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Tune—"Come under my Plaidie.

TELL me, dear Annie, are ye gaun awa?

My ain winsome Annie, will ye gang awa ? Yea, my treasure, my pleasure, the sweetest ava, O never ance hint it that ye'll gang awa!

Your look love expresses; your lang jetty tresses

That circle the shoulders that vie wi’ the snaw; Your breath's like the lily aye to your ain Willie, Your bonny black een hae bewitched him and a'.

O tell, &c.

The lark the sky climin' his little loves hymin';

The mavis that sings on ilk tree and green shawThey'll only but grieve me if ye gang and leave me: My heart ye will break it gin ye gang awa.

O tell, &c:

Yon wee skippin' lammies that frisk round their

mammies, They aft to my bosom our daffin' reca',

To deepen my sorrow; O dool to the morrow
If a' e'er I liket should wander awa.

O tell, &c.

Nae mair in yon bowers, whare bloom the wee

flowers, For Annie I'll pluck them, and busk her fu' braw, Nor there in the e'enin my love will I lean on: Ye'll rue it for ever when ance ye’re awa.

O tell, &c.

O come to my bosom, my ain lovely blossom,

A true lover's hand ye shall hae it and a'; And whate'er Fortune showers, it a' shall be yours, If frae your ain laddie you'll ne'er gang awa.

O tell, &c.


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CHORUS. SING hey for a wife wi' a hunner or twa, a A canty bit wife wi' a hunner or twa; Contentet and blithe, and hoo crouse waud I craw, Gin I had a wife wi' a hunner or twa ?

I've aft had a blink o' Dame Fortune's bricht e’e,
But passed her aye by as she cared nae for me;
What's wealth but a syren that sings to beguile,
And honour a bauble that glitters awhile;
For them and for grandeur I little but care-
Eneugh be my lot, wi' a morsel to spare:
The sma’er the height, O the less is the fa',
Sae a' my ambition’s a hunner or twa.

I care nae for beauty, gin she be but guid,
I rate nae her worth by connection or bluid;
As the fairest o'flowers hae aft the least smell,
And the finest o' grapes by the tastin' we tell;
But if she is lovin', and modest, and true,
Can wash a bit sark, and can airn and sew,
And guide the bit penny wi' care aboon a',
She's naething the warse wi' a hunner or twa.

Twad keep us fu' cosy, wi' that o' my ain,
Whan drifts the cauld snaw o'er the moor and the

plain, Be to our wee blossoms a bield frae the blast, That's withered the brightest and best as it passed. O mony the pleasures that wait its command, And hoo finely and freely it turns the hand ! “ Your wit and your wisdom are naething ava', Without,” cries the warld, “a bunner or twa.”

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'TIS lovely now in May, bonnie lassie 0, e And blithe the lammies play, bonnie lassie 0;

The smilin' flow'rets spring,

Wee birdies mellow sing,
Till a' the plantins ring, bonnie lassie O.

When Phæbus steeks his e’e, bonnie lassie 0,
Aneath the trystin' tree, bonnie lassie O,

Adoon in yonder glen

We'll meet, but nane shall ken,
For we'll steal awa our lane, bonnie lassie O.

What pleasures will we share, bonnie lassie O!
We'll feed on angels' fare, bonnie lassie O,

And quaff the streams that flow

Whare a' divinely glow,
And ilka care forego, bonnie lassie 0.

O how the bosom warms, bonnie lassie 0,
When I think upon thy charms, bonnie lassie O!

The lily bathed in dew,

Or the rose's blushin' hue, Nae fairer is than you, bonnie lassie 0.

And ob that breath o' thine, bonnie lassie 0, Outvies the jessamine, bonnie lassie 0;

When I hear thy voice sae sweet,

Whare heavenly echoes meet, Wi' joy I'm like to greet, bonnie lassie O.

O gin ye were my ain, bonnie lassie 0, 'Twad save me muckle pain, bonnie lassie 0;

But soon, my love, I'll stand

And tak ye by the hand, At Hymen's saft command, bonnie lassie O.

Syne a' my guids and gear, bonnie lassie 0,
Ye'se hae, my only dear, bonnie lassie 0;

And then we'll blessed be

In a' that love can gi'e,
For I'll ever worship thee, bonnie lassie O.

But oh, the hours beguile, bonnie lassie 0,
Sa fare ye well awhile, bonnie lassie 0:

Your mither on the green

Is seekin' for her Jean; But tell na whare ye've been, bonnie lassie O.

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