Sidor som bilder


THIS morn, alas ! another shock,

Enough to melt a heart o' rock,
For just as yon auld crazy clock

Had whispered ane,
Death loud at Tammy's door did knock,

And aff him taen,

Frae a' his joys and sorrows here,
His troubles lang, and pain severe;
That saunt and sinner, far and near,

Without gainsay
Can vouch their like did ne'er appear

Sin' Herod’s day.

Ye sons o' Justice, baith ane and a',
O mourn your elder brother's fa';
Weel may your backs be at the wa',

Ye'll sadly see
Hoo sic an oracle o' law

Can wanted be.

Lament, ye gentry o’the chase,
And a' ye lovers o' a race:
He was o'a your core the ace

For mony a year,

Then o'er his memory pour, alas !

A kindred tear.

Weep, a' ye gossips and gallants,
In private dens and public haunts,
Ye've lost your king: a warld o'wants,

Ye ken ower weel,
At a' your dinners, balls, and rants

Ye noo maun feel.

But, ah! Religion, dinna mourn;
Thy standard ne'er by him was borne-
Thy priests and saunts he laughed to scorn,

Whate'er their creed,
And fain thy holy wreath waud torn

Frae aff their head.

Sae whare he's gane, wi' a' his sneers,
His taunts, and mocks, and witty jeers,
Lord knows; still mony hae their fears,

And I amang 'em,
He's taen the left-if not, some swears

The deil he'll wrang him.


PAIL, blessed turn ! ecstatic change of things !

Transporting era ! wrapt Isaiah sings, When the lone desert and the pathless waste, The howling wilderness by savage paced, Where hordes degraded grope in moral night, And Superstition reigns with sceptred right, Where deeds of darkness, cruelty, and rage, Revenge and death, the human fiend engage, Shall all the sweets of Lebanon assume, Like Carmel blossom, and as Sharon bloom, Yea, richly glow in Eden-like array, Nursed by the smiles of pure, unclouded day; And everywhere shall gloriously appear The flowing stream, the pool as crystal clear. No prowling lion shall those scenes pervade, Nor reeds and rushes lend the dragon shade, But gentle Peace, all lovely and divine, Shall spread her blessings sacred and benign, Bland, rich, impartial, free, and unconfined, O’er every cast and colour of our kind. One common weal shall every bosom fire, And true philanthropy each soul inspire. Strength from on high the weak shall then ob

tain, The feeble knees their wonted powers regain,

The fearful heart new energies receive,
And doubt no more, but faithfully believe;
Those eyes that once were sealed in gloomy night
Shall gladly open on the cheering light;
The deaf shall hear, the dumb with joy shall sing,
“ The halt and maimed away their crutches

fling." All shall rejoice in this auspicious time, As Christ shall rule the world from clime to

clime. Then all submission to His sway shall yield, And see in Him their guide and only shield, Their ground of hope, salvation's corner-stone, And on no other build than Him alone; Flock to his banner, it with joy surround, There pour their hymns of gratitude profound, Whose incense sweet shall everywhere arise Beneath the spacious concave of the skies.


"Y WANT a hero, an uncommon want!"

& So sung the noble Author of Don Juan; But I a subject, and with little cant,

I think I'll have a laughable and true one. Among the many of a daily grant,

I'll pick out Mesmerism as a new one; But, gentle reader, let me lay before ye What follows here, to introduce my story.

Some style the present as the favoured age

The age of science, literature, and art; This I confess, and frankly must engage

From conscience in this truth to take a part; And inch by inch a contest will I wage

'Gainst every vile opposing head and heart, Who dares outrage the feeling of this nation, By blasting her great name and reputation.

For she is high in virtue, worth, esteem;

Her valour, honour, far transcend all praise; Earth’s moral sun, whose bright and steady

beam Diffuses glorious light a thousand ways: The home of art and science some her deem; To prove they're right_but mark the vast dis


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