Sidor som bilder

Ah ! little dreamt they, ere a little while,

That he would thus shine o'er their common grave,

And stormy billows would above them rave ! That they to “Scotia” might have bid farewell,

To home, to friends, and all the world e'er gave; That those they left behind should shortly tell, With many a sob, what fate to them befel !

Alas! for frail short-sighted fleeting man,

Pleased with the foibles of the passing hour; How full of hope to-day, of scheme and plan,

To-morrow blasted as the fragile flower !

Or like the leaves when Autumn sweeps the bower, Soon, soon, to be as if he ne'er had been,

By Death's invading and relentless power,
On Life's precarious, ever-shifting scene,
Where care and sorrow blight each joy we glean.

Then came the hour, the gangway drawn ashore,

The cable hauled, and all obstructions clear; All then was right, thence dashing off she bore

Her way across the glassy deep to steer,

And like a ploughshare Ocean's breast to tear; While beat each heart with feelings strange and new,

Increasing pleasure banished every fear, As fairy scenes thick crowded on the view, And from the gaze successively withdrew.

The glowing landscape, robed in Summer's pride

The spreading forest-distant hills arose

Towns, villages, by magic seemed to glide,

And ever and anon fresh views disclose;

While the lone sea-gull flitting comes and goes, With other tribes whose home is on the deep,

All tended soft, rude passions to compose, And in reflection every sense to steep, And charm them onwards in their limpid sweep.

Sweet then the sun with setting lustre beamed,

With splendour tinging bright the evening sky; While o'er the ocean floods of glory streamed,

With sparkling radiance nothing could outvie

All seemed as Deity was drawing nigh; But shortly these all faded from the sight,

And Vesper mounted had his car on high, Who chased the shadows of receding light, And silent ushered in the peaceful night;

Which, like an empress in her weeds of woe,

Came softly and resumed her sable throne,
To light her wake, hung out her lamps to glow;

While Cynthia mild in waning lustre shone.
But all grew dimmer as the night drew on:
At last the moon and stars in clouds were lost,

And billows rose, by northern breezes blown; By this dread night her zenith-point had crossed, And they had neared that well-known fatal coast,

Where the white surf the Ferny Isles embrace,

And lurking death lies yawning for his prey

'Mong shelving rocks, which mark the dismal place

Of wreck and ruin, horror and dismay;

Which now they view, and prosecute their way
Through shallow water, as the tide was low,

That showed the perils thick that round them lay,
But, ah ! ne'er dreading their impending woe,
Which baffles here the power of words to show.
Scarce had another surge Pegasus lashed,

Till with a thund'ring, horrid crashing sound
Against the Goldstone's sunken reef she dashed:

Then foamed the deep, as if in fetters bound,
While the lone echoes hoarsely pealed around;
Her bow was stoven, fixed lay she and fast,

All efforts unavailing yet were found;
And many sleeping rose, and frantic passed
Up to the crowded deck, all pale, aghast.
Thrice trying moment: wordless the despair !

There midnight horror ev'ry visage veiled-
Struck out each smile; as every bosom there

Was filled with tremblings, and by fears assailed; While dread forebodings through all hearts pre

Eyes flashed on eyes in mutual alarm

And frantic terror, as all courage failed,
Hope fled each breast, and with her every charm;
Dismayed, all eyed Fate's dread uplifted arm.
And there were tears and heavy-laden sighs,

Heartrending anguish and convulsive throes,

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With dismal groans, wild, horrid shrieks, and cries

To Heav'n for mercy in that hour arose:

That He would pity show, and interpose: Some wrung their hands, while others howling


Their hair in frenzy, and loud wailings rose, With dismal screams, wild oaths, and curses sore, In chorus with the waves' hoarse dashing roar.

Amid the dire commotion and distress

This scene of nameless horror and despairForth came the man of God them to address,

And proffer to Omnipotence the prayer,

With looks commanding, and divine-like air: Fixed in his faith, resigned and undismayed,

In spite of all he then was doomed to bear; To him no matter how Death came arrayed, He had the pledge of joys that never fade,

Of pleasures endless, blessings ever new,
Which eye ne'er saw, ear heard, or mind con-

Rich, fragrant, glorious, bursting on the view

All, all to him, by God to be bequeathed

That moment he from suffering was relieved; Then kneeling down to heaven's eternal Sire,

'Mid weeping groups of every stay bereaved, With heart all glowing with seraphic fire, Thus prays the saint in his affliction dire:

“ Eternal King ! Source and Supreme of all !

Fountain of light and life, we bow to Thee Before thy throne, for aid and succour call,

That Thou wouldst in thy mercy now us free

From these dread perils that around us be,
And thus our danger into safety turn;

Our woe exchanged for gladness may we see;
The oil of joy O give to all who mourn,
That every heart with gratitude may burn!

“But, O thou holy, ever-blessed One!

If Thou hast otherwise for us decreed,
Here, as in heaven, thy sovereign will be done,

And for our change prepare us now indeed:
For through our Saviour's merits now we

And through his all-atoning blood alone-

Whose cleansing virtue all transgressors needMay we in triumph all surround Thy throne, Where death, and sin, and sorrow are unknown.”

By this the engines had the seamen backed,

And the dishevelled vessel off the reef, But short her liquid path Pegasus tracked

Till came Destruction, like a warlike chief,

With havoc horrible as efforts brief; As through her shattered bows the torrents gushed,

Impaling every hope of fond relief, Out went the fires, the engine’s noise was hushed; Then to the previous lowered boats some rushed

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