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No, lovely flower, in yonder bower,

Alas, thy lot is cast !
But shall I fret, or e'er forget

The lily o' the West.

May balmy showers and sunshine bright

Pervade thy hallowed shade,
Thy fairy form may never storm

Dishevel or invade;
But, soft as dew, may peace on you

Benignly ever rest !
For lang I'll string my harp, and sing

The lily o’ the West.

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COW bright the blink of Orion's e'e

On classic Clyde sae gay, lassie;
Fain would I cross it, and wi' thee

To Arrochar away, lassie.

Though yonder flowery banks and braes

To roam I dearly lo'e, lassie;
And though in Greenock I hae met

Wi' friends baith warm and true, lassieThere fond wi' kindred spirits quaffed

The balmy mountain dew, lassie; Yet happy would I spend the day

At Arrochar wi' you, lassie.

Unrivalled, lovely Arrochar!

What can wi' it compare, lassie ? Awa the bustlin' din o'touns,

Wi' a' their pomp and glare, lassie: Gi’e me to wade through heather bells

On lonely mountains there, lassie, And to pass the day wi' you

At Arrochar sae fair, lassie.

'Tis there the heart at Nature's shrine

In adoration bows, lassie: And on every altar green

In nameless rapture glows, lassieThere we leave, on wings sublime,

A world o' cares and woes, lassie; So now to live in bliss, the day

At Arrochar but close, lassie.

How sweet in yonder shady glen

The hours their flight will wing, lassie ! And 0 to linger by the burn,

Where lovely flow'rets spring, lassie; Or to wander through the woods,

That loud wi' carols ring, lassie! Then let us thus enjoy the day

At Arrochar, I sing, lassie.

Wi' burnin' words o’love divine,

We'll sweetly, a' our lane, lassie, On heather knowes renew our vows,

And crack o'a' that's gane, lassie, And o' that hallowed, mystic hour

That soothes the lover's pain, lassie: Thus would we love the day away

At Arrochar, my ain lassie.

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Nae mair her nameless charms noo
I clasp within my arms noo;
My heart it never warms noo,

Sin' Lucy left us a'.

Alane at hame I cower noo-
There's nae trystin' hour noo,

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Nor doon the Meadow green noo,
Nae mair we slip unseen noo,
To pass in love the e'en noo,

Sin' Lucy left us a'.

But hallowed in the thought noo,
Ilk sacred meetin' spot noo,
And ne'er to be forgot noo,

Sin' Lucy left us a'.

Though frae the dreary urn noo
In vain I wait return noo,
Through life my loss I'll mourn noo,

Sin' Lucy left us a'.

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