glass, 6 green, 4 glass +. green, 1 steel, 5 green, 2 glass, 8 green, 2, 7th Round.-- + 4 green, 1 steel, 3 white, glass, 1 green +

4 steel, 10 green, 4 steel, 2 green, 1 steel, 5th Round.-- + 21 green, 1 steel, 3 | 4 green, 1 steel, 1 green, 1 steel, 7 green, green, 2 steel, 10 green, 1 steel, 4 green, 4 2 glass, 8 green, 2 glass, 1 green +. glass, 6 green, 4 glass +.

Šth Round.- + 4 green, 1 steel, 7 6th Round. + 3 green, 5 steel, 13 white, 3 steel, 10 green, 3 steel, 5 green, green, 1 steel, 2 green, 1 steel, 1 green, 1 / 1 steel, 1 green, 1 steel, 20 green toi

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