Sidor som bilder

Of hallowed joys, and stings the wounded thought

With social hours we ne'er must share again!

Ab ! ruthless blow, unceremonious fate, . Which swept from earth my boasted hope so

soon, Who bright that morning smiled with soul elate,

But like the flower lay withered long ere noon !

Through life his memory in mine shall bloom,

His moral worth my mournful lays inspire, Which oft this saddened bosom would illume,

And wake to ecstasy my humble lyre.

Acute in feeling, in affection pure,

Immutable in Virtue's noble cause; Religion’s unassuming ornature,

A living incarnation of her laws.

In God, ah ! blessed he indeed who dies !
Why should I mourn ? though absent, is he

lost ?
Are stars at noon ? the bark which havened lies

Secure, serene, though on another coast ?

All hail ! that glorious, that auspicious morn,

The seed immortal shall resign its clay, His cell the captive, with exulting, scorn

All troubles, tears for ever washed away!

Then shall he “bask in uncreated rays,"

And share unmingled pleasures ever new, And strike the golden lyre in endless praise

In concert with the chosen, faithful few.


EPIFE of my life, my joy and pleasure,

Genial sunshine of the heart; The gift of Heaven, O hallowed treasure !

Time nor death shall e'er us part.

For O the golden ties that bind us

Bear the stamp and seal divine !
The sweets we taste of heaven remind us,

As they never know decline.

Ah! what those joys and glowing feelings

Soul-united friends inspire,
But the heartfelt blest revealings

Of the burning seraph's fire ?

And now, my friend of tried affection,

Ever faithful and sincere,
With heart a stranger to deception,

Graced by all that can endear,

List to the warmest benediction

Of a friend sincere and true, Regard it as the heart's conviction

Which for ever glows for you.

May Heaven be with thee while pursuing

Through life's wilderness thy way, The manna of His grace renewing,

Proving still thy friend and stay.

May health, and happiness, and honour,

Peace and plenty, wait on thee;
And may the good and gracious Donor

Shower all other blessings free!

As dews refresh the lovely fower,

And brighten up its native bloom, So may untainted virtue's power

Thy soul refresh and heart illume !

May knowledge, wisdom, truth, and favour,

Overflowing and divine,
Guide every action and endeavour,

And on thee for ever shine!

Last, when thy wand'rings are completed

Through this vale of care and woe, By seraphs may thy soul be greeted

Where the living waters flow!

There may you live, and share for ever

Bliss secured beyond decay,
And joys unmingled, fading never,

'Mid the scenes of endless day!



W OT a sound was heard, but laughter and mirth,

As drunk to his cell him we carried,
And o'er him loud sang of his talents and worth,

But wished the poor devil was married.

On the floor we stretched him at dead of night,

The straw with our feet overturning; By the clear shining beams of the cheerful gas-light,

Since the “gloaming” full cock he'd left burning.

No nightcap encircled his timeworn brows,

Nor in sheet nor in blanket we wound him; But he lay like Silenus taking his snooze,

With his worthy disciples around him.

For the “ British ” we cursed his unquenchable love,

As life of his life was the bottle;

We saw that such folly his ruin would prove,

And swore he should join the Teetotal.

We thought as we tossed up his lonely, cold bed,

What our heroes we left would be thinking; That soon will they trumpet the scandal, and spread

The shame of such merciless drinking.

How many the laurels will wrench from his name,

Unsparing insult, and upbraid him; But what needs he care, self-damned is his fame,

For low has the “enemy” laid him.

We finished our task as the clock had struck one,

And thought it high time for retiring; By the clamour we heard the new-year had begun,

For all was the “spirit” inspiring.

Then gladly, at length, we bade him farewell,

All snuffy, and filthy, and gory;
As a sow in its stye, but, wondrous to tell,

That we left him alone in his glory.

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