Ovid, Volym 2

Harper & brothers, 1836

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Sida 156 - But suffer inmate souls secure to dwell, Lest from their seats your parents you expel ; With rabid hunger feed upon your kind, Or from a beast dislodge a brother's mind.
Sida 167 - To inclose his body, and his soul expel. Ill customs by degrees to habits rise, 111 habits soon become exalted vice : What more advance can mortals make in sin, So near perfection, who with blood begin ? Deaf to the calf that lies beneath the knife, Looks up, and from her butcher begs her life...
Sida 156 - And as the fountain still supplies her store, The wave behind impels the wave before; Thus in successive course the minutes run, And urge their predecessor minutes on...
Sida 93 - There in the midst of arms, I plead our cause, Urge the foul rape, and violated laws ; Accuse the foes, as authors of the strife, Reproach the ravisher, demand the wife. Priam, Antenor, and the wiser few...
Sida 155 - Those I would teach ; and by right reason bring To think of death, as but an idle thing. Why thus affrighted at an empty name, A dream of darkness, and fictitious flame ? Vain themes of wit, which but in poems pass...
Sida 63 - Tis built of brass, the better to diffuse The spreading sounds, and multiply the news; Where echoes in repeated echoes play; A mart for ever full, and open night and day. Nor silence is within, nor voice express, But a deaf noise of sounds, that never cease ; Confused, and chiding, like the hollow roar Of tides receding from the insulted shore; Or like the broken thunder heard from far, When Jove to distance drives the rolling war.
Sida 83 - Then when he saw the promised hour was near, He thus bespoke the god, that guides the year : — Immortal offspring of my brother Jove, My brightest nephew, and whom best I love, Whose hands were join'd with mine, to raise the wall Of...
Sida 53 - And mock their forms, the leaves on trees not more, Nor bearded ears in fields, nor sands upon the shore.
Sida 241 - And I, perhaps, may yield to your desire. You last demand a private conference ; These are your words, but I can guess your sense. Your unripe hopes their harvest must attend ; Be ruled by me, and time may be your friend.
Sida 71 - The hero snatch'd it up, and toss'd in air Full at the front of the foul ravisher. He falls ; and falling vomits forth a flood Of wine, and foam, and brains, and mingled blood. Half roaring, and half neighing through the hall, Arms, arms...

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