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ARK lowers the mist on the white towering 2 Cheviot,

Cauld drifts the snaw across the bleak plain; Recallin' the day-0 could I retrieve it!

I sighed the farewell to my laddie that's gane.

How dowie and cheerless and springless the bosom;

Alas! for its sunshine, its verdure and a'; And where its ance fragrant and fairy-like blossom,

Since a' that I liket has wandered awa ?

That hour that he left me, can e'er I forget it,

Wi' a' his embraces sae namelessly dear? The fealty he plighted,-oh never ance let it

Be breathed but in love, and embalmed by a tear.

Ånd oh the fond look, the last o'my lover,

The shake o' his hand, and his angelic smile; How hallowed, how dearer than life to me ever!

I ne'er but in sadness can pass the auld stile.

Again but I saw him, my ain only treasure,

My smilin' saft hazel-eed Jamie, sae fair, How happy our meeting 40 bliss beyond mea

sure, To wander wi' a' that I liket ance mair,

Where wafts the fair Tweed, her silvery billow,

And echo the grey rocks the howlet's lone wail, Or down by yon banks where the brier and the

willow Sigh o'er the blue wave as impressed by the gale.

Bare now though the ance shady forest and bracken,

Their mantles o' emerald sweet Spring shall renew; The wee birdies sing, fresh joys to awaken,

And blue-bells and gowans the meadows bestrew.

But would it were sae with the bosom o'sadness

Still hope ever hail —why should it repine ? Dark though the night lowers, the morning o'glad


How aft hae we seen it unlooket for shine ?

While safe has the bark been far tossed on the ocean,

Though lang by affection despondin’ly mourned; Frae fields o' red carnage and mortal commotion,

Unskathed has the absent in triumph returned.

And sae may my Jamie, the heart wha lies nearest,
O shield him, kind Heaven_how wordless his

O lead him and speed him to Nancy, his dearest,

In safety and rapture again to her arms.

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