Sidor som bilder

Then, turning back, the Sacrifice they sped: The fatted Oxen slew, and flea'd the Dead. Chop'd offtheir nervous Thighs, and next prepar'd T'involve the lean in Cauls, and mend with Lard. Sweet-breads and Collops, were with Skewers

prick'd About the Sides; imbibing what they deck’d. The Priest with holy Hands was seen to tine The cloven Wood, and pour the ruddy Wine. The Youth approach'd the Fire, and as it burn'd On fivesharpBroachers rank’d, theRoast they turn'd: These Morsels stay!d their Stomachs; then the rest They cut in Legs and Fillets for the Feast; Which drawn and serv'd, their Hunger they appease With say’ry Meat, and set their Minds at ease. 1

Now when the rage of Eating was repell’d, The Boys with generous Wine the Goblets filld. The first Libations to the Gods they pour: And then with Songs indulge the Genial Hour. Holy Debauch! Till Day to Night they bring, With Hymns and Peans to the Bowyer King. At Sun-set to their Ship they make return, And snore secure on Decks, till rosy Morn.

The Skies with dawning Day were purpled o'er; Awak’d, with lab'ring Oars they leave the Shore: The Pow'r appeas'd, with Winds suffic'd the Sail,

The bellying Canvass strutted with the Gale; The Waves indignant roar with furly Pride, And press against the Sides, and beaten off divide. They cut the foamy way, with Force impell’d Superior, till the Trojan Port they held: Then hauling on the Strand their Gally moor, And pitch their Tents along the crooked Shore.

Mean time the Goddess-born in secret pin'd; Nor visited the Camp, nor in the Council join'd, But keeping close, his gnawing Heart he fed With hopes of Vengeance on the Tyrant's Head: And wifh'd for bloody Wars and mortal Wounds, And of the Greeks oppress'd in Fight to hear the dying Sounds.

[Race, Now, when twelve Days compleat had run their The Gods bethought themfof the Cares belonging

to their Place. Jove at their Head ascending from the Sea, A shoal of puny Pow'rs attend his way.


Then Thetis, not unmindful of her Son,
Emerging from the Deep, to beg her Boon,
Pursu'd their Track; and waken'd from his Reft,
Before the Sovereign stood a Morning Guest.
Him in the Circle, but apart, the found:
The rest at awful distance stood around.
She bow'd, and ere fhe durft her Sute begin,
OneHand embrac'd his Knees,one prop'd hisChin.
Then thus. If I, Celestial Sire, in aught
Have ferv'd thy Will, or gratify'd thy Thought,
One glimpse of Glory to my Issue give;
Grac'd for the little time he has to live.
Dishonour'd by the King of Men he stands : ,,
His rightful Prize is ravish'd from his Hands.
But thou, O Father, in my Son's Defence,
Assume thy Pow'r, affert thy Providence.
Let Troy prevail, till Greece th’Affront has paid,
With doubled Honours; and redeem'd his Aid.

Sheceas'd, but the consid'ring God was mute: 'Till fhe, resolv?d to win, renew'd her Sute: Nor loos'd her Hold, but forc'd him to reply, Or grant me my Petition, or deny:

Jove cannot fear: Then tell me to my Face
That'l, of all the Gods, am least in grace.
This I can bear: The Cloud-Compeller mournd,
And, sighing first, this Answer he return'd:2015

Know's thou whatClamours will disturb myReign,
What my stunn'd Ears from Juno must sustain?
In Council she gives Licence to her Tongue,
Loquacious, Brawling, ever in the wrong.
And now she will my partial Pow'r upbraid,..
If, alienate from Greece, I give the Trojans Aid.
But thou depart, and shun her jealous Sight,
The Care be mine, to do Pelides right.
Go then, and on the Faith of Fove rely:
When nodding to thy Sute, he bows the Sky.
This ratifies th' irrevocable Doom:
The Sign ordain'd, that what I will shall come:
The Stamp of Heav'n, and Seal of Fate; He said,
And shook the sacred Honours of his Head.
With Terror trembled Heav'ns subsiding Hill:
And from his shaken Curls Ambrofial Dews distil.
The Goddess goes exulting from his Sight,
And seeks the Seas profound; and leaves the

Realms of Light.

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He moves into his Hall: The Pow'rs resort,
Each.from his Houfe to fill the Sovereign's Court.
Nor waiting Summons, nor expe&ing stood;
But met with Reverence, and receiv'd the God.
He mounts the Throne; and Juno took her place:
But sullen Discontent fate lowring on her Face.
With jealous Eyes, at distance she had seen,
Whisp’ring with Joue the Silver-footed Queen ;
Then, impotent of Tongue (her Silence broke)
Thus turbulent in rattling Tone she spoke.

Author of Ills, and close Contriver Jove,
Which of thy Dames, what Prostitute of Love,
Has held thy Ear so long, and begg’d so hard,
For some old Service done, some new Reward?
Apart you talk'd, for that's your special care,
The Confort never must the Council share.
One gracious Word is for a Wife too much: [fuch.
Such is a Marriage-Vow, and Jove's own Faith is

Then thus the Sire of Gods, and Men below,
What I have hidden, hope not thou to know.
Ev'n Goddesses are Women: And no Wife
Has Pow'r to regulate her Husband's Life:



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