Sidor som bilder

Whạt should the people do, when left alone?T
The Governor and Government are gone. -
The publick Wealth to Foreign Parts .convey'd;
Some Troops disbanded, and the reft unpaid.
Rhodes is the Soveraign of the Sea no more;
Their Ships unrigg'd, and spent their Naval Store ;
They neither could defend, nor can pursue,
But grin'd their Teeth, and cast a helpless view:
In vain with Darts a distanç War they try,
Short, and more short the missive. Weapons fly.
Mean while the Ravishers their Crimes enjoy,
And flying Sails and sweeping Oars employ;
The Cliffs of Rhodes in little space are lost,
Jove's Isle they feek; nor Jove denies his Coast.

In Safety landed on the Candian Shore,
With generous Wines their Spirits they restore;
There Cymon with his Rhodian Friend resides,
Both Court, and Wed at once the willing Brides,
A War ensues, the Cretans own their Cause,
Stiff to defend their hospitable Laws:
Both Parties lose by turns; and neither wins,
?Till Peace propounded by a Truce begins.

The Kindred of the Slain forgive the Deed, But a short Exile must for Show precede; The Term expir’d, from Candia they remove; And happy each, at Home, enjoys his Love.




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