Sidor som bilder

Though by His wisdom and unrivalled might,
Their spangled splendours bright the heavens

Though earth unfolded then unknown to blight,
Her scenes in pristine loveliness arrayed,
Still a desideratum all betrayed:
None from immortal Reason's hallowed light
Could yet appreciate, enjoy, or love,
Nor homage yet, at Nature's holy shrine,
Her universal Architect Divine.

Hence to supply in being's endless chain
That link essential of unvalued worth-
To perfect all, and gloriously maintain
A moral sympathy 'tween heaven and earth,
Man the eternal Triune summoned forth,
Immaculate, to life without a stain,
With conscious innocence supremely blessed-
Who, while through Eden's fragrant bowers he trod,
Reflected bright the image of his God,

Who then amid the joys ecstatic there
Himself by daily intercourse revealed,
To him the honoured fondling of His care,
Heaven consecrated and divinely sealed
As Nature's holy high-priest, and to wield
Over all life on earth, in sea, and air;
To him the sceptre of all power he gave,
His food, his raiment, copious to supply,
And every want and wish to gratify.

This consummated, the stupendous whole
Appeared as supereminently good;
Harmonious, owning all the grand control
Of boundless knowledge, skill, and rectitude,
Which, when adoring seraphs had reviewed,
One common transport thrilled through every soul,
All with celestial acclamations rang;
Hence passed the sixth in rapture thus away-
Jehovah rested on the seventh day.


(6 VER galling, bawling, brawling

With a hellish-like delight-
Ever fretting, hating, fating,

Cursing all from morn to night.

Ever mumbling, grumbling, stumbling

Fiendish on my corny toes—
Ever ready, greedy, speedy

Every failing to expose.

Ever trying, lying, flying

Everywhere me to defame
Ever warping, harping, carping,

Glorying to damn my name.

Imp of darkness, reckless fury,

By the rudest passions tossed,
Long to feeling, duty, honour,

Long to every virtue lost.

Living bane of every pleasure,

Pall of every joy to me,
Adieu, for now dissolved for ever

Sympathy 'tween you and me.


YMOST honoured, most illustrious band,

Our civic satraps ! hat in hand, Lang health to our Commission grand,

My prayer is fervent: May a'that's guid ye aye attend,

Ye're weel deservin 't.

Our hand-waled few wha Caldstream mense,
The cream o' a' her wit and sense,
To flattery I hae nae pretence,

Nor irony;
Sae Heaven forbid ye e'er offence

Should tak at me.

I spurn, I hate them, and abhor,
And aye the naked truth adore;
Hence, whether I may sink or soar,

My guid opinion
I'll still maintain, damn and deplore

Ilk servile minion.

I glory in extolling merit,
And aye where praise is due confer it;
A public, independent spirit,

Ye will allow,
Is just what rulers should inherit,

But mair sae you.

And farther, to adorn your station,
What subtle powers o' penetration,
What wisdom, what discrimination,

Ye surely need,
Lest sic a dizzy elevation

Should turn your head.

But, please your honours, dinna fear,
Ye hae them a', and mair, I swear;
As oracles, baith far and near,

Ye shine fu' braw;
But wi' a double lustre here,

Anent the law.

Frae beds the finest marble torn,
E'en diamonds frae Golconda borne,

The purest gold that can adorn

The monarch's crown, To art their charms they owe in turn;

This a' maun own.

But vain for genius formal rules —
Away the drudgery of schools;
Ye ne'er required sic stappin' stools,

Nor took sic pains,
As Nature's counterfeits and fools,

To rack your brains.

O why attempt the snaw to whiten,
Or the meridian sun to lighten ?
And just as sure as I'm inditin',

And wondrous silly,
To try the rainbow's tints to brighten,

Or "paint the lily.”

Wi' double reverence be it spoken,
Cursed be the wretch that daurs to mock on,
Has Caldstream no had every token,

I need na hint it,
That you by Nature, without jokin',

Aff hand were minted ?

But wae's me !- damn ingratitude,
Forgie my zeal, if reckoned rude,
Ye patriots for the public good,

Despite your pains,

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